[Clearwisdom.net] Qiu Zhiyan, A Practitioner in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, was Persecuted to Death. Here is his story.

Qiu Zhiyan, a 35-year-old male Dafa practitioner from Benxi City of Liaoning Province, was persecuted to death.

Qiu Zhiyan was a former employee of No.1 Benxi City Steel Integration Company, was a Party member and had earned Bachelor's degree. He was sentenced to three years in a labor camp because he appealed in Beijing in October 1999, and continued to practice Falun Gong at Benxi City Weining Detention Center. At the detention center, he was tortured and severely beaten, which caused him great physical and mental agony. At the time of his torture, the guards used an especially gruesome method, which causes excruciating pain. This despicable method, called "Stretch", is used on felonious criminals or criminals who have been sentenced to death. Here it was used on Qiu to force him give up practicing. Under usual circumstances, nobody can endure this excruciating abuse even for one day. However, the guards "stretched" Qiu Zhiyan for 4 days and nights. Despite their immense cruelties, Qui refused to give in. Then, in panic and vexation, they sent Qiu Zhiyan to a mental hospital. He was later bailed out by his relatives. When he was released, his body had been grotesquely deformed by the torture he had endured at the hands of those animals in human skin with minds of devils.

After that, in October 2000, Qiu Zhiyan, who was by now penniless, somehow bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and two hand-copied scriptures of Master Li's, and went to appeal in Beijing again. In November, he was arrested by Xingcheng City police [Liaoning Province]. After again being beaten brutally, he was escorted back by the Benxi City police. According to policy, every practitioner who went to appeal and was escorted back should be sentenced to a labor camp. However, this time police released Qiu Zhiyan back home. After he got home, as a result of the injuries from the beatings, he had difficulties with urination. In addition, soon afterward he had blood in his stool and began to vomit blood. Sometimes he was absent-minded. Yet, whenever he was clear he would shout "Falun Dafa Is Good." Several days later, he passed away. Qiu Zhiyan validated Dafa with his life, which became a soul-stirring event to all his relatives, friends and fellow cultivators. On the night of his death, loud thunder rattled the heaven and earth. Perhaps the heaven was also moved.

Zhang Zhibin, A Dafa Practitioner in Hebei Province, was Beaten to Death in Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp. Her story follows.

Zhang Zhibin, female, 34 years old, was a resident of Qinglong Man Nationality Autonomy County of Hebei Province and a sales clerk in a shopping center. She was sentenced to three years in a labor camp during July and August 2000, because she practiced Falun Gong. On December 18, 2000, while detained in Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp of Hebei Province she, was beaten to death. Her family was informed on December 25. However, the police did not allow them to see the body because they did not want the "secret " of their vicious crime to be revealed. The family still does not know how the unscrupulous police dealt with this matter of hiding the true facts.

Liu Guimin, A Practitioner in Miyun County of Beijing, was Persecuted to Death.

Here is her story.

Liu Guimin was a female Dafa practitioner from Jugezhuang Town of Dougezhuang Village in Miyun County. On December 31, 2000 she went to appeal and validate Falun Dafa at Tiananmen Square and was detained in a detention center (The details are still unknown). She went on a hunger strike and was soon force-fed. Because of her terrible condition, police feared that her life was in danger, and on January 5, 2001, they sent her back home. On the second day after her release, January 7, she passed away, after an unsuccessful attempt in the hospital to save her life. She was only 30 years old. She vomited a great amount of blood right before her death, which was probably present in her lungs due to the severe trauma caused by the crude and vicious force-feeding.

This is another blood debt that the Evil Jiang Zemin and his followers owe and need to pay. Hereby, we, Dafa practitioners in Miyun County, call on the world community and all kind-hearted people everywhere to support Dafa practitioners' peaceful, global appeal. Stop the inhumane and violent persecution in China!!!