In the news program of Chinese Central Television Station (CCTV) on December 12, 1999, a homicide case was reported. The murderer, Zou Gang, was an employee of the Forest Industry Agency of Heilongjiang Province. The case was claimed as the result of Zou Gang's "cultivation insanity," allegedly caused by practicing Falun Gong.

Reporters made a careful investigation (The conclusion was published in Vol. 2 of "The Internal Reference Information in Heilongjian Province" on January 22, 2000). The investigation indicated that Zou Gang had never practiced Falun Gong. Therefore, the news story was no more than a slanderous fabrication.

The following five facts disprove this fallacy.

1) Zou's ex-wife admitted that he believed only in Buddhism and had read some Buddhist books. Although he had done some meditation exercises, those were not Falun Gong exercises. She denied that Zou practiced Falun Gong.

2) At the request of local police, some people who had previously learned Falun Gong exercises, examined the exercises that Zou had done, and also found that those were not the same as Falun Gong exercises.

3) When searching Zou's home, police did not find any Falun Gong books, tapes or cassettes. Zou claimed that he showed his coworker some Falun Gong books. But after police had shown many Falun Gong books to the coworker, it was clear that those so called "Falun Gong books" were actually Buddhist books.

4) Reporters contacted the Forest Industry Agency of Heilongjiang Province and the Propaganda Section of Songhuajiang Forestry Management Company. They both denied that Zou Gang had ever practiced Falun Gong.

5) Zou said himself several times, "Falun Gong is a different thing from the Buddhism that I believe in".

6) Zou did not know Teacher's name in writing. He kept mistakenly writing the Chinese character "Hong" [from Li Hongzhi] as another character with the same pronunciation.

The investigation concluded that Zou not only had never practiced Falun Gong, but had even hated Falun Gong. He made up a story about "murdering people because of insanity caused by practicing Falun Gong" after the homicide, so that he could escape from the punishment of the law, as well as that of his own conscience. The reason that CCTV knowingly used the fabricated story in their program, was because they wanted to further slander Falun Gong. But they have ignored one important thing: any slander or persecution against Dafa will be punished. Zou Gang will be punished by morality, the law, and justice. The staff of CCTV knowingly used the story to slander Dafa, and they will have to pay the eventual price for the karma they have created for themselves.

Now we reveal truth to the world, and clarify the innocence of Dafa. All lies will be exposed, and the truth will eventually be revealed.

(For many reasons, we were not able to expose the truth in time. We hereby apologize to our Teacher, fellow practitioners and all kindhearted people in the world!)

Some Practitioners in China

January 3, 2001


Summary of The Original Investigation Results, from Vo l.2 of "The Internal Reference Materials in Heilongjian Province", published January 22, 2000

The Results of the Investigation into the Criminal Case of Zou Gang, Who Claimed to be a Falun Gong Practitioner

(Reported by Wang Huaizi, Xinhua News Agency)

For several days, the reporters, the police, and all related parties conducted an investigation into the case of Zou Gang, an employee of the Seed Station, Forest Section, Songhuajiang Forestry Management Company, Forest Industry Agency of Heilongjiang Province. The initial conclusion indicated that aside from Zou Gang's claim to have been a Falun Gong practitioner, there is no evidence to prove that he ever practiced Falun Gong.

Around 9 a.m., on December 23, 1999, Zou took a kitchen knife to his superior unit, the Forest Section, and used it to kill the section chief, Lu Qinsheng, and wound three other persons, Zhou Yajie, Li Minfang, and Sun Jitang. He was arrested on the spot by the police from Nangang District Station, Harbin City Police Department. While in custody, Zou Gang wrote his confession, " I read XXX's (incorrect character of Teacher's first name, by translater) book 'Falun Dafa' in December 1995, and started practicing Falun Gong. Since December 1998, I have had auditory hallucinations. Someone told me in the hallucination, that he was XXX (Translator Note: He wrote the incorrect character of Teacher's first name), the religion's founder, and he was in the world to save people. He said that I was his disciple, and that I had a personal enemy who was the section chief, Lu Qinshen, who had had a predestined relationship with me from the previous lifetime, and that he would surely kill me in this lifetime, that Zhou Yajie was also my personal enemy, etc.".

On the morning of December 28, policemen, led by Yu Xiaoyi, the Chief of the Frst section, the First Division of Harbin City Police Department, made a further investigation into Zou's claim to have been a Falun Gong practitioner. Zou's ex-wife, who divorced him on January 12, 1999, said Zou believed in Buddhism and read some Buddhist books but that she never saw him practicing Falun Gong. Even if he had done some exercises, the movements were different from that of Falun Gong's, as are shown in public.

Police allowed "Chen", a local government official who had previously volunteered to assist with Falun Gong activities at Children's Park in Harbin City, but who had by then quit Falun Gong completely, checked Zou's "Falun Gong exercises". Chen stated that the exercise Zou did was not a Falun Gong exercise.

According to the statement by the Chief of the Ffirst Division of Harbin City Police Department, police did not find any Falun Gong related books, audio or video tapes when searching Zou's home. Zou claimed that he lent Falun Gong books to one of his coworkers. Police showed many Falun Gong books to Zou's coworker later, but the coworker said that Zou had never showed him these books, and that the books Zou had shown him were books about Buddhism.

After verifying these facts with the Forest Industry Agency of Heilongjiang Province and the Propaganda Section of Songhuajiang Forestry Management Company, reporters further confirmed that Zou had never practiced Falun Gong,, but appeared to have believed in Buddhism.

The officer in charge of the police station affiliated with the Forest Industry Agency of Heilongjiang Province stated that after Zou retired from Unit 57 of Troop 81211 of the Chinese Army, he was assigned to the police station affiliated to Qinghe Forestry Department. Later he was sent to Heilongjiang Province Police Officer Training School to study. After graduation, he worked at the petition office of Songhuajiang Forestry Department.

In March 1992, Zou distributed flyers, and posted posters at colleges and universities in Harbin City. Because his behavior had not caused any serious harm, and because he had shown regret afterwards, the Police Department decided not to take legal action against him, and let his employer deal with his case. The Forestry Department transferred him to work in the wood seed station as a punishment. Zou began promoting Buddhism and reading Buddhist books after that. He often talked about his Dharma, five eyes, six supernormal capabilities, and some other weird phenomena. When the government denounced Falun Gong, Zou claimed several times, "Falun Gong is different from the Buddhism that I believe in. Buddhist scripture is real, and Buddhism is orthodox. Falun Gong is [a slanderous phrase]". When dealing with Falun Gong related issues, the management in his work place ruled him out of several investigations.

Zou's brother in law said: "A few days ago, Zou told me: "Some bloody holocaust and catastrophe would happen. You have to believe in Buddhism". I refuted him a little. He thumped the table and yelled at me with a wild look in his eyes. It was quite abnormal. After discussing it with my wife, I felt that Zou had some obvious mental problems. We thought of sending him to a mental hospital. On December 20, he came to my work place to see his daughter. I found him more abnormal than before, so I contacted the mental hospital. But the hospital did not have any room available, and we were asked to wait several days. That is when the homicide occurred".

January 3, 2001