Huailai County, Hebei Province] Dafa Practitioner Yang Guibao Died Due To Forced-Feeding with Concentrated Saline-Solution

Yang Guibao, male, 56 years old, was a resident in Beixinbao [town], Huailai County in Hebei Province.

According to information from practitioners who had been released from Huailai Detention Center, Yang Guibao was detained there in early January of this year, because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa, and for not cooperating with the preposterous demands by the authorities. After six days on hunger strike, he died, as the result of being force-fed with a concentrated saline solution. A independent medical expert identified the cause of death as suffocation, caused by the saline solution that had entered into and congested his bronchial tubes. Police in the detention center falsely alleged that the cause of death was starvation, because Yang Guibao refused food and water. His relatives were not informed of his death until after he was cremated. A practitioner who knew the real details of Yang Guibao's death was transferred to another labor camp, presumably to keep the truth from coming out. As there were 4 other people in Yang Guibao's family practicing Falun Gong, the police went to his home to try to arrest them. The family strongly resisted, so the police did not take them away in the end.

[China] Jiang Zemin Required the Resources of Every Provincial Government to Work Together to Suppress Falun Gong at the City Government Level.

Recently, in order to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from appealing, Jiang Zemin asked every provincial government to set up "610" Departments of the city government level to suppress Falun Gong.

[Tiananmen Square, Beijing] The Words "Falun Dafa Is Good" Was Spray-Painted on Police Cars in Tiananmen Square.

On the first day of the New Century, a practitioner and I went to Tiananmen Square. We spray-painted the words "Falun Dafa is Good" on a police car while several policemen were inside.

Several other practitioners' acts were more daring. When they were spraying the slogans on a police car, the police came to arrest them. A practitioner said to the policemen calmly, "Don't move. I'll go with you after I finish spraying." The policemen were shocked what practitioners managed to do under the mighty power of Dafa. They stood aside and waited until the practitioner finished his spraying, then put him into the police car.

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Miraculously Via Loudspeaker, the Voice of Falun Dafa Could be Clearly Heard All Over Changle Labor Camp in Weifang City.

In the cold of winter, the police at the Changle Labor Camp unlawfully removed innocent Dafa practitioners' clothes, doused them with ice-cold water and stabbed at their feet with scissors. They forced practitioners to write the " repentance statement" which means that they promise to give up their beliefs in Falun Dafa.

At 5 AM on January 12, 2001, from a loudspeaker, the moving Dafa music, "Pudu," was clearly heard outside of the Changle Detention Center. Along with the music, Teacher's new scriptures Beyond the Limits of Forbearance, Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in USA and Eliminate the Evil were unmistakably resounding above the Detention Center. The broadcast was continually played for 9 hours, from 5:00 AM until 2PM in the afternoon.

[Taiwan] The Indignation of a Taiwan Professor: The Chinese Government is Tyrannical and Misleads People

I am a student in the Education Institute. One day in a class, my teacher, Professor Zhang, suddenly said angrily that when he visited Tiananmen Square after the government cracked down on Falun Gong, guards there asked uninvolved visitors to curse Falun Gong. If they did not comply, people were harassed and no one was permitted to enter and visit the square, which is the heart of China. The propaganda of the twisted government confounded a lot of kind people.

[Tiananmen Square, Beijing] Brutalities Continue in Tiananmen Square

Lei Qing (pseudonym), 22 years old, is a practitioner from Dezhou City [Shandong Province]. She went to validate Dafa and clarify the truth in Beijing during the New Year Holidays. She was beaten up in Tiananmen Square by plainclothes policemen.

The degenerates beat and kicked Lei Qing so severely that she had bruises all over her body. They stepped on her feet with their heavy boots and ripped off her big toenail. Then, they pushed her on the ground and forcibly spread her ten fingers apart and beat them with a special stick until her fingers were completely bruised. After that, they seized her by the hair and shouted: "Tell us whether or not you will give up Falun Dafa. If you say 'NO" we'll pour boiling water over your head."

Another practitioner, 37- year- old Zhang Hongmeng (pseudonym), accompanied Lei Qing to Beijing to validate Dafa. Police beat him so badly over the head with an electric stun baton that his head sustained the wounds of three holes. Blood ran out of his head and ran over his body. They have never allowed the independent media to report their attrocities, for fear that people would find out the truth. However, the government TV news report twisted the story, saying that police had to defend themselves because "they were first attacked by practitioners." Who would believe it? Could barehanded ordinary people attack policemen who carried electric stun batons?

[The China Science Academy, Beijing] Zhang Lingyi, a Postdoctoral Researcher in the China Science Academy is Missing

On January 1, 2001, Zhang Lingyi, a post-doctoral researcher in the China Science Academy, was unlawfully abducted from his home by the police. His whereabouts are still not known. We hope kind-hearted people will stay alert to this matter.

[Tiananmen, Beijing] The Malevolent Authorities Feared Exposure

The brutal policemen from Tiananmen Police Station beat one Falun Dafa practitioner on the head so hard that his head had cracked open and was bleeding. The policemen tied him up to a chair and stomped on his chest and face. The practitioner said: "You are committing an evil act. I have remembered all your police ID numbers. I hope you do not fear that you will be listed on the 'Vile Persons Record'." Later, all policemen in the room removed their police ID badges, which proved that they feared exposure.

The policeman with police ID number 051649 beat the practitioner on the head with electric stun baton.

The policeman with police ID number 051575 beat up other Dafa practitioners.

Please, kind-hearted, righteous people, do all you can to express your opinion about this maltreatment.

[The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region] Information About Practitioners Being Persecuted

A 50- year- old practitioner, Ms.Yu, from Dayangshu Town, Elunchun Autonomous District, Hulunbeier League, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, went to appeal in Beijing with her husband and daughter on September 14, 1999. They were arrested, escorted back and detained in the town police station for 10 months. They were set free in July. In November 2000, the officers from the local police station detained the three again, as they suspected that the family would continue to go to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. The family was put into jail and has not been freed as of today.

Police at the Dayangshu Town police station detained other practitioners who appealed in Beijing and sent 5 of them to Laitumuji Female Labor Camp of Inner Mongolia County. They are: Ao Rongqing, Niu Guiqin, Lei Xiuxiang, Liao Wenbo, Liu Jinling. Later, they put additional practitioners into the labor camp. They are: Lei Xiuhua, Xu Changqing, Zhao Hongzhi, Wu Yuhong.

List of the vile enforcers at the Dayangshu Town police station:

Hou Qingjie, male, director of Dayangshu Town police station

Li Shuliang, male, vice director

Li Benxue, male, head of Political Security Department

De Yulin, male, policeman

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] The Situation of One Falun Dafa Family Due to the Persecution

Recently, enforcers from the Chengdu Police Station sentenced Dafa practitioner Li Yan (female) to 2 years in a labor camp. Li Yan had been sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp, because she went to Beijing to appeal in 1999. She was released in November 2000 from Nanmusi Female Detention Center. On December 3, 2000, several policemen, like common felons, broke intoher home once again, illegally searched the home and abducted the three sisters. According to the news from many sources, at the hands of the police, they have suffered brutal treatment. Feng Xiwei , who is in charge of the p ersecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Chengdu City, is the most notorious person to torture them.

Right now, Li Yan's parents are also being detained. The police searched their home many times without showing any search warrant. Li Yan's parents are well-known, good people who are deeply respected by their neighbors. Her mother, Li Yinxiang, has been sentenced to 1.5 years of labor camp. She is in Nanmusi Female Detention Center. Her father, Mr. Peng, has been detained for seven to eight months because he attended an Experience Sharing Meeting. Right now he is in a detention center in Pujiang County. Relatives have not seen him for months. But the police keep demanding the extortion payment of the "living expenses" fee of 30 to 40 Yuan per day for this illegal incarceration. After being arrested, Li Yan was sent to Wenjiang to receive "forced transformation education". They put her in a detention room of a police station for 36 days. The relatives had to pay the guard an undocumented "fee" of 10 Yuan per day. Her second elder sister had been detained for appealing for Falun Dafa. Their uncle (their aunt's husband) has been detained for several months. The extended family of Li Yan has been persecuted by the depraved lawbreakers, simply because they want to be good people and live according to "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance", Master Li's Great Law of the Universe. Now, innocent Li Yan has again been illegally sent to a labor camp for 2 years. She is detained in Ningxia Street Transfer Station. We appeal to all kind-hearted people to remain aware of the sufferings of Li Yan's family and help the family, when at all possible.

Please, call and show your support.

Li Yan Family Phone: 011-86-28-5541010

[Chaoyang District, Beijing] The Thieving Behavior of a Policeman

On December 20, 2000, a practitioner was caught while distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials and was taken to the Shibalidian police substation, Chaoyang District. The police did not release him/her until they stole 200 Yuan from his/her bag and more than 10 Yuan from his/her pocket. After that, they sent someone to follow him/her.

[Nanyang City, Henan Province] Dafa Practitioner has been Tricked and was Sent to a Labor Camp

Shi Guiyun, female, 36-year-old, was an employee of Nanyang Anti-Explosives Factory. She went to Beijing many times to validate Dafa and has been detained 5 times. Not long ago, she just returned from Beijing. On the morning of January 14, 2001, her work unit informed her to come and get her gifts for the Spring Festival [starting on January 24, 2001]. She was tricked into coming to the work unit. She was then abducted from her work unit by the authorities and was immediately and secretly sent to a labor camp.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] The Head of Shenyang Police Station Yang Jialin Went to Beijing to Bribe His Superiors

As there were too many practitioners from Shenyang City going to Beijing to appeal, Yang Jialin went to Beijing to bribe his superiors with 80,000 Yuan [about US$10,000], in the hope that his superiors could help to cover up the real circumstances in his area of jurisdiction.

Now, before the Spring Festival, offices on every street and police substations in Shenyang City are busy holding so-called "study class" for Dafa practitioners [attempting to change their minds about practicing Falun Dafa through forced propaganda study]. It is said that this action came from a unilateral directive of the Central Government. They will take away those Falun Dafa practitioners who refuse to attend the "study class". If they refuse to attend the class, they will be illegally fined 10,000 Yuan. Many practitioners have been coerced, in the name of "study" or to "have a talk" to come to the authorities and once they complied they were detained illegally.

[Yanshan District, Beijing] The Crimes of Zhang Hongxin, Dou Chunsheng and Chen Fengyong in Dongfeng Street Police Substation

The head of this police station, Zhang Hongxin, and his subordinates, viciously persecuted Dafa practitioners and caused them great physical suffering. At the time they were interrogating a female practitioner, Zhang Hongxin forcefully hit this practitioner on the head. He was concerned about leaving any marks. But on top of the brutal beating, he twisted this practitioner's two cheeks with his hands. He used all his might to make this practitioner give out a blood-curdling scream. He even threatened that he would disfigure this practitioner's face.

Wang XX, political head of this police station, locked practitioners onto an iron chair. This chair is normally reserved for serious criminal felons. This inhumane person then handcuffed Falun Dafa practitioners' hands on the iron pillar behind the chair. At night, they moved the practitioners together with the chair to remain outside in the freezing cold weather.

Vile policeman Dou Chunsheng beat and abused practitioners at will. He even threatened that he would rape the female practitioners.

Depraved lawbreaker Chen Fengyong wanted to take indecent liberties with a female practitioner under the pretense of "talking" separately with her. When the female practitioner discovered and exposed his intention, he shouted abuses and slapped the practitioner's face. Then he called for Sun XX to come, and both men tortured the practitioner with electric stun batons to her hands and mouth. She was tortured so severely that it is harrowing to look at her.

Here, we hope all kind-hearted people who read this article will show their concern and try to help these innocent Falun Dafa practitioners who are suffering the inhumane tortures. Please, make the calls and let those thugs know your opinion.

Phone Numbers of This Police Station: 011-86-10-69342111, 011-86-10-69334111, 13001975223(?), 13001968833(?)

[Chongwen District, Beijing] The Identity of Vile Policeman Hou Wenwu in Jinlongwan Police Substation

I was arrested on December 23, 2000 in Tiananmen Square and was sent to Jinlongwan Police Substation. Because other practitioners and I refused to tell them our names and addresses, we suffered brutal, indescribably painful beatings at the hands of the police. They used vicious means that made bystanders bristle with anger. They forcefully removed all of the practitioners' clothing and poured ice-cold water on their bodies, beat them with electric stun batons, and verbally abused them with degrading language. The policemen who were the most cruel ones are: Hou Wenwu (Police ID Number: 027612) ; the second ones' name is not known, but his Police ID Number is 027629 .

[China] Over 200 Practitioners of a Northern City Appealed in Beijing in January of 2001

According to reliable news, on January 16 and 17, 2001, the police officers of a northern Chinese city took back from Beijing 80 local practitioners and 120 practitioners, respectively. We think that actually more than 200 were taken back.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] A Changchun Practitioner was Forced to Leave Home

In January 2001, Dafa practitioner Chen Yuzheng, an employee of Changchun No.1 Automobile Factory, was forced by officers from the Changchun City police to leave his home. The police confiscated his computer at home. His family members are being threatened to having committed the crime of "harboring a fugitive."

[Jining City, Shandong Province] A Thug by the Name of Zhang Deping Persecuted Dafa Practitioners

Zhang Deping used to be the head of Tucheng Village, Middle District, Jining City. While in power, he was extensively involved in corruption, bribery, and illicit sexual relationships. He used public money to bribe his superior and was promoted to the position of a member of "Middle District Standing Committee" and "Director of District Political & Law Committee." Jia Wanzhi, the head of Jining City, took a fancy to this degenerate of the Tucheng community and promoted him. Consequently, Zhang Deping became the backbone of the efforts of cracking down on Falun Gong. Because of Zhang Deping's debased crackdown, hundreds of kind Dafa practitioners were being held and arrested; dozens were sent to labor camps; millions of Yuan in illegal fines were extorted; many Dafa practitioners were forced to lose their jobs, homes, and families.

[Qingyun County, Shandong Province] Unconscionable Policeman Sun Jianguo's Vile Deeds

Sun Jianguo of the Public Security Division used all kinds of unimaginably cruel instruments of torture on Dafa practitioners Wei Zhigang, Xu Baoguo and Wu Jinxing in his attempt to make them disabled, and even cause their deaths. After he had brutally abused them, he threw the three practitioners into labor camps. He almost killed a female Dafa practitioner Liu Chunrong due to his brutal abuse. This lawbreaker is now ordering and participating in mass arrests of Dafa practitioners who stepped forward to validate Dafa. Additionally, he extorts a large sum of money from practitioners' families. The inhuman degenerate Sun Jianguo even received a "3rd Award" in the Province for doing a "good job" in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Please, kind people with good hearts, do all you can to make your opinions known.

Sun Jianguo, Division Chief of Public Security, Qingyun Police Station, Shangdong Province, phone: 011-86-534-3321080, 3321081;

Home phone: 011-86-534-3421290

[Boxing County, Shangdong Province] Depraved Lawbreakers Liu Jianmin and Zhou Naichun Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Boxing County Political & Security Team leader Liu Jianmin and deputy team leader Zhou Naichun are extremely brutal and rotten to the core. A great number of Dafa practitioners were tortured, sentenced to labor camps, arrested, fined and had confessions extorted by these two vile persons. Recently, they are holding "transformation classes" in Pangjia Town again. Additionally, some practitioners were unfortunately arrested when distributing materials.

Home phone of Liu Jianmin: 011-86-543-2324959;

Home phone of Zhou Naichun: 011-86-543-2303737.

[Huairou County, Beijing] The Situation at Huairou Detention Center is Extremely Grim

The situation at Huairou Detention Center is extremely grim. The police there torture Dafa practitioners at will and encourage prisoners to treat the Dafa practitioners the same way. They beat and kicked practitioners who were on a hunger strike and administered electric shock to them. A young female practitioner was covered with blisters on her head and face after being tortured with electric shock. They put Dafa practitioners who had just been force-fed into the freezing, outside-open-air corridor, wearing only their underwear. Some practitioners bleed after being force-fed. Some practitioners were put on an electric chair [a metal chair that conducts electricity and "shocks" the person tie to it] with nothing on and being beaten and verbally abused. Furthermore, those practitioners who refused to tell their names and addresses had their clothes unlawfully and forcibly removed. The guards even ripped off practitioners' socks and forced them to stand on the snowy, icy-cold ground in their bare feet. They heaped practitioners' feet with snow and then beat them. Some policemen even said: "Why be a policeman if I don't have the heart for killing." Some practitioners were forced to stand soaking wet in the cold wind. There are still around 300 practitioners being held in Huairou Detention Center at present.

Two policewomen there are extremely brutal and inhuman; they beat and kick practitioners at all times and electrically shock Dafa practitioners. The policewomen's names are Chu Liqun and Tang Yuwen .

Compiled by Dafa practitioner being held in Huairou Detention Center

December 31, 2000