I was a regular teacher in Jiangxi Province in China. In December 1999, I went to Beijing and wrote to the chief editors of Peoples Daily and Brightness Daily calling for reconsideration of the Falun Gong issues. Upon returning to my hometown, I was arrested by the local police and interrogated for two days and then put in detention center at Shangrao City. This March (2000) they sentenced me to a 2-year term at the Jiangxi Female Labor Education Camp.

At the Camp I was kept in solitary confinement from 3/2/00 to 3/12/00. I tried to explain my cultivation practice and wrote 3-4 times to the Director of the Camp. The only results were their efforts to persuade me to be aware of the trend and to abandon Falun Gong regardless if it is right or wrong. But I was willing to protect and validate the Dafa with my own life, no matter what.

I went on a hunger strike many times with some other practitioners during the two-month period 3/19/00- 5/19/00. So the Camp workers force-fed us. Although we lost some weight, we were in excellent spirits and appeared to be healthy. The guards tried all ways to make us eat by forcefully opening our mouth with an apparatus, using the force-feeding tube through the nose to the stomach, and/or injecting fluids. The excessive treatments caused many practitioners to bleed, have soiled clothes from the food, and even choke. Later they started using electric prods or the police batons, beating and kicking us, cuffing our hands, and tying us to the bed. Some could not help but excrete or urinate right on the bed. When this happened, the Camp personnel did not allow anyone to clean it up to show their "humanitarianism"!

On 4/2/00, Ms. Li Qihua, I and two other practitioners were beaten and kicked by a cadre Ms. Zhou, her coworker Mr. Li Da, and their supervisor Mr. Deng, because we showed concern for another practitioner's health. They pulled our hair, hung us using handcuffs for four days. I was aching to the bones of my hands and wrists. My legs were swollen and incredibly painful. Then, in late May 2000, I was found exchanging Falun Gong experiences with another practitioner, Ms. Chen Caiqin, and was called to Cadre Tang's office for "special treatment". In the office, medical doctor Fu hit me hard with the baton, which caused severe bruises to my back and buttocks. When beating and scolding us, the guards would turn up the radio to cover the sound of torture. They tied fellow practitioners Liu zhaoqin on a bed for two months. They did not allow her to brush her teeth or wash her face, she had to excrete and urinate on the bed. One time they monitored the blood pressure of Ms. Liu Zhaoqin, while they were beating her, to see how close to death they could beat her.

In this Camp the Falun Gong practitioners were discriminated against more than any other prisoners. Other prisoners here were allowed to arbitrarily hit us. They were encouraged to reprimand and slap us so as to reduce their sentences. Officer Zheng twisted practitioner Li Yaping's hand until it broke but told her family members that it was due to a fall during her jogging. Since too many practitioners were hurt badly, they did not allow the family members to visit us since May. Fellow practitioner Jiang Nanying has never met her family so far.

By the end of April 2000, they formed a special team out of the original four groups. They also set up the 3-member sub-teams and surveillance sub-teams for 24-hour surveillance of Falun Gong practitioners inside the camp. They intended to suppress and control the practitioners' daily lives physically and mentally. They would not permit practitioners to exchange ideas, to study or to practice together. If we did these things, we would be punished and the stay in the camp would be extended. The others under labor education were constantly beating and scolding us so as to reduce their own sentences in the camp. No matter how they treat us, the practitioners always observe the standard of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" and never fight or talk back. We forbear with great benevolence and used the real examples to clarify the truth to them.

On July 28, they invited the wicked people from Masanja Re-education Labor Camp to break our spirits. They applied harsh control on those non-transformed practitioners and forced them to attend work and military-type drills and restraint their talking, family visiting. Also they began a program of persuading, scolding and threatening the family members so as trying to convert us.

In October 2000, they isolated the adherent practitioners in the custody of the 3-member sub-teams for further brainwash. They organized and forced the intensive study of falsified materials, bombarded us with slanderous videos, and held criticizing meetings so as to convert us. They arbitrarily extended the confinement of those non-transformed practitioners, and even those practitioners whose detention was overdue. They once asked us to write down the words in our hearts, fellow practitioners Liu Yongying et al's confinement terms were extended because these practitioners' statements did not fit their requirement. They also extended practitioner Li Meilian and my sentences because they failed to transform us.

On the afternoon of 11/11/00, the Provincial Law and Order Commissioners came to investigate the Falun Gong cases at the Camp. Six of us were called for interview. When we tried to talk about the real situation and our true feelings, they refused to listen. They even threatened us that "The country will punish those non-transformed people using state apparatus, which is either sentencing to labor camp or extending confinement term".

We always ask ourselves to follow the Falun Gong principles of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance". We have been working diligently at job. When mistreated, we do not complain. We did not think of interfering with the government's business or cause disturbance to the society. What we did was to simply present the Falun Gong truth to the government. Why in this world we are not allowed to promote the righteous way of cultivation? It has been our wish to have peaceful lives with basic rights as a citizen. We sincerely hope the international governments and all the decent people in the world will give us their moral support and help to resolve the Falun Gong issue in China. Please don't abandon Falun Gong practitioners who are suffering in the hell of this Earth. Please help to stop the evil, to preserve and respect the Great Law of the cosmos, and to restore the good name of our saint-like Teacher who has been unjustly accused and slandered!

A Mainland China Practitioner