"We are the outlaws. We have the power. We are the authority. We won't let you be good people!" If I had not heard it with my own ears, I definitely wouldn't have believed that this outlaw logic came out of the mouths of the police who should punish the evildoers and protect good people!

Wei Xiuming, secretary of the political and judicial committee of Guangrao County, Liu Yunhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee, and Li Guangjun, director of the public security bureau, plotted the persecution of practitioners in Guangrao County. So far, Wei Xiuming has sent sixteen practitioners to the labor camp without due process. Additionally, more than ten practitioners have been locked up in the Guangrao detention center and the so-called "Transformation Center of the Party School" and severely tortured.

  1. Around the time of the year 2000 spring festival, Liu Yunhua instructed his relative (who was on the construction committee) to send six tough guys to follow practitioner Qiu Jun. They beat her on more than one occasion so brutally that her whole body was covered with wounds. They also pushed her onto a sofa, tore off her clothes, and shamelessly sexually assaulted her.
  2. Also around the time of the year 2000 spring festival, Gao Feng, secretary of the political and judicial committee of Dawang town, set up an illegal "Falun Gong monitoring center". He also encouraged Ma Wenyuan and Zhao Xingjun, both secretaries of the youth league, to beat Dafa practitioners with sticks, rocks and rubber batons. Among others, practitioners Li Fengshan and Li Lianjun were covered with bruises on their backs and legs from beating. On the evening of May 13, the drunken Ma Wenyuan burnt Li Fengshan and Li Lianjun's arms with cigarettes. After the incident, the relatives of Li Fengshan took photos of her wounds. The perpetrators and their accomplices were so afraid of their crimes' being publicized that they sent Town Leader Ren and Wei Haowu, the secretaries of the Tianmen Company, to steal the pictures using threats and trickery, and they hired their best thugs to ensure that nobody found out.
  3. On March 7, 2000, in the Guangrao detection center, Li Lianjun was handcuffed to a window by a guard for the whole morning because he did a Falun Gong exercise. The cruel policeman Sui broke Li's hands with the manacle. In the afternoon, Jia Chengyou and Huang Xing, under the instruction of Liu Yunhua, took Li to a holding cell and chained his hands and feet to a torture device usually reserved for inmates on death row for four days and nights. Li's feet were severely frostbitten.
  4. In August, 2000, there were more than 20 practitioners in custody in the Guangrao county detention center. Jia Chengyou, the director of the detention center, and the malevolent guard, Yang, took female practitioner Wang Xiulian out of the cell and started beating her. Practitioner Du Xiufang, still in the cell, shouted at them "Stop! Beating is violating the law". In response, she was taken to another room and repeatedly subjected to electric shocks from head to toe from stun batons wielded by these two wrongdoers.
  5. At the end of August, 2000, practitioners Wang Xiulian and Li Yuhua were distributing information describing the truth about Falun Dafa in the Duluwang Flea Market of Dawang town. Li Haojun and other officers of the local police station caught them and beat them severely. When their families tried to get them released from the police station, deputy chief Zhang Peixian cursed at them unceasingly.
  6. On September 15, 2000, Deng Xuegang, a member of the construction committee of Dawang town, was illegally monitoring practitioner Li Guangzhen. When Li was about to leave her house, Deng threw her to the ground very forcefully. She was hurt so badly that her eyes were blackened and the tendons of her wrists were severely twisted.

In addition, Wei Xiuming and his accomplices fabricated interrogation records and forged practitioners' signatures and fingerprints to seek rewards from their bosses.

Practitioners from China


Names of some of the malefactors persecuting Falun Gong practitioners:

Guangrao county:

Ming Qigang, secretary of the county party committee

Li Yuhuau, deputy secretary of the country party committee

Wei Xiuming, secretary of the political and judicial committee

Wang Xianghai, chief of the public security bureau.

Li Guangjun, deputy chief of the public security bureau

Liu Xinsheng, director of the division of political affairs

Chen Yonghe, former director of the division of political affairs

Yan Huiying, chairwoman of the women's association

Dawang town:

Gao Feng, secretary of the political and judicial committee and the chief of the local police station

Li Haojun, director of the local police station

Zhang Peixian, deputy chief of the local police station

Wang Fan, deputy secretary of the political and judicial committee

Guo Duanqi, head of the township

Li Peiyi, party secretary of the party committee

Wei Haowu, party secretary of the Tianmen Company

Li Fahai and Guo Chungui, managers of the Tianmen Company

Ma Wenyuan, secretary of the youth league

Wang Xingyi and Yan Huachun, staff members of the town

Tian Jianghuai and Zhao Xingjun, staff members of the office of general management