[Clearwisdom.net] On December 5, 2000, Dafa practitioner and Tatan primary schoolteacher Lu Xinshu was arrested by police and confined in the No. 2 Detention Center in Shijiazhuang city. At this time, he remains in custody even after serving his full sentence. Lu's 50-year-old wife, Sun Xiangju, a typical farmer from Tatan village, then became afraid to step out of her door. Ever since her husband was detained, she was frequently harassed by police from the Sun village substation. Fearful of going home, she was forced to wander about from place to place.

On January 16, 2001, police from the Sun village substation came to her home again and tried to detain her. Sun Xiangju happened to be there and was afraid to open the door. Police then sent someone to stand outside her door and monitor her for the rest of the day. The next afternoon, the policeman watching her became impatient and started furiously knocking on the door. Unwilling to be detained--and with no other choices--Sun Xiangju jumped out of the fifth floor window, breaking a number of bones. She is now confined to bed and has to be taken care of by someone else.

May we remind the authorities at the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau:

Around January 15, 2001, you tortured Liu Rongxiu, a Dafa practitioner from the Qingyuan Residential District of Shijiazhuang City, to death (Liu Rongxiu, female, around fifty years old, retired. On December 5, 2000, she went to Beijing.) On January 17, you forced Sun Xiangju, a fifty-year-old lady, to jump out of the window of her fifth floor apartment. How many more Dafa practitioners cannot return to their homes, but have to wander from place to place just for treasuring Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance?


Phone number of Lu Xinshu's home: 0311-6018797

Phone number of the Suburban Branch of the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau : 0311-3633195

Phone number of the Police substation of Sun village: 0311-6011769

Phone number of the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau: 0311-7026911 ext. 610 for the main office and office of the supervisor.

Phone numbers of the Public Security Department of Hebei Province: 0311-3033941 ext. 610 for main office and ext. 2020 for office of the supervisor.

Reported by practitioners in China