[Beijing] More Than 2200 Practitioners Were Detained in Beijing Chaoyang District Detention Center

According to inside sources, currently more than 2600 people are detained in the Beijing Chaoyang Detention Center and at least 2200 of them are Dafa practitioners. Only about 400 are various kinds of criminals. The guards working in the Detention Center have not had a day of rest since New Year's Day.

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Teachers in Education Institute have been on Hunger Strike, for 4 Days, Since the New Year's Eve.

On January 20th, 5 practitioners in the Hebei Province Baoding City Education Institute were tricked into having a talk and were locked in the institute bachelordom dormitory. They were Rui Kungai, Tian Fuyong, Shao Huisheng, Wang Jinpo, Qi Shuying. Among them, Rui Kungai was tricked into going back to hometown, whose child was just 3 years old. The spouses of Tian Fuyong and Shao Huisheng were both Dafa practitioners and were imprisoned in a detention center. No one looked after the children of the two families. Shao Huisheng's mother-in-law was ill. Qi Shuying had a breast-feeding baby, who was also detained together with the mother in the bachelordom building which was like a jail. This was basically imprisonment.

In order to protest this illegal detention, the 5 teachers went on a hunger strike. Since January 23rd (Chinese New Year's Eve), they have been on hunger strike for 4 days. The person who was responsible for watching them said, "Why in this way? Now is the Spring Festival." We hope all kind-hearted people and Dafa practitioners pay attention to this matter.

Responsible Persons:

Vice Director of Institute (who was mainly responsible for the illegal detention): Su Zongyin (home) 86-312-5038706

Chairman of Institute Party: Yan Zengnian (Home) 86-312-5011391, (cell) 86-137-03360688

Director of Institute Office: Xu Jingxing (Home): 86-312-3111089

Head of Wusi Street Police Substation: Song Lihong: 86-312-3067400

(Reported at 10am on January 23rd, 2001)

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Falun Gong Practitioners Subjected to New Round of Checks and Persecution

Hefei City police carried out further checks and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which forced a lot of practitioners to leave home. Practitioner Luo Yunlin was detained on the way back home and was sentenced to 1 year in labor camp.

But a great deal of practitioners stepped forward to validate Dafa and suffocate the evil. Some practitioners went to Beijing to protect Dafa.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] Police Began to Detain Practitioners Before Spring Festival in Xingtai City

Before Spring Festival, police forced practitioners to write guarantee statements and turn in bail. They detained those practitioners who refused to write it. Some Dafa practitioners had to stay out on the streets and lead a vagrant life.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] Our Hearts Are in Beijing

Before the Spring Festival, police in Xingtai City closely watched practitioners in railway stations, bus stations and main traffic roads to prevent us from appealing and clarifying the truth in Beijing. Here we tell the world, our hearts are in Beijing and we support practitioners in Beijing even though we could not be there.

More Than One Hundred Practitioners in Xingtai City

January 23rd, 2001

[Jilin Province] Practitioners Forcibly Sent to Transformation Class; Human Rights Ruthlessly Infringed

On the morning of January 21, 2001, after Falun Dafa practitioner Lei Yu (pseudonym) finished attending the Yearly Summing-up and Commendation Conference in a work unit of Jilin Province, three people from the local street office and police station came to take Mr. Lei to attend a transformation class. They said he would be released on the second day of the Chinese New Year [January 24, 2001]. Mr. Lei told them solemnly, "As a citizen, I have the right to celebrate Spring Festival at home. Your action is illegal. My mother just passed away a hundred days ago. My brothers, sisters and I have agreed to celebrate the New Year together." However, the female director of the street office said, "There is a family which only has two sisters at home, while the elder one has to take care of the paralyzed younger one. We even sent the elder sister to the transformation class. Your situation is nothing compared to theirs." Still the practitioner reasoned with her and would not go to the transformation class. She said rigidly, "Attending or not attending does not depend on you. You have no choice but to go." After seeing that they were so unreasonable, Mr. Lei escaped when he had the chance.

Kind-hearted people and people with good-conscience, please support Falun Gong. Help stop the persecution of Falun Gong.

An Insider

[Beijing] Beijing Police Arrested Practitioners Before Spring Festival

In order to prevent practitioners appealing during the Spring Festival, at 1AM on January 22, Beijing police seized a lot of practitioners from their homes and detained them illegally.

[Zibo City, Shandong Province] Practitioners Were Put Under Surveillance Collectively During Spring Festival

In order to prevent Falun Gong practitioners going to validate Dafa in Tiananmen Square, the central government gave the order, "The leader will be deposed if Falun Gong practitioners from the place he is in charge of appear in Beijing." Under this order, police all over the country, every local government and enterprise put under surveillance all Falun Gong practitioners and people who were suspected as having any inclinations towards Falun Gong. A lot of Falun Gong practitioners were being "concentrated" in Zibo City. Some were detained while shopping in the market. Some were seized at home, stations and other places.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Isolated "Transformation Class" Was Held During the Spring Festival at Jianghan District in Wuhan City

Around the Spring Festival, police held an isolated "transformation class" in Jianghan District in Wuhan City. Policemen illegally intruded practitioners' houses around midnight and took practitioners away. Some were tricked and some were forced to go with them. Some were woken up and taken away while they were sleeping. And some were taken away from their work units. One 66-year-old practitioner was taken away while taking care of her old mother. The practitioners who went home for the holiday were also taken away.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Many Dafa Practitioners From Chongqing City Went To Appeal In Beijing

Around the Spring Festival, many Dafa practitioners from Chongqing went to appeal in Beijing. Among them were over 80-years-old ladies and young junior high school students. They unfurled banners with the words: "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" at various places around Tiananmen Square. They passed around huge amount of Dafa materials on many major streets. Some practitioners had gone home safely, yet about 100 practitioners were arrested by police and some were missing. Some will be sent to detention centers, some will be sent to the "transformation class" for forced transformation, and some will be directly sent to Xishanping Labor Camp. However, no matter how vicious the crackdown is, it cannot shake the practitioners' determination in cultivation and cannot affect their pure and righteous mind in helping Teacher in rectifying the Fa.

[Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] The Vicious Forces Are Acting In Chongqing City To Prevent Falun Dafa Practitioners From Appealing In Beijing

On January 22, 2001, documents on Falun Gong from the Central Organizational Department, Propaganda Department and Central Discipline Inspection Committee were passed down to all levels of the Party organizations and Party members in Chongqing City. It requested all Party members and Party organizations to collectively tackle Falun Gong. If new Falun Gong practitioners and those who already denounced Falun Gong but later regretted their decision were found without being reported by the cadres of their unit, the cadres will have to take full responsibility. It also encouraged all Party members to report all activities of Falun Gong practitioners. They use the means utilized in the Great Cultural Revolution. They let people fight people and transfer the conflicts from the state to the ordinary people's level. We hope that all Dafa practitioners will not be affected by such an action. Use rationality and wisdom to validate Dafa and act fully as a Dafa particle to expose the vicious forces.

On the evening of January 22, 2001, policemen in Chongqing City instigated a large- scale action. They intruded Dafa practitioners' homes, woke the practitioners up and investigated them and recorded the interrogations. Police asked the practitioners if they had practiced Falun Gong in the past and if they were still practicing. Police also asked if they planned to travel. Any traveling would require asking for permission at the local police office and street office. Practitioners were also asked to sign the written record; otherwise, they would be sent to "transformation classes" immediately. Many Dafa practitioners had to leave home. The policemen said that this was the political duty ordered from the upper level and everyone had to go through this.

[Guocheng Town, Shandong Province] Four Dafa Practitioners Put On

On the night of October 9, 2000, two Dafa practitioners went to Songshu Town to tell people about the truth of Falun Gong. As soon as they arrived, they were arrested and brought to the police substation. The male practitioner was beaten with black and blue bruises on his face, and his eyes became swollen. His face was covered with blood. After he was beaten, he and the other female practitioner were sent to the police substation in Guocheng Town. On the way, the male practitioner jumped off the car and ran away. However, the female practitioner was sent to that police substation and was tortured.

That night, she was handcuffed on a chair. The next day, she was handcuffed to an iron pillar outdoors for a long time when it was raining and very cold. She was soaking wet and trembling. Three other practitioners who went to appeal in Beijing and were arrested on the train to Laiyang City, were also detained in the police substation. The police frisked them. Their belongings and 300 Yuan were all "confiscated". When they were sent to the town's police substation, they were frisked again. The policemen handcuffed the four practitioners to an iron pillar outdoors to freeze them. On the morning of October 11, 2000, they were interrogated. However, their answers were the same: "Falun Gong is not wrong and we will continue to practice." That afternoon, they were forced to sign guarantee papers. However, everyone wrote what he had experienced in Falun Gong. The head of the police substation was very angry. He said: "Drag them out and handcuff them." They were handcuffed for 20 hours. On the next day, they carried these four practitioners on vehicles to display them on the streets. They went through eight villages. Every time when they arrived at a new village, the four practitioners were kicked down and pressed to kneel on the ground with hands touching the ground. The police officers then pulled them by the hair to show their faces to the public and kick them. A 10-year-old boy saw the police treating his mother, Yu Ailing, so cruelly that he ran to hold his mother's hands in tears but he was pushed down to the ground by two policemen and he had to kneel down and bow down like his mother. A poor innocent child was insulted because his mother practiced Falun Gong and just wanted to be a good person. How could they ever do this to such an innocent young life?

The cruelty shocked and angered the bystanders. Some women were in tears. The police did not even provide meals to these practitioners while they were detained there.

[Hengyang City, Hunan Province] The Atrocity That Baishazhou Detention Center Has Committed

The Baishazhou Detention Center is also called the Baishazhou Forced Drug Rehabilitation Center, phone: 86-734-8401740. The chief Xie and ruffians like Li Yong beat up practitioners many times.

The Detention Center and the Drug-Rehabilitation Center share the same staff. It had become the major place to detain Dafa practitioners since July 1999. Practitioners suffered various kinds of beatings, tortures and forced feedings. There was a period of time when they detained practitioners together with drug addicts and drug dealers. They instigated these drug criminals to torture Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner Pei Ouhua was once detained in this center and became abnormal later. He died soon after he was sent to the hospital.

Practitioner Jiang Zhongli, a pregnant woman, 25-year-old, and an employee of the City Blood Station, was detained in this center some time in the year 2000. She suffered a miscarriage due to the torture.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Wang Wei Put Into Jail For His Determination in Dafa

Wang Wei from the Rural Affairs Office of Jilin Province, went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a Dafa banner in August 2000. After being detained, he wrote a guarantee against his will. Having studied the Fa after his release, he felt ashamed of that deed and felt regretful to Teacher and for the opportunity of cultivation practice he may have lost. In the meeting for "Criticizing Falun Gong", he was asked to give a speech; he clearly stated, "I can not give the speech. The guarantee written by me is against my will. I still want to cultivate Falun Dafa." The cruel cadre then sent him to the Fenjin Detention Center in Changchun City.

[Nanning City, Guangxi Province] The Police Mount A Large Scale Search And Arrest At the Beginning of the New Year

The police of Nanning City mounted a large-scale search and arrest of Dafa practitioners on January 5, 6, and 7 of 2001. They took away all the practitioners who had stepped forward to validate the Fa before, and confiscated Dafa books and materials. They searched surrounding counties in the same manner on January 20. Practitioners would not be released without writing guarantees. Many practitioners have not come back home and their current situation is unknown. This happened in many provinces and cities all over the country. We hope all kind-hearted people pay attention to this.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Another Two Practitioners Sentenced

On January 16, 2001, the Qiaodong District Court sentenced two retired female workers Hao Xiuqin (62 years old), Cao Zengfen (48 years old) to five years in jail. They are all from the Chemical Fertilizer Factory. They were charged of participating in group practice and going to Beijing to appeal.

[Haerbin City, Heilongjiang Province] The Scum of the Second Detention Center Openly Making Rumors

Assisting the tyrant, the chief and guards of the Second Detention Center of Haerbin City started rumors in order to earn more bonuses. They forged guarantee papers, regret letters and other false materials. They told people that they had transformed some practitioners who were known as very firm and determined, in the hope of shaking the faith of Dafa practitioners.

[Longhua County, Hebei Province] The Partial List of Dafa Practitioners Who are Persecuted

Liu Xiaorong, female, 37 years old, is an employee in the Examination Unit of the County Hospital. She went to Beijing on October 21, 1999. She was detained by the police after being brought back by her relatives. In May 2000, she was sentenced to 3 years in jail under the charge of "disturbing public orders and resisting law enforcement". Now she is jailed in Baoding City No. 1 Jail.

The following practitioners have been sentence to 2-3 years in labor camp.

Zhang Yumin, female, a peasant from Dongjie Village, Longhua Town

Li Hongwen, male, a peasant from Huangdi Town, self employed driver

Xu Xuejing, female, teacher of the Vocational High School

Chen Yuchun, male, a teacher from Naohaiying Primary School

Dai Fuchen, male, a worker from Valve Factory

Zhang Lihong, female, a peasant from Badaying Town

Chen Yuzhi, female, a peasant from Badaying Town

Pan Guiyun, female, a peasant from Badaying Town

Li Xianmei, female, a peasant from Lanqi Town

Tian Guizhi, female, a peasant from Lanqi Town

Liu Cuiping, female, a peasant from Nanjie Village, Longhua Town

Du Changcun, male, a peasant from Nanjie Village, Longhua Town

Li Guoxi, male, a peasant from Yabadian Village

Liu Jinrong, female, a peasant from Yabadian Village

Guo Fuyin, female, a resident of Longhua Town

Chen Shuying, female, a peasant from Taipingzhuang Town

Li Shuqin, female, a peasant from Dongjie Village, Longhua Town

Yu Fengyun, female, a self-employed worker from Longhua Town

Dong Shaoyun, female, a peasant from Guojiatun Town

Li Baohua, female, a peasant from Hanmaying Town

[Shandong Province] Dafa Practitioners Detained 15 Days and Their Home Ransacked

Zhan Changbo and Wang Yuehua were peasants in Shandong Province. Just because they practiced Falun Dafa, they were taken away from their home by policemen Gao Zuo, etc. as soon as they got back from the fields. Their home was ransacked. They were sent to the East Village Detention Center. The police did this without any legal procedures.