[Clearwisdom.net] Dafa Practitioners in Huimin County, Shangdong Province Appeal as a Group

On July 10, 2000, more than 100 Dafa practitioners in Huimin County went to the County office that handles complaints to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. Out of their great sense of responsibility and trust in the local government, they arrived in good order, reported the injustices that have been heaped upon Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and then presented their reasonable requests. This brave action shocked the officials and awakened many citizens in the county.

Since July 22, 1999, Dafa practitioners in Huimin County have been brutally persecuted. Here are some details about the persecution that has occurred.

Zaohuli Town

Chen Fuhua is a 40-year-old female from Xiaoshimiao Village, Zaohuli Town. She was arrested on June 2000 while appealing in Beijing. While detained in the local police station, four police officers forced their way into her house in broad daylight. They used screwdrivers, hammers, and iron bars to pry open all of the boxes and dresser drawers in her house, then took away bank deposit books showing a total of 3,200 Yuan (Chinese dollars, the average urban salary in China is about 500 Yuan/month) and 500 Yuan in cash. They finally left the cash with Chen Fuhua's mother when she kneeled down and begged them not to take it.

When she was released from detention, they forced her husband to pay another 400 Yuan. On Sept. 20, 5 or 6 people from the town government, court, and police station forced their way into her house again. Using the pretext of an "investigation", they tricked her into going to the police station, detained her there for 13 days, and extorted another 300 Yuan from her family for her release.

Liangjia Town

Sun Tiansuo, a 40-year-old male practitioner from Xiaowujia Village, Liangjia Town, suffered from late-phase leukemia. Before he began practicing Falun Dafa, doctors from Huimin County and Jinan City (Shandong Province) had examined him and told his family members to prepare for his death. If his family members were able to pay 220,000 Yuan for the medical expenses, his death could have been postponed for a while. During his last days, someone introduced him to Falun Dafa. In an amazingly short period of time, his leukemia disappeared and he experienced a miraculous recovery. With his own experience as a solid fact, he went to appeal for Falun Dafa. He was arrested and detained in the police station of Huimin County. Police from Liangjia Town police station burst into his house and demanded 5,000 Yuan from his family. Seeing that Sun's family members could not afford this amount, the police beat them and forced them to borrow money. By mortgaging their home, his family managed to piece together 4,700 Yuan. Sun Tiansuo was forced to leave his home.

Even more absurdly, Sun Fuzhen, who showed the Falun Gong movements to Sun Tiansuo, was also fined 2,000 Yuan. This case aroused a lot of indignation amongst the local residents.

Xiangdi Town

Zhang Aizhen was arrested by Xiangdi Town government officials and detained in the police station. She was abused, tortured, and her home was illegally searched. After detaining her for 8 days, the police demanded 300 Yuan before they released her. She was also required to report to the police station on every civic holiday. On March 30 and May 28, 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested and sent back for detention. Persecutors beat, abused, and tortured her with boiling water, and stole two cattle from her. The police tried in vain to force her to write a pledge renouncing Falun Dafa. Several police took turns beating her, and one leader said ferociously: "We will just send your body to the cremation house if you die!"

Chen Xiulan from Toubao Village, Xiangdi Town, was arrested on July 22, 1999 and detained for 9 days. Persecutors tried to force her to write a pledge and to give up her cultivation. When she refused, they beat her and fined her 300 Yuan, before finally releasing her. However, she was forced to report to the police station every day. On December 29, 1999, Tian Zhenjiang, head of the police station, informed her: "During the county official meeting, it was decided that every Falun Gong practitioner would be fined 2000 Yuan. If you don't pay the money, we will not let you have an easy holiday season. On February 25 and June 28, 2000, she went to appeal in Beijing. After she was arrested and returned home, Vice Chief Mi brutally beat her. Mi also forced Chen Xiulan's husband to do volunteer work for the police station, and asked for 3000 Yuan. Later on, Secretary Fu Jiawu, police officers Zhao Lei, Zhao Hua, and Zhou sold her family's cattle.

Xindian Town

In March 2000, Feng Shouquan, a 35-year-old male, went to Beijing to appeal. He was arrested and detained in the County police station. A staff member of the station confiscated 100 Yuan and put it into his own pocket. Shoe brushes were used to hit Dafa practitioners on their heads, hurting them so badly that their faces were swollen and their mouths were bleeding. One officer, Li Zhong, used a cattle prod to shock a practitioner's hands, stripped off the practitioner's clothes, pushed him onto the ground, and hit his buttocks with a rubber baton until they were black with bruises. Also, Fang's cattle were confiscated to pay his fine.

Yang Changguo, a 30 year-old male, went to Beijing to appeal. After his arrest, he was brutally beaten in the Huimin police station. Persecutors also punished him by forcing him to stand outside in the freezing cold. The Town police station sold his cattle and kept the money to pay Yang's fine.

Liu Baozhi, a 36-year-old female, went to appeal in Beijing on July 22, 1999 and March 8, 2000. She was illegally detained, beaten, and fined 2,200 Yuan. Persecutors also punished her by forcing her to stand outside during freezing cold temperatures and did not allow her to use the restroom.

Shao Xianzhi, a 29-year-old female, was arrested on March 8, 2000 while she was on her way to Beijing. While detained in Huimin Police Station, persecutors used electric and rubber batons to brutally beat her, and forced her to stand outside in the cold. The town police also sold her family's cattle and forced the family to pay a 500 Yuan fine. These persecutors said: "If you persist in practicing Falun Gong, we will make you totally broke!"

Hefang Town

Wang Yurong, female, was illegally detained by the local government because she was considered to be a key Falun Gong person. On July 19, 2000, she was transferred to Yancheng City, where she went on a hunger strike. Persecutors tortured her fiercely by shocking her with a cattle prod, pulling her hair, pulling her teeth out with pliers (her mouth was filled with blood), forcing water and drugs into her mouth, burning her arms with cigarettes, burning her hair with cigarette lighters, pricking her thighs with needles, and slapping her in the face. The local police then handcuffed her outdoors under the baking sun, and abused her for 4 hours everyday. People passing by were shocked to see this behaviour and lack of morals. They could see that good people were being punished while bad people enjoyed their life.

Huimin County

Zhang Jinling, is a 58-year-old female and former vice-chair of the county Civil Administration Department, Chair of the county Handicapped Association, and a party member. She was treated with injustice because of her Falun Dafa cultivation. With great compassion as a Dafa practitioner and party member, she went to Beijing twice to lodge an appeal, and report the truth to the central government officials. On Oct. 9, 2000, she was dismissed from the party by the Huimin County party commission. Persecutors also detained and watched her, and restricted her personal freedom.

The following people were sent to Wangcun Labor Camp on Oct. 13, 2000 for protecting Dafa: Wang Xiuting, 40-year-old female, a former employee of the Huimin Textile Mill, Zhang Shugang, 36-year-old male from Lizhuang Town, and Liu Fengmin, 36-year-old male, also from Lizhuang Town.

Dafa practitioners in China, 01/12/2001

Mazhou Village, Huimin Town

Li Liankun (male, 56), Zhou Yuzhi (female, 55), Chen Zongxi (male, 60),Wang Xinhui (male, 45), and his wife and mother (Tel: 86-543-5310801), helped with the evil persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. They identified Dafa practitioners and reported them to the local government and police stations. To date, they have reported 6 people, and have been "awarded" 1200 Yuan.

Xiangdi Town, Huimin County

Secretary Zhang Fusheng (male), Tel: 86-543-5472868 (O)

Tian Zhenjiang (male), Chief of Town police station, Tel: 86-543-5472775(O)

Secretary Fu Jiawu, Tel: 86-543-5470781 (O)

Vice Chief Mi

Police officers: Zhao Lei, Zhao Hua, Zhou. Tel: 86-543-5472773

These people have wildly persecuted Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999. They have also extorted money and sold items from the practitioners' houses--stealing a of total 50,000 Yuan.

Huimin County police station

Since July 20, 1999, police officers at the Huimin County police station have brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners. While interrogating Liu Fengmin (Lizhuang Town), officers Liu Dianting, Fan Zhaohe, and Li Jiaxin stood on his handcuffed hands, causing the handcuffs to cut into his flesh. They also hit Liu Fengmin's face with bats while interrogating him. They beat practitioner Cheng with leather boots. On April 5, 2000, Vice Chief Li Zhong splashed cold water on 8 or 9 women practitioners being held in the detention house. Li Zhong splashed boiling water on the practitioners, which immediately burnt and blistered the face of an unidentified practitioner from Madian Town.

In July 2000, these persecutors stripped Su Huazhang, Ma Guofu, and an unidentified practitioner of their pants and beat their buttocks until they were black with bruises. These vile people also encouraged prisoners to beat Dafa practitioners. The prisoners used disgusting methods at will, such as, grabbing practitioner's groins. Out of his insatiable desire for money, officer Li Heping extorted as much money as he could from Dafa practitioners. On Jan 2000, he seized 15,000 Yuan from practitioner Zhou Hongsheng, his wife, and Zhou Hongmao's family. He kept detaining and torturing the practititoners until the money was given to him. He illegally confiscated and sold Rong Qiang and Zhou Dianbao's bicycles. In April, 2000, he extorted 3000 Yuan from practitioner Wang Xinzhong's wife.

In July 2000, threatened and mentally abused by the police, Wang Xinzhong's father died. While Wang Xinzhong was on bail to arrange his father's funeral, Li Heping again tried to extort 1000 Yuan from him. While arresting and detaining practitioners, Li searched them at will and put their cash in his own pockets.

Officer Liu Dianting and Fan Zhaohe Tel: 86-543--53322507, 4323214

Officer Li Heping Tel: 86-543--5351616, 5310643

No. 2 textile mill

Secretary Xu Tingrong and Wang Yanda tried to force Dafa practitioners to write pledges renouncing their beliefs. They illegally searched practitioners' houses and confiscated Dafa books. Their methods of persecuting practitioners and their families included threatening, firing them from their jobs, dismissing them from the party, and punishing their associates. Practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal, were persecuted even more severely. They were monitored, their friends and relatives were to sign a joint pledge, their phones were tapped, and they were even detained at work. Practitioner Yan Hongjun was detained 7 times, and fined a total of 1000 Yuan. They brutally tortured him with all kinds of inhumane methods before sending him to a labor camp.

On May 2000, they colluded with police and detained six practitioners with the ruse of a "meeting". A family member of one of these practitioners was mentally shocked and had a repeat heart attack. While the family member was in a precarious condition, Wang Yanda (Secretary), Zhao Dongxu (police officer), Zhang Bingxiang (security officer) were eating and drinking in a restaurant and enjoying themselves.

Xu Tingrong (Party Secretary) Tel: 86-543-5321535 (O) 86-543-5322010 (H)

Wang Yanda (Party Secretary) Tel: 86-543-5326966 (H)

Zhang Bingxiang (Security officer) Tel: 86-543-5326735 (H)

Wen Yanguang Tel: 86-543-5351455 (H)

Chen Meitian Tel: 86-543--5336759 (H)

Zhao Dongxu (Huimin County Police Station officer)

Lizhuang Town

The party commission and government of Lizhuang Town persecuted more than 20 Dafa practitioners who had participated in a group appeal in Beijing on May 10, 2000. Each practitioner was fined 3000 Yuan. Personal belongings of those who were unable to pay the fines were confiscated. Such items as cattle, horses, motorcycles, and cars were illegally taken. These persecutors also brutally tortured practitioners. Some practitioners were tied to pillars or handcuffed to trees, and some were strung up. Persecutors pushed some practitioners on the ground and stomped on their heads, and used electric and rubber batons and leather shoes to beat them. They also burnt practitioners with cigarettes, pricked them with steel needles, and splashed them with ice cold or boiling water. They had an ambulance nearby so they could quickly transport unconscious practitioners to the hospital.

Practitioner Gao Quanying passed out several times during the brutal torture. Yu Guanghua's head was rammed against a stone pillar, and some practitioners had blood all over their faces. The key officers Li Yong, Shi, Pan Sen, and Zhang Deguang participated in the inhumane torturing. Officer Li Chuanjun said: "If I were an official, I would kill them all!" Sober-minded people can see how these evil people will meet their ends.

Persecutors in Lizhuang Town include:

Li Yong (Party Secretary of Town) Tel: 86-543--5831001 (O), 86-543--5831066 (H)

Pan Sen (Vice Party Secretary of Town) Tel: 86-543--5831002

Shi --- (Governor of Town) Tel: 86-543--5831002

Zhang Deguang (Police station officer) Tel: 86-543--5831006 (O), 86-543--5831084(H)

Gao Shujun (Judicial administrator) Tel: 86-543--5831148

Hefang Town Party Commission Tel: 86-543--5442953

Hefang Town Police Station Tel: 86-543--5442963

Xindian Town Police Station Tel: 86-543--5722133

Police officer Li Chuanjun recently experienced 3 traffic accidents. The third accident occurred while he was riding a motorcycle that he had seized from a practitioner; his head was severely injured and his legs were torn apart. This fierce executioner came to the end he deserved.

Dafa practitioner in China, 12/26/00