[Clearwisdom.net] When I read the article published by the Xinhua News Agency on December 29th, I could not help laughing at the article and all its loopholes. Here I will expose some lies so that people will not be deceived.

Here is the truth once again about the case of Zhao Jing (the whole story was already carried by Minghui Net on Dec. 28th, so I won't repeat the whole thing again). Zhao Jing jumped out of the bus because three policemen got on the bus to get the bus under their control. The bus was escorted by two police cars, one in front and one behind. The speed was slow, and there was only about 10 minutes driving time from the spot (where she jumped) to the police station, so the bus did not ride at a high speed. It was at a speed that Zhao Jing felt safe enough to jump from the bus and then run away. This was one fact. The second fact was that if the policemen did not get onto the bus, Zhao Jing wouldn't have jumped out of the bus. For this reason, the policemen should be held responsible for her jumping from the bus. The third fact was that after they got to the destination, more than one policeman said that the person who jumped out of the bus was okay; only her foot had been sprained. The highway patrol also said that she was okay. They told the people on the bus not to worry and they didn't look scared at all. All this indicated that Zhao Jing was not seriously injured at that time. The fourth fact was that night, almost everyone, who was traveling together as a group, heard the beating sounds, girls' crying, and dog's barking. The noises lasted for a long time. Plus, all the other female practitioners on the same trip along with Zhao Jing were confined in one room that was separate from Zhao Jing, so the crying girl could not be anybody else but Zhao Jing. It has been an indisputable fact that Zhao Jing was beaten to death, as witnessed by over 40 practitioners who were along with her on the trip.

The Xinhua report made up "According to the leader's confession ..." Even under the cruel torture, no one admitted that he or she was a "leader", let alone gave any "confession." Nobody would like to "accept" the "title" of "leader" given unilaterally by the Public Security Bureau. The fact was that the bus driver wanted to make money, and he offered a cheap price (150 Yuan RMB per passenger) to everybody. Whoever paid money could get onto the bus. It didn't matter if the passenger was with "Falun Gong" or not. Compared with the railway's first-class ticket (about 250 Yuan RMB), the bus ticket was quite a bit cheaper. Additionally, most of the passengers didn't know each other before getting on the bus. Zhao Jing didn't tell anyone before jumping off of the bus, so the only reason for her jumping off of the bus would be to run away from the policemen's evil hands. Since they couldn't catch the "leader" by beating the whole group, almost all the passengers ended up being sent to a labor camp as a punishment. This is another unassailable fact.

I have something more to tell the "newsman." . Nowadays, the word "Consummation" is not popular among Mainland Falun Gong practitioners.. No matter what we do, go to Beijing to appeal, hold up banners or hand out flyers, we have already forgotten about whether we will reach Consummation. All we consider now is to ask for justice for our Master and for Dafa, to rectify the Fa of this level, to rectify people's hearts, and to create conditions for predestined people to learn the Dafa.

There were also a lot of mistakes in terms of the logic of this Xinhua reporter's article. If I were the chief editor, I would have fired him just for that particular article! Altogether, there were two sentences in the second paragraph. The first sentence said, "... Motivated a small number..." But the second sentence said, "Recently, there are quite a few people who continuously..." which immediately contradicts the former sentence. In one place, he tried to whitewash his master Jiang by saying that the government did well in terms of the "transformation", and there were only "a few" who kept on practicing Falun Gong. But, on the other hand, he had to admit that there are too many practitioners following Master Li to "advance towards Consummation," and the government couldn't get the situation under control. There were such kinds of logic problems all over his article. If there were only "a few", why couldn't the government catch them all within a year and a half? On the contrary, the more they caught the more practitioners came out. Obviously, they couldn't suppress people's indignation and outrage.

Using negative labels has long been a favorite trick of these writers. Such kinds of Xinhua articles often describe "Falun Gong" as "anti-motherland", "anti-Chinese people" etc., so as to provoke the publics anger towards "Falun Gong". In fact, what "Falun Gong" opposes is only Jiang Zemin and a few of his evil followers who suppress people with cruelty. "Falun Gong" has never opposed the motherland and the people. On the contrary, just for the sake of the motherland and their people, "Falun Gong" is trying to stop Jiang Zemin from taking the Chinese people into an evil abyss, prevent people from suffering, awake people's good conscience and let them awake from their servility.

Finally, I want to give this "newsman" some advice: try not to write such lies in the future. Open your eyes to see how many writers and journalists want to be buried with Jiang. Apart from a few hired "literary thugs," there are not many writers who are willing to lie any more. Please notice; all the newspapers and magazines have stopped criticizing Falun Gong. (apart from those articles from Xinhua Agency that they have to cover). Everybody is kind of clear now to write neither positive articles on Falun Gong , which are not allowed by the government, or the fabricated articles that are immoral. As writers we should use our pens to restrain the evil and to promote kindness, because we are first a human being and then writers. We should by all means distinguish good from bad.

A practitioner from Mainland China

January 6, 2001