Shiyan City, Hubei Province

This is an eyewitness report from China. In the name of suppressing Falun Dafa, the Police Station on Renmin Road of Shiyan City has committed many crimes, abused the police power and violated basic human rights. My conscience compels me to expose their savage and inhumane acts. Details of these crimes against innocent citizens are set forth in the following statements.

  1. Senior citizen is arrested, beaten and jailed without proper procedure

Early in the morning of 10/10/2000, the Renmin Road Police Station arrested an elderly woman because she was practicing Falun Dafa. Arriving at the Station, without any interrogation or any questioning, the old lady was handcuffed with her two hands bent across her back. Several policemen took turns and hit her head with a broom handle for four hours. They then kicked her chest. Finally, she was sent to a Labor Camp for one month and held for another 15 days before her family paid the fine of RMB$3000, an amount roughly 50% of the average annual salary in China!

  1. Police detain and beat Falun Dafa practitioner, demanding ransom via excessive fines

On the next morning at 6:00 AM, the police arrested another senior citizen who was living by herself. After they broke into her home, the two policemen slapped the old lady out of her sleep. They also hit her with the book "Zhuan Falun" which lay by her bedside. They broke a false tooth and caused her face to become swollen and purple. At the Station, they forced the lady to kneel down and then kicked her unmercifully. At the end of the day, they left her in the detention room with her two hands cuffed behind her back. She was left with wounds all over her body and her arms swollen and aching. She was later sent to a Labor Camp for one month.

For the 30 hours she had been held at the Police Station, she was not allowed to drink even a drop of water, not allowed to eat any food and not allowed to sleep even for a minute! Can you image what a terrible feeling it was to suffer the aches, the cold, the thirst, and the hunger! I cannot help but want to ask those who mistreated her "Do you think like a human being? Act like human being? Weren't you born by a lady like her? Didn't someone like her take care of you in your childhood? Even for money, how can you act like such an animal? Don't you know that what goes around comes around? You will lose far more than you gain if you extort money from innocent people." It is general knowledge that the police use their powers of arrest and detention to hold prisoners for ransom, demanding excessive "fines". For example, this lady lost her whole retirement savings of RMB$9000 to pay twice for "financial penalties" as a Falun Dafa practitioner.

  1. The People's Police now torture the innocent. I think Heaven will hold them accountable for their wrong-doing

In the past it was said that the people's police loved the people. But now I have witnessed a scene in which the people's police have tortured an innocent person. Because she practiced Falun Dafa, a lady in her forties was taken to the "Vile Den" (as the local Police Station is now called by residents to reflect their displeasure with the police). She was beaten by seven policemen until she passed out. As she regained consciousness from their pouring cold water on her, she was handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Then they pushed her to the ground, making her crouch down while they put a chair on her back with someone sitting on the chair! They tortured her for two days and two nights. She was beaten, hung up by her hands, kicked and yelled at. She was drifting in and out of consciousness from the pain and shock of wounds all over her body. Finally they sent her to a Detention Center.

Another 30-something lady was brought here after her appeal in Beijing for Falun Dafa. The Station Chief and another policeman beat her badly. Then they forced her to get down on all fours and to crawl and bark like a dog. They kicked her behind with each step as she crawled toward the door to be transferred to a Detention Center.

I also met a young man, about 30, at the Station. The next time I saw him, I could hardly recognize him. He used to be quite handsome. Only through his calm and serene voice was I able to figure out who he was. He could not lift his hands and his face had turned dark purple. This showed how much he had suffered at the Station.

These are only a few examples. Dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners went through similarly inhumane treatment, earning the station's nickname as the "Vile Den".

Those of them who I met were really nice people who I know had not committed any bad deeds. They try to do only good deeds and are always considerate of others. They don't seek fame or gain, following the requirements of Falun Dafa to assimilate with the characteristic of the universe: "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance". Police brutality against these decent people is unconscionable. The police should be held accountable for their wrongdoings.

From China by a kindhearted person who still has a conscience, November 2000