[Clearwisdom.net] Since the Chinese government illegally banned Falun Gong, people in the Longkou City government offices have been brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners. On July 23rd, 2000, Tian Xiangcui, a Dafa practitioner in Qujiagou, Fengyi Town, Longkou City, a kind peasant woman in her sixties, was tortured to death. Other practitioners who had gone to Beijing to appeal have been sent to labor camps, detained, fined, or lost their family and their jobs, all because they practiced their belief in Falun Dafa, the universal law of TRUTHFULLNESS, BENEVOLENCE and FOREBEARANCE. Here, we will state only a few examples, to let you know of our efforts to appeal to the forces of evil, led by Jiang Zemin's brutal persecution against Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

[Case No. 1] Electric shock abuse and beatings caused practitioner Li Minghui's lower body to turn dark purple.

Police arrested Dafa practitioner Li Minghui (pseudonym) while he was distributing factual materials one day in September 2000. The police beat him cruelly and forced him to renounce Falun Gong. They striped off his clothes and beat him with police clubs and electric batons. During the detention period at the police office of Liangjia Coal Mine, Li Minghui went on a hunger strike for almost 20 days. Even during this detention time, he was interrogated and beaten by police officer Li Jingsong and Wu Qijun of Longkou Mining Bureau. When the practitioner was also sent to Liangjia Coal Mine, a few vicious people took turns to beat him with a police club and electrically shocked his whole body. There were wounds all over Li's body. His lower body became completely dark purple. Large bruises and wounds could still be clearly seen on his body, more than ten days after the beastly abuse. Li Minghui never compromised himself to the forces of evil. Twenty-five days later, they released him temporarily, and assigned someone to watch him.

On October 29, after he stayed at home and recovered for some time, he was sent to Zhangjiagou detention center in Longkou City for penal detention. After he went on a 20-day hunger strike, he was released. Recently, he was detained again for writing "Falun Dafa is good."

[Case No. 2] Liu Yaoqiang lost consciousness after being beaten with rubber sticks.

At the end of September 2000, Longkou Dafa practitioner Wang Xiujuan (pseudonym) was arrested in a hotel when she went to Beijing to appeal. She was released after having a 9 day hunger strike. In the afternoon of the second day after she was released, Han Mingchi, section chief at Beizao Coal Mine police section of Longkou Mining Bureau, broke into her house with a few people and wanted to take her away. Her husband Liu Yaoqiang (pseudonym), also a Dafa practitioner, stepped forward to stop them. He was then beaten. Han Mingchi kicked Liu Yaoqiang, then Han dragged Liu and knocked him to the wall. His head immediately began to swell. Policeman Zhuang Yongcui slapped Liu Yaoqiang's face and took Liu away after the beating. At Longkou City Coal Mine police department, Mr. Liu was handcuffed, and was beaten with rubber truncheons by Li Jingsong, the chief of criminal police, and other people, until Mr. Liu lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness, he was sweating and very weak, but they still swore at him. Later, Liu Yaoqiang was additionally detained for 15 days without due cause.

On the second day after Wang Xiujuan's husband (Liu Yaoqiang) was arrested, the police went to her home again, and arrested her. Cui Mei and Wang, two other practitioners, were sent to the detention center together. During their detention, Wang Xiujuan and Cui Mei went on a hunger strike to protest their cruel, unlawful treatment. Ten days later, the police tied their hands and feet. Then, five or six people pressed them down to the ground to force feed them. They inserted tubes into their noses for force-feeding, which caused swollen noses. The perpetrators were unable to force any liquid into the tubes. They were frustrated to the point of anger at their inability to succeed with their vicious task and intentionally left the tube in Wang Xiujuan's throat. She almost suffocated. On the second day, they managed to forcibly feed her. Wang was released after one month on her hunger strike.

Since July 1999, the water and electricity supply to these good people's home had been cut off because the couple firmly practiced Dafa. They were often harassed, too. Their fourteen-year-old son didn't know his parents have been detained. When he went to ask at the Mine police department, they told him they didn't know. After three days of searching, he finally found out about the whereabouts of his parents.

[Case No. 3] An unscrupulous police officer and a party secretary robbed the practitioners of a large amount of Yuan, beat them, subjected them to freezing temperatures and divorced a practitioner without her knowledge.

At the end of 1999, Dafa practitioner Liu Yan (pseudonym) went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested and brought back by Ma Yanhui, Longkou City's police officer who resides in Beijing. Ma handcuffed her immediately and stole 2,100 Yuan from her on the spot. She was detained at the Beima town government where she had to sleep on a bed without a mattress or anything for covering. Party Secretary Lin, and head of the town Gao, pressured and threatened her family. 5,000 Yuan was extorted from the family for her release.

On Jan. 4, 2000 [Liu Yan was arrested after participating in a group practice. Practitioners Gao Demei, Wang Lijuan, Chen Jing, Luan Jitan, Yang Sumei, after being arrested for appealing in Beijing, were also detained in the same place. Officer Lu Jianquan of Beima police department beat Liu Yan for a whole afternoon. Blood was all over her face. They asked her to wash it off and continued to beat her. When they became tired from beating, they made her stand in the snow in her bare feet. On Jan. 8 of Lunar Year 2000, Liu Yan, Liu Yuanhua and two other practitioners were public humiliated by being paraded through the streets. Afterwards, they were sent to the detention center. At the detention center, Lu Jianquan punished Liu Yan and others again. He made them stand bare-foot in the snow with ice in their hands. On Jan. 25 of Lunar Year 2000, after being paraded through the streets with hands cuffed, Gao Demei, Luan Jitan, Wang Hongyu were also sent to the detention center. They were physically abused while being illegally interrogated. The police spit on their faces, poured ice-cold water down their necks or brutally beat them. They even poured the dirty sputum from the spittoon into practitioners' collars. The detained practitioners were not released until they paid an illegally extorted "fine" of 2,600-5,100 Yuan [about US$300-600, average monthly income is about $60].

On Oct. 25, 2000, Liu Yan and other practitioners were again detained at Beima Installing Company for no reason. Because there was no one to look after Liu Yan's little daughter, she was brought to the detention center and detained with her mother. For more than 10 days, they were given no food. Liu Yan had to feed her daughter with instant noodles.

While Wang Hongyu was detained, the court had done the paper work and finalized her divorce without her knowledge.

[Case No. 4] At the end of September 2000, Dafa practitioners Wang Qing and Song Min (pseudonyms) went to Beijing to validate Dafa. They were caught on the way and were detained in Beima police branch of Longkou City Police Department after they were taken back. While detained, they were physically abused. They were not allowed to sleep for three days and three nights. After they had been illegally detained there 15 days, they were then additionally detained at the Beima Installing Company. Wang and Song protested with a hunger strike. Four days later, Song was released and only Wang Qing was left. One night, at 1:00am, Ji, the person in charge of watching her, broke into her room in his underwear and attempted to sexually assault her. At that time, Wang had been on hunger strike for four days. Later, Wang's righteous mind conquered Ji. By daybreak, he had not succeeded.

These vicious followers of Jiang Zemin have disregarded the laws of the land, abused human rights and caused countless Dafa practitioners to lose their loving families, forcing them to wander the streets like homeless people, without being able to return to their homes.

List of the bad people at the Mining Bureau, Longkou City

Chief of Police Department of the Mining Bureau: Wu Qijun, phone: 011-86-535-8828715

Team leader: Li Jingsong, phone: 011-86-535-8829191

Party secretary of Beizao Coal Mine: Gui Chunhao, phone: 011-86-535-8827420 (work), 011-86-535-8827470 (home)

Party vice secretary: Liu Yuxing, phone: 011-86-535-8827412

Section chief of police section: Han Mingchi, phone: 011-86-535-8843704

Head of Longkou City liaison office in Beijing: Ma Yanhui, Cell phone: 013906456789