[Clearwisdom.net] There are 110 Dafa female disciples detained in Shisantou Women's labor camp in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province. Because these disciples firmly cultivate Dafa, they have suffered brutal persecution. In this labor camp, Dafa disciples were forced to write a statement of repentance by all kinds of vicious ways everyday, but each of the 110 disciples expressed their innocence and refused to write such statement. Because of this, they were heavily persecuted. In order to protest that labor camp's criminal act of trampling human rights, the female disciples began to fast on December 4, 2000. They have been fasting almost 50 days now. Their bodies are very weak and death is expected at any moment. Even in this state, the spiritual and physical persecution of these disciples never lets up. Everyday, these Dafa disciples are forced to work long hours. Their work and rest time is: Get up at 4:30am, work at 6:30am, lunch at 12:00-12:30pm, and then work until 9:00pm in the evening. They work until 11:30pm recently. Some practitioners were force-fed, which caused bleeding from the mouth and nose. Three have been sent to the hospital. Right now, five or six prison houses are being built over there. About twenty female Dafa disciples are sent to these prison houses everyday. We appeal for the attention and support of people around the world. We also strongly request the province committee in Jiangsu and the justice institutes to investigate the violence in Shisantou Women's labor camp and stop it, and find out where legal responsibility lies! We also sternly warn those staff members who are persecuting Dafa disciples in the labor camp that: "good and evil will be repaid respectively" is an unchangeable principle in the universe. Be clear-headed for the sake of your future! Phone number of Shisantou Women's labor camp: 86-511-7706337, 86-511-7706336 The names of two vice-presidents: Xu Ping and Han Xiaoxi Instructor: Zhang Lei January 21, 2001