On the evening of December 31st, 2000, two busloads of Falun Gong practitioners, including myself, were brought to the detention center in Yanqing County, a remote suburb of Beijing. On the third day of our detention, the police started interrogating us. They dragged us out of our rooms and did not allow us to wear our shoes. I said: "Why don't you let us wear shoes?" I received a slap in the face for saying these words, followed by repeat slaps. I told them the truth about Dafa and how good Dafa is. These words were followed by repeated shocks with electric batons. They shocked my feet, hips, back, breasts, neck, any place on my body. Then two police kicked my legs. They stepped on my body so I could not stand up. My wrists were handcuffed at my back. They ordered me to stand up and with a great effort, I managed to get up from the ground. They then shocked me with the stun batons all over my body. Finally they saw that I almost passed out, and someone said: "In a while we will shock you with two electric batons."

At the detention center, I saw many practitioners being beaten with electric batons, some had black eyes and swollen lips from the beatings. One old woman in her seventies was shocked so severely that her chin was burned, causing many big blisters, her lips were swollen, and her wrists had several egg-sized lumps that were severely black and blue. Moreover, the police shocked her private parts three times, and then continued to administer shocks all over her body. The next day, the old woman was taken out again, and never brought back. During the interrogation of several young girls, the police ordered them to take off all their clothes, insulted them, and asked them if they were married. On the morning of January 4th, many practitioners were taken out, and beaten. They were forced to stand outside in the cold all day. Two practitioners passed out from the cold temperatures, and finally were carried back inside. Later I was released, and I do not know what other ways the police used to further persecute the remaining practitioners.

All of what I have stated is what I experienced and saw with my own eyes, and everything is true. We call out to all people of the world to support and help Falun Gong, to stop the evil actions, and to bring the persecution to an end, because Falun Gong practitioners are all good people, and all are innocent people.

January 7, 2001