The "Statement of Repentance" is an evil strategy employed by Jiang Zemin to frame Dafa practitioners

During the last eighteen months, Jiang Zemin directed an all-out effort to wipe out Falun Gong, but still failed. Instead, the crackdown has invited such overseas headlines as "Falun Gong is gaining momentum in its peaceful protest against persecution." Now, with his health failing, and in his last remaining days, Jiang Zemin is pinning his last hopes on the strategy of the "statement of repentance" to do the trick.

What then, is Jiang Zemin's so-called "statement of repentance"? It is simply a method of using all means to manipulate Falun Dafa practitioners into writing a statement renouncing their practice of Falun Dafa. Whoever refuses to write such a statement, will be thrown in jail while those in police custody will be "set free upon writing such a statement." Basically, there are two types of "statements of repentance" that Jiang Zemin and his subordinates are seeking. The first type refers to the promise not to practice Falun Dafa and to "openly oppose Dafa"; the second is in the form of a compromise, "to cease petitioning, doing the exercises in public, and distributing flyers etc." Statements in both types will be used in order to slander Falun Dafa and report on transformation results. This would also severely tarnish the cultivation of the practitioners who wrote those statements.

In the era of Fa-rectification, the significance of Dafa practitioners' lives lies in validating and safeguarding Dafa. If certain actions of ours are exploited by the wicked to attack and damage Dafa, shouldn't each of us, as a particle in Dafa and a would-be protector of the universe, take it as an issue of life-or-death importance to ourselves? Shouldn't we, upon finding out their serious consequences, be overcome with shock and grief? This is precisely why Jiang's "transformation through a statement of repentance" is most vicious. Well aware that the overwhelming majority of Dafa practitioners truly believe, from the bottom of their hearts, that Dafa is good; Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, due to their shameless viciousness, are forcefully pressuring those practitioners to make promises or compromises, which are very damaging. To accomplish their ruthless goals, the Jiang clique now uses a combination of measures including enticements, deceit, as well as, physical, mental and pharmacological torture.

Treasure Teacher's Compassionate Mercy, Find Ways to Make Amends

In normal times, opportunities for cultivation are forever lost when committing a mistake of that magnitude. However, our beloved Teacher, who values our lives even more than we ourselves do, allowed us, in an unprecedented move, to make amends. In a recent article by Minghui editor, one entitled "Double Our Efforts to Make Amends, Catch up With the Fa-Rectification Process," it reads, "All of the students who have not done well in labor camps have already tarnished their own cultivation. But this is not to say that they can no longer reach Consummation. The Fa-rectification is still continuing, cultivation hasn't concluded, and our merciful Master is still waiting for students who have not done well for various reasons to catch up. Whether or not Consummation can be achieved hinges on how our students themselves will treat the path they take from now on, and how they will make up for the losses they have caused Dafa because of their own misconduct."

This naturally leads to the next question: How can we do well to meet the standard? Through studying the Fa and discussions, we come to understand that to make amends for past mistakes and recover the losses to Dafa, publicly announcing the invalidity of the previous statements of repentance or promises is a crucial step. This is because: First, it clearly indicates the willingness to continue with cultivation, the courage to be accountable for mistakes, and an urge to recover the loss through personal efforts; second, it will use righteous words to dispel the negative impact of the "statements of repentance;" third, it will reduce Jiang Zemin's vicious "transformation" stratagem to an exercise of futility. When every practitioner who wrote the statement stands up to publicly invalidate those words and doubles his efforts to make amends and validate the Fa, horrifying places such as the Masanjia Labor Camp and forced hallucinogenic injections will no longer be effective tools of persecution. His wishful thinking to divide the Dafa practitioners will never materialize and his viciousness will be even more apparent. The power of righteousness and compassion will be strengthened. The deflated Jiang Zemin will be 'gone with the wind' closing a shameful chapter in human history.

It is only because of Teacher's greatest mercy that the practitioners can have an opportunity to rid their cultivation record of any blemishes. What is left now depends on how well every one of us will proceed from here. "The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its practitioners are extremely wicked and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. Their evilness must be made known to people around the world--this is also offering people salvation. While the evil is being eliminated, you are consummating yourself in cultivation and strengthening the Fa's manifestation in the world." (Rationality)

Regarding how to expose this evil, Jiang Zemin's own "statement of repentance" has given us some very good pointers:

--To counter Jiang Zemin's slandering of Falun Dafa, we shall clarify the truth, detailing our personal benefits since taking up Dafa, to our friends, neighbors, classmates, and international media.

--To sharpen Jiang Zemin's fear of our exercising in public especially at Tiananmen Square, we shall practice the exercises wherever we go and especially at Tiananmen Square; letting all people see for themselves how peaceful and innocent Falun Gong is, and show the public how they "educate through persuasion" (words taken from the New China News Agency's editorial against Falun Dafa) by brutally beating Dafa practitioners in broad daylight.

--They are fearful of our informative flyers; let's distribute more of them so that more people have a chance to read the words from the bottom of our hearts and the truth about Dafa.

--They are terrified if the public should become aware of the damages they did to the citizens, the society, and the country; by resorting to tactics from the Great-Cultural-Revolution. Persecuting the innocent and using propagandistic slogans such as "leaking state secrets" to cover up the truth, and dressing it up with the phrase of "historically the best human rights period in China." Our answer to such ridiculous attempts would be to expose to the world, including the Chinese people, the overseas media, human rights organizations and the international community of all their so-called "state secrets"-- their arsenal of tortures, physical, psychological or pharmacological, inflicted upon healthy and innocent Dafa practitioners in detention centers, labor camps, mental hospitals, and "transformation" classes, etc.

--They are horrified that people in the world would understand that Falun Dafa is good. Let's demonstrate to the people that "Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa" by our every word and action, by our compassion and forbearance in safeguarding the truth, and by the sacrifice of ourselves for the sake of the universe's future. If somebody is able to attain the Fa because of this, not only his karmic debts through the cycle of reincarnation will be written off, he will also be saved.


In conclusion, let's work hard to expose to all the just-minded and kind-hearted people the truth that is being desperately covered up by the Jiang clique, to give the people a chance to hear the true stories that were distorted, to bring awareness to the people about the essence of Jiang's brutal and despicable persecution. Let's work hard so that the people will appreciate the immense moral strength in Falun Dafa, and that it presents a great future to the new generation of human beings.

For all the wrongs and grudges since the beginning of time, only our beloved Teacher can resolve them. Let's grab this never to be repeated opportunity, neutralize the evil's "transformation", erase the blemishes in our cultivation, and build our mighty virtues as a protector of the universe.

January 13, 2001