Our company is a global electronic assembly company, which employs six thousand people in the Toronto branch alone. Most of the staff are well educated and many of them are immigrants from all over the world.

With the changing of the celestial environment, more Dafa practitioners have been recruited by our company . Finally, we have reached the number of participants required by the company's Recreational Club and so we can hold events. People are gradually becoming acquainted with Falun Dafa, especially after the July 2000, Canadian Falun Dafa week during which many government officials supported Falun Dafa. We applied to conduct an introductory Falun Dafa class in the company, and the Recreational Club agreed to begin the class immediately. We quickly posted Dafa materials in every workshop's restroom, each entrance and exit, and all the cafeterias. We also sent emails, as company memos, to every staff member, giving them the class information and a short introduction to Dafa. The Department of Human Resources and the Recreational Club decided we should hold four one-hour classes in the Computer Training Room, two classes for daytime staff and two classes for night shift staff.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the classes, Toronto's native English speaking practitioners gave the introductions, and Chinese practitioners did lots of preparation. Connie assembled sets of photographs for the class to help people understand how to do the exercises. Another practitioner made a short exercise tape. With background music of "PuDu" and "JiShi", everything in the class was very serene and peaceful.

Just before the first class, I saw Colina, who is from East Africa. I reminded her that the Falun Dafa class would be held in a short while. She said that in order to attend the class, she had come to work two hours early. I remembered that when I showed her the "wan" sign for the first time, she had looked at it for a long time. I told her that this is the symbol of the Buddha school. Unexpectedly, she said that in her country, the "wan" sign is a good luck sign that is used to bless wedding ceremonies.

A staff member from another branch of the company drove 40 minutes to attend the class after getting the email about it. In the short one-hour's time allotted, Connie, Joel and Renon briefly discussed Falun Dafa's popularity and the current persecution in China, and then taught five sets of exercises. Everyone was very sincere about learning. A lady from the Management Division practiced well and said she felt nice. After class, she said Falun Dafa was good and she would tell her manager about Falun Dafa's situation. She also said we could promote Falun Dafa in our company.

Ten people attended the second class. One was Chinese, previously an Associate Professor in one of China's universities. He felt very good after class and suggested that regular Falun Gong practices be held at break times.

The last two classes were also very successful. Several people attended both. One man didn't feel well at first, and almost wanted to leave. He moved toward the door, but when he began to exercise, he felt something. Someone told us that this man was tested after class; somebody cursed at him, but he kept silent and walked away. He said he would read Dafa materials as soon as he got time.

The scheduled Dafa classes were soon over, and we learned that several people had gotten the message too late to come. We had to just give them some materials and invite them to come to the practice sites to learn the exercises.

Everything was given by Dafa and was the manifestation of Dafa's power.