Chinese Public Security arrested Sun Youfa at Tiananmen Square in the afternoon of 12/31/00 while he was unfurling a Falun Gong banner. Then on New Year's Eve they sent him to the Fengtai Retention Center.

On New Year's Day, during interrogation at the Retention Center, the policemen hit Mr. Sun severely as he refused to answer any of their questions as to his name or address. (He would not tell them his identity so that nobody could bother his family in his hometown.) They beat his head and his whole body with a police baton, also kicked his calves with their boots. His hands and legs were cuffed together so that Mr. Sun could not lie down or stand up but was bent over by the corner in his cell.

On 01/02/01 the Retention Center force-fed Mr. Sun, as he had been on hunger strike for two days. They squeezed his nose and hit his chest hard so as to force-feed the fluid (milk with lots of salt). Mr. Sun was tortured so much that he was having difficulty breathing. He received the force-feeding twice more on 01/03/01 but became weaker due to their brutality. On 01/04/01 they tried to give him an intravenous injection but Mr. Sun refused it and he removed the needle from his vein. They got mad and shaved his hair off completely as a punishment and then continued to force the "IV" in him the next day. As Mr. Sun appeared to be extremely exhausted, he was transferred to a hospital for a more gentle way of intravenous injection on 01/06/01. After the cardiac checkup, the doctor commented that Mr. Sun was unable to last long. Back from the hospital, listed as terminally ill, the Retention Center rushed Mr. Sun to the train station in order to let him die somewhere else. At seeing what a terrible condition Mr. Sun was in, the train conductor turned down the police's request to get the dying man on board the train. The escort had to take Mr. Sun back to the Retention Center to wait for the management's decision. Then they had two escorts to take Mr. Sun to the train station again. This time the two escorts abandoned Mr. Sun at the station as he was waiting for them to buy a train ticket for him. That was per the decision of the management.

From the very first day of the New Year to the 6th day, a formerly healthy, energetic young man became feeble, skinny, and insensible because of police brutality. There were marks of handcuffs on his hands and legs as well as needle traces on his arms. He was terribly short of breath ... ... Then sadly on 01/13/01 this 24-year young Mr. Sun passed away due to suffocation.

Just one day before Mr. Sun left for his appeal in Beijing, his baby was born. Now this days-old baby was left with its young widowed mother. How are they going to face the tough future in life? ....

(Sun Youfa, male, Nationality: Han, born on 12/12/1977

Address: 2nd group of Eastern Suburb Committee of Kangping, Lishu town, Lishu county, Jilin Province

ID number: 220302771212023)

By a Practitioner in Mainland China