Dafa practitioners Xu Bing and Lou Aiqing were just tortured to death, and a few days later another Dafa practitioner was beaten to death in a detention center.

Liu Shuchun, male, 38 years old, was a resident of Songzhuang town in Changyi County of Weifang City.

At the end of 2000, Liu Shuchun was sentenced to a labor camp because he practiced Falun Gong. He was persecuted to death in Changle Labor Camp at the beginning of 2001. His whole body was deep black and blue with large-scale bruises. In order to cover up their crimes, the labor camp officials wrapped up Liu Shuchun's head so that no one could see the wounds on his face.

They notified his family of his death on January 3, but they did not tell his wife because she was sent to a labor camp as well. She is detained in Jinan Female Detention Center because of practicing Falun Gong. Now, only his elderly parents and a 7-year old daughter were left at home alone, and nobody can take care of them.

They forced a cremation and buried him. Liu Shuchun was the 18th Dafa practitioner who was persecuted to death in Weifang city. All the good-hearted people in Weifang city are asking to sue Cao Xuecheng, Mayor of Weifang city. In this city, people will suffer all kinds of inhuman treatments and even lose their lives only because they speak from their hearts.

In the meantime, they are requesting to sue Wang Zhihua, the head of the police station in Weifang City. Under his direction, the policemen beat, fine, detain and send Dafa practitioners to labor camps at will. So many innocent Dafa practitioners have been injured by their police batons and fists! So many kind-hearted people have been persecuted to death by them! Children have lost their mothers and fathers; elderly people have lost their children. So many families are in a state of unease and suffering due to family break-ups.

Telephone number of City hall of Weifang city: 86-536-8789990

Telephone number of police station of Weifang city: 86-536-8783000

Telephone number of Changle detention center of Weifang city: 86-536-6221134.

Provided by practitioners from Mainland China