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For more than one year, the local government in Daliu Town has brutally persecuted Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) practitioners through physical, psychological and financial means. The financial penalties have forced some practitioners to leave their homes and wander the streets.

I. List of main assailants:

Liu Youzhi, former local chief of the Armed Department; Li Maoliang, local secretary of the Politics and Law Committee; Xu, Town Party Secretary; Liu Fenghua, Liu Yongliang, Pan Xueyao, and a fourth, unknown civilian without a public title.

II. Incomplete list of victims of physical abuse:

Sun Huajun, Sun Shichao, Sun Mingde, Wu Chengxi, Wu Chengshou, Wang Xian, Wang Laigui, Pan Ailing, Yu Qigao, Wang Honghua, Wang Yuxia, Zhang Guiyue, Liu Hanxiang, etc.

III. List of practitioners subjected to a fine:

Sun Huajun: Y45,000; Sun Deming: Y20,000; Pan Ailing: Y25,000; Wu Chengshou: Y20,000; Yu Qigao: Y23,000; Wang Honghua: Y8,000; Wang Yuxia: Y3,000; Zhang Guiyue: Y2,000; Liu Hanxiang: Y2,000 (The average monthly salary for a laborer is Y700/ by translator).

IV. Location of persecution:

The Department of Justice Building in Daliu Town.

V. Instruments and Methods used for Physical Torture:

Leather clubs, wooden sticks, boots, and freezing snow are used in various ways to torture practitioners. Police beat the face and body at will. Particular attention is given to joints and genitalia. Practitioners are often forced to sit with their legs and arms straight out in front of them for hours on end. They are subjected to freezing temperatures and days of sleep deprivation.

VI. Details of the Atrocities in and out of the Dept. of Justice Building:

1. Local government leaders connected Wu Chengshou's private telephone line to the government office so it could be more easily bugged. They made personal and official calls on the line and billed Wu Chengshou.

2. On December 13, 1999, Liu Youzhi and a group from the local Armed Department detained Sun Huajun, Sun Shichao, Sun Mingde, Wu Chengxi, Wu Chengshou, Wang Xian and others. The assailants covered the practitioners' eyes with rags and forced them to sit barefoot on the floor, with legs straight ahead and arms parallel to the floor. For three hours, the police beat the practitioners with wooden bats, concentrating on the hands, head and anklebones. They also stomped on the anklebones with boots. None of the practitioners could stand up. Wu Chengshou's body was completely covered with bruises. Even the spaces between his toes were blackand blue. The next day, the practitioners were beaten again and subjected to freezing in snow. They were deprived of sleep for several days straight.

3. In April 2000, the local government once again detained Wu Chengshou, Wang Xian, Wang Laigui and others. When the practitioners were asked if they would continue practicing Falun Dafa, they resolutely answered in the affirmative. The police closed the door and windows and proceeded to beat them again. They beat them so severely that night that two of the leather clubs broke. While beating them, the police cursed, "We are following instructions from very high up. If you are beaten to death, we'll just throw you into a hole and bury you there, or, pour some gas on you and burn you--the public will be told that you burned yourselves while practicing."

4. Falun Dafa practitioners from Daliu Town have gone to Beijing to appeal the atrocities. Presently, the welfare of Wu Chengshou and his wife is unknown. Their detention has left a 76-year-old senior citizen and a 12-year-old child unattended.

The telephone number of Daliu Town government: 86-536-8159818

The telephone number of the Party committee: 86-536-8159808

The telephone number of the local police sub-station: 86-536-8159601

Falun Dafa practitioner from Mainland China

December 21, 2000