From late July of 2000, the Police Sub-station of Xitiange Village in Miyun County has employed two local thugs at a cost of 20 Yuan each per day, plus four security people to set up a secret interrogation office at Shudi Middle School. They carried out inhuman "transformation" on some of the local Falun Gong practitioners over there and these Falun Gong practitioners suffered tremendous physical and mental torture and some female practitioners were even sexually abused.

Some facts about this "transformation and education class":

Twice every day, Falun Gong practitioners were forced to run 20 laps around the 200-meter track, then forced to do exhaustive calisthenics. Even ladies over 50 years old were not spared. Many practitioners' feet became so swollen that they had difficulty walking. The wicked perpetrators did not allow practitioners to sleep for several consecutive days and forced them to sit with their backs straight up at night. As soon as any practitioner dozed off, he or she would be slapped in the face or made to half-squat. These thugs often got very drunk and came back to brutally beat these kind practitioners one by one. Most of the time, practitioners were separately pulled into a dark room and tortured inside. Every practitioner coming out of that dark room was in a miserable situation and some of them were near death. An old lady in her 70s also experienced such harsh torment. Her face turned black and purple after the brutal beating and was very swollen; one of her eyes could not open; her buttocks and feet were also full of bruises. The torture instruments used include wooden boards, wooden sticks, plastic sticks, shoes, iron cones, etc. Besides that, these hoodlums also forced one practitioner to kneel down on bottle caps.

One female practitioner went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was then forcibly taken to the transformation class. Once, she was beaten and insulted three times in 5 hours at one night. Around mid-night, when thugs illegally interrogated her, she was slapped 16 times. Shortly after she returned to the cell, she was interrogated again and forced to write a pledge to give up practicing Falun Gong. This practitioner said that appealing is the legal right of every citizen. One of the thugs right away took a birch tree branch and beat her on her buttocks and kicked the lower part of her body. At around 5:00AM, this practitioner was pulled out for the third time. Those thugs grabbed and held her breasts and abused her with filthy obscenities. This female practitioner shouted loudly for help and the deputy mayor of the town came and watched, but he didn't stop the thugs. With the silent permission of this deputy mayor, the brutal man (Chai Liang, a student at Tongxian County Railway Equipment School of Beijing) became more brazen---he shoveled his hands inside the clothes of this female practitioner and grabbed her breasts; and he even stripped her off her skirt and shorts claiming he wanted to examine the bruises on her buttocks.

A male practitioner ended up with a more severe situation (see pictures). The day before his release, one security guard punched his chest so violently that he couldn't take care of himself for over 20 days afterwards while the village government claimed that he caught pneumonia during the transformation class. Such persecutions are still continuing in Xitiange village and during this period another 28 Falun Gong practitioners suffered from similar "Transformation".

The two hired hooligans are:

Ma Changsong, male, 20, Dongjunqu Village of Dongjunqu Town in Miyun County, Home phone: 61062415.

Chai Liang, male, 20, a student at the Railway Equipment School of Tongxiu County in Beijing, Home phone: 61061455.

The director of Police Sub-station of Xitiange Town: Zhang Lianjiang, male, Phone: 61000549.

The Deputy Town Head: Li Fuchun, male, Office phone: 61018017.

They have sent 6 Falun Dafa practitioners to labor camp to this date.

Reported on January 7th, 2001