[Clearwisdom.Net] On December 27, I went to Tiananmen Square and unfurled the banner -- "Falun Dafa is good". Within two minutes, the evil police grabbed the banner away. They forcibly threw me into a police vehicle. Inside the police vehicle, there were already several fellow practitioners. We all shouted together: "Falun Dafa is good!" "Falun Dafa is an orthodox Fa [law and principle]!" The police pulled my hair and struck me with their fists. When they got tired of this, they beat me viciously with their batons.

Afterwards, police dragged several male practitioners into the police vehicle and started to beat them. The police took us to Tiananmen police station. After waiting a long time, they sent us to the evilest detention center in Beijing called the Haidian District Detention Center. After we were brought into the detention center, they performed body searches and forced us to have photographs taken. Because I was the first one who did not cooperate, I was brutally beaten. Two policemen pulled me by my hair and forcibly took a photograph with my eyes closed. After writing the report, they wanted my fingerprints. I refused since I didn't do anything wrong. They wrestled my fingers and three or four policemen beat me down to the ground. At that moment, I almost lost consciousness. They pressed down on my mouth and nose so that I couldn't even breathe. After a while, they brought in two policewomen and several female inmates to get my fingerprints. I refused and was knocked down again. Since they couldn't get what they wanted, they took me to the female discipline room. There, they stepped on my head, my waist and my legs. They also forcibly removed my clothes. My underwear and bra were torn apart. They poured cold water on my body and threatened to throw me into the cell with the male inmates.

They took away all the money I had (290 Yuan) [US$35] and a fur collar off my leather jacket. After getting tired of beating me, they put me into female cell #207. They started to interrogate me even before I had chance to put on all my clothes. Because I refused to tell them my name and address, three evil policemen beat me again with electric batons and threw my head against the wall. At the end they still couldn't get what they wanted.

Since there were too many practitioners detained in Haidian District Detention Center, ten practitioners including me were sent to Mancheng County Detention Center, Hebei Province. We started a hunger strike there. On the seventh day of our hunger strike, we were released into three groups.

Without any money after we were released, we had to beg for food and ate peoples' leftovers. We had experienced various hardships and finally got back home after passing through five provinces. In this trip of validating the Fa in Beijing, I suffered a little. However, I feel proud and happy because I am a Dafa [great law and universal principle] practitioner at the time of the Fa-rectification of the Universe.

Meizi, a Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China