When we make it through the darkness full of hardships and start to see the dawn's first light, as at present, I can't help looking back and thinking of the extraordinary deeds of practitioners who have unyieldingly validated Dafa...... I remember the historically significant Guangzhou Experience Sharing Conference [Translator: a conference held in November 1999 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province].

More than a year ago, the sky clouded over and slanderous rumors flew in the air. To defend the dignity and honor of our Master, to safeguard the sacred Dafa, to expose the outrageous lies, and to encourage more practitioners to step forward and validate Dafa, more than 80 practitioners from various parts of China, U.S., Sweden, and Australia took great risks and broke through many obstacles. They gathered in the Flower City, Guangzhou City, and held a historically significant experience sharing conference. Although it was extremely dangerous, they only cared about the Fa and Master, and acted with great compassion. All kinds of human mentalities were broken through: the worries of whether this would be misunderstood as being involved in politics; whether it would disrupt the state of human society; whether it would damage Dafa and the worries of whether this would help harmonize Dafa. All these mentalities were cleaned out by the righteous faith in Dafa and the universal principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. During the eight-day conference, practitioners exchanged their opinions on the current situation of Dafa and the responsibilities and obligations of Master's deciples. They resolved firmly to renew the group study and exercises. They also discussed and analyzed some commonly occurring problems. (Since I did not attend all the discussions and I didn't have time to compile the final results, I will just list a few points that I know of):

  1. Approximately ten thousand Dafa practitioners came to Beijing to appeal gathered in the suburban areas surrounding Beijing. The practitioners were very honest and kind. in most cases, a few policemen were enough to put seventy to eighty practitioners into police cars. Practitioners discussed this important issue and all realized they should advise the practitioners who were coming to Beijing afterwards: we should not cooperate with the evil and refuse to be brought onto the police cars. We should run away when it is possible and we have the right to speak out.
  2. In regard to the problem of the policemen arbitrarily beating practitioners, all practitioners should be informed: if we see the police beat practitioners, we should step forward together to stop them.
  3. After the conference, the essence of the meeting was to be spread to various places to encourage more practitioners to step forward. At the same time, we should cooperate with the families of the illegally detained practitioners and ask them to speak out.

During the experience sharing, we were deeply impressed by the practitioners' rock-firm faith in Dafa and their courageous and touching experiences in protecting the Fa. To submit a good answer sheet to Master and devote the full heart to the conference, all practitioners at the conference modified their articles repeatedly. They carefully weighted words and phrases. While we were reading those moving manuscripts, one practitioner said that each practitioner's cultivation experience would be a great and solemn Fa and its glory would last forever in history.

With complicated feelings, I take out the materials of the Guangzhou conference once more. The following topics jump into my eyes:

  1. "I Will Never Return Home if the Fa is not Rectified."
  2. "Safeguard the Fa with My Life."
  3. "Let Life Glorify in the Fa-rectification."
  4. "I Cannot Stay Home for One More Day if the Fa is not Rectified."

Please read these phrases from these Gods:

  1. "Even though my flesh body is dead, my primordial spirit will go to Beijing."
  2. "I will do whatever the Fa needs me to do. Even if it takes my life, I won't care."
  3. "If I were a god from heaven, I would not be afraid to come down and become a human being to protect Master."
  4. "I feel that it is no longer important as to how high I can cultivate to. Only because I am assimilated with the Fa, my life has become meaningful..."
  5. "If there were only one practitioner left in the whole world, it would be me."

Here are some of the moving stories:

A 60 year old practitioner from Liaoning Province was on hunger strike for 6 days before guards met her demand that her copy of Zhuan Falun be returned. She was willing to risk her very life in order to have the book, yet when her cellmate wanted to learn Dafa, this elderly practitioner gave it to her gladly.

A practitioner from Heilongjiang Province planned to go to Beijing to appeal. Since he could not afford the train tickets, he climbed onto the train and stayed between two carriages all the way to Beijing. He kept a righteous mind and firm belief in Master and Dafa and was not afraid at all.

A practitioner from Liaoning Province was arrested when he went to Beijing to appeal. When the police were going to escort him and other practitioners back to Liaoning Province, he told the practitioners that he would use his own way to protect the Fa. He jumped off from the 5th floor of the building and led more than 80 practitioners to escape later on.

A female practitioner from Dalian City and was assigned to work in Beijing was fired after she went to appeal on July 20. Her mother came to Beijing from Dalian City and talked to her with tears, "When the parents of your friends visited Beijing, your friends accompanied them for sight seeing. Yet what you have brought to me is only fear and anxiety." She smiled and replied, "Mother, the place that I will bring you to in the future will be incomparable to any place in this world."

Several young girls were very smart. They knew how to hide from the police and avoid being monitored during their phone conversations. Almost every day they went to Tiananmen Square to meet with the practitioners from other cities. They also collected the outstanding stories of safeguarding Dafa and posted them on Minghui net. They were the contact persons, reporters, typists and assistants at Guangzhou conference. They were always successful in bringing the people and materials to the destinations.

However, the day before the official opening of the conference, almost all practitioners were arrested except a dozen who managed to escape. At the moment when the police broke into the apartment, the practitioners were not afraid of them. The only thing they could not endure was that the solemn conference was not officially opened. Facing a room full of policemen, we started the conference and read the opening speech and the article "Let Life Glorify in the Fa-rectification". Even though the Guangzhou conference was not completed, it was like a thunder that exploded in the sky of China! The practitioners who attended the Guangzhou conference created a eulogy of Fa-rectification in the human world with their warm blood, youth and lives. They have enabled hundreds of thousands of practitioners to step out of their confusion and participate in the Fa-rectification.

I still remember that at the time many people could not understand Ding Yan and her safeguarding Dafa with her life. At the police station, they accused Ding Yan of attempting to commit suicide. A practitioner told the police uprightly, "She did not commit suicide, she was trying to tell you with her life that Dafa is more important than her life." Later the police said, "You are the qualified students of Falun Gong!"

Soon after the practitioners were arrested at Guangzhou conference, a note was passed out from the jail. It said, "We are one body. Currently we are confronted with a huge piece of karma. It seems abnormal to be in prison, however I am very clear that this piece of karma will be directly eliminated this way. Dafa targets people's heart. The karma will be eliminated very soon if tens of thousands of practitioners endure it together." The majority of the karma was borne and dissolved by our benevolent Master.

Over this one year plus, I deeply miss you -- the practitioners of the Guangzhou conference who have been imprisoned for validating Dafa. Can you study the Fa in prison? Are you being beaten? Do you know that the brightness is not far away? Since the opening of the conference, you have been in custody. I still remember what you said, "If arrested, we know at least we would be sentenced to prison for life." That day, when many police surrounded us, and in the face of the endless time in prison, you remained peaceful and kind as usual. You showed no fear for the future inhuman tortures you would have to endure. I know that your power and courage came from your rational understanding of the great Buddha Law and rock-firm belief in our Master. You are sure to make it through the most vicious and villainous persecution. You deserve to be the genuine disciples of Master! You will deserve to be the enlightened beings in the new universe!

The glory of the Guangzhou conference was recorded by history forever. It was written in the history of safeguarding Dafa. Dafa practitioners have submitted their answer sheets as the particles of Dafa in the process of the Universe's Fa-rectification. They have validated the sacred and solemn Dafa with their lives. Human beings in the future will be able to listen to the moving stories of the practitioners written with their very lives.

December 20, 2000