[Clearwisdom.net] On New Year's Day, our great and most esteemed Teacher revealed, to us cultivators, a deep cultivation principle: "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance."

Those Internet agents, hired by Jiang Zemin to assist his evil excesses, swooped down upon it as though they had made a breakthrough in their attacks against Dafa, slandering Dafa as "engaging in politics". The logic they used to arrive at this conclusion is unknown.

Teacher states unequivocally in the article: "Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Fa! And it is the manifestation of the Dafa of the cosmos at different levels. It is absolutely not some human ideology or guiding principle for ordinary human living, as humans take it to be. "

Forbearance contains all facets of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. Namely, there are numerous dimensions and realms in Forbearance. The Chinese culture, which spans five thousand years, also is connected to the universe's ultimate principles.

In describing those people exhibiting admirable tolerance and making generous concessions, the Chinese use the word "broad-minded", or a phrase "A Prime Minister's heart is big enough to sail a boat in."

For those clearly differentiating between right and wrong and determined not to indulge the evil, they are called "emerging unstained from the filth."

For people with dignity and honor, they "resolve not to coexist with evil."

For those brave people not intimidated by persecution and standing up to condemn evil, they are eulogized as "fearless of death for upholding justice."

For people caving in to pressure and afraid to speak up, they are characterized as "timid and resigning themselves to adversity."

For people who do not distinguish between right and wrong and indulge the wicked, they are called "condoning the evil and abetting it."

For those unprincipled people obsessed with their personal interests and ready to seize any opportunity for self-aggrandizement, they are called "pathetic drifters in the dirty current of corruption."

For those knowingly collaborating with the evil, they are the same as "working like a hand in a glove with the traitors" and "helping the wicked to perpetuate wicked deeds."

These should be standards for our society, culture and morality. Now, however, in the aftermath of decades of persecution under the communist dictatorship, every Chinese might as well honestly ask himself: can I still, with the burying of all the spiritual and moral values and in the face of the unprecedented evil suppression of Falun Gong, tell what my code of conduct is?

Our esteemed Teacher explicitly states, "With Forbearance, one can give up everything for Truth. But Forbearance does not mean tolerating evil beings--that no longer have human nature or righteous thoughts--defying both human and divine laws as they corrupt living beings and Dafa's existence at different levels, much less it is ignoring terrible crimes."

As Dafa practitioners, forbearance is the key to improving our xinxing [mind or heart nature; moral character/by ed.] in overcoming tribulations. It is very important to clearly differentiate the righteous from the evil, in our understanding, during the current truth-telling and evil-exposing. If we stay clear-minded on this point, then the evil will have no reason to exist. This is because the evil equates to degenerated and rotten substances that, while emitting foul smells, are deceivingly damaging sentient beings and denigrating the sacred universe. During this historic period of "Fa-rectifying-the-whole-universe", where, then, can this evil force that is already "unsavable or unkeepable" exist.

Nonetheless, cultivation is something beyond the comprehension of ordinary people; therefore, its principles are not subject to ordinary-people-type logical reasoning or inference. The principle of "beyond the limits of forbearance" is different from the outsiders' misinterpretation -- "no forbearance" to mean, "resort to violence." In actuality, thoughts of Gods represent real capability; Gods, unlike human beings, don't necessarily have to make any physical movements to accomplish something. In addition, human mentalities are important too: one thought is enough to determine a person's future position. A cultivator's thought, however, is even more important: when the righteous thoughts are evoked, beings at different levels will come to help.

If the human side of a cultivator is very clear-minded, the cultivated side will be able to rectify the Fa. If a person's mind is not clear or righteous enough, and his mind is still harboring some thoughts indulging the evil that has lost its human nature, this will probably hinder the Fa-rectification by his God side.

The above are my personal views only; corrections and comments are welcome.