[Jiamsu City, Heilongjiang Province] On November 3, 1999, the police sent Jia Yongfa, an employee of Hebei County Wood Department in Heilongjiang Province, to the Jiamsu Labor Camp for labor re-education, merely because he wanted to practice Falun Dafa. On November 9, 2000, Thirty-three policemen of Jiamsu City, badly tortured Dafa practitioners in the labor camp and forced them to stop practicing Falun Dafa. They added the term of three more months to the practitioners who were not "transformed" when their sentences were up. On the night of November 3, 2000, that jail experienced a power blackout. Twelve practitioners took this opportunity to escape from the jail. However, Jia Yongfa was caught and brought back. He was locked up and forced to stay in the freezing cold for one night and was not allowed to sleep. The next day, he was sent to the Jiamsu City Detention Center. No food was provided for him the entire day. During that night, common criminals poured ice-cold water on him for half an hour. They also did not allow him to sleep. The police forced him to help them catch those practitioners who had escaped. The police shocked him with electric stun batons and whipped him on three separate occasions. Those beastly people even used pliers to tear out his fingernails. For 20 hours, he was forced to sit on a "tiger stool" [note: a kind of torture instrument that puts pressure on the legs to the breaking point.] All these mistreatments by the brutal police did not make him change his mind. On November 7, he was sent back to the labor camp and is still detained to this day.

Jiamsu City Female Labor Camp used "solitary confinement" to deal with Dafa practitioners. The inhumane thugs there won't allow practitioners to see outside people at all. Some have been prevented from having any outside contact and locked up as long as 7 months. The practitioners have to eat, drink, and use the toilet, all in this one room.

Police in Hegang City Labor Camp have beaten Dafa practitioners with wooden blocks for days to force them denounce Dafa.

Evil Policeman (chest plate number 058096) in Daxing County Police Station in Beijing

To force practitioners to release their names and addresses, this policeman uses all kinds of vicious, brutal means to mistreat innocent people. He hits people, tortures people, and scares people. He wears special shoes to stand on and injure practitioners' feet. He burns and tears Master Li's pictures in front of practitioners. He uses cigarettes to force them to inhale smoke and to burn practitioners. He uses chopsticks or hard objects to punch practitioners' faces and to puncture their ears, eyes, noses, or mouths. He does not allow practitioners to sleep and he verbally abuses them. He steals practitioners' belongings. Then, he would send those who have been on hunger strike for days to remote places, with no one to take care of them, leaving them abandoned and without medical care.

[Lanzhou City Police Station, Gansu Province] "He Lijun", a practitioner who lives in Lanzhou City, went to appeal in Beijing in February 2000. His parents were forced to pay as an illegal "deposit" the sum of 10,000 Yuan [US$ 1.200, the average monthly city worker's salary is $65] to the Caochang Street Police Station, Chengguan Branch, for policemen's expenses in Beijing. His parents were good working class people. Even if they didn't eat and drink for a year, they could not save 10,000 Yuan. This clearly exposes Jiang Zemin's warped methods and his lawless instead of lawful police policy towards Falun Gong. The so-called: "Ruin their reputation, cut their financial support, and destroy their physical bodies." He Lijun was illegally detained 15 days. In July, he went to appeal in Beijing again and was detained in the Beijing Fangshan County Detention Center. Police brutally tortured him and again unlawfully detained him another 15 days. Now, no one knows his whereabouts. Possibly, he is on his way to appeal again.

For fifteen days, the police of the Chengguan Branch in Lanzhou City illegally detained Lu Changkong, a Dafa practitioner who went to appeal in Beijing in November 1999. His work unit also illegally put him under unlawful surveillance for a long time. The police department illegally detained him another 15 days, because he went to appeal again in Beijing in July 2000. During his detention, he was forced to perform heavy-duty labor for over 10 hours everyday. His work unit then used his absence, caused by the police and not his own fault, as an excuse to fire him and refused to pay all of the wages he had rightfully earned. Around National Day [October 1, 2000], police illegally searched his home many times. His parents, who do not practice Falun Gong, also suffered a lot mentally through these illegal searches and other police actions. The practitioner therefore was forced to leave home and moved away. Now, no one knows where he is.

Related Responsible Units of Pingdingshan City in Henan Province

Zhang Yanbin and her husband, both practitioners of Pingdingshan City, went to appeal in Beijing in April 2000 and were sent back to the local police department. Police illegally detained her husband over a month. She herself was detained for a only a week because she was about to give birth to her baby. The police, however, unlawfully fined her 3,000 Yuan. The police car broke down on its way to pick her up and the car's repair bill was 4,000 Yuan. Therefore, they forced HER to pay the additional car repair bill of 4,000 Yuan. By now, they have illegally forced her to pay 7,000 Yuan. If she refused to pay, they said that they would just directly withdraw the money from her salary, leaving her with very little money. She went to appeal to her supervisor at work about the illegal and excessive fine. However, her supervisor denied her appeal and said: "This happened because you practice Falun Gong." She was then closely watched but now she is on her way to Beijing again to safeguard Falun Dafa.

Siping City Labor Camp in Jilin Province

We are Dafa practitioners who have been released from Siping City Labor Camp. We would like to tell you about our personal experiences in this labor camp, to expose the evil and to awaken the consciences and the upright thoughts of the kind people in the world.

A common criminal in jail, Fu Kuojun, was allowed to beat 3 Dafa practitioners, Jiang Yiwu, Zhang Yinsen, and Liu Yong, for over a hour. Guard Lu and the other people of education unit came and brought these 3 practitioners with other Dafa practitioners, Cui Yandong, Cui Xu, and Zhou Qingshan etc., to a special meeting room. They forced practitioners to lie on the beds. The monsters then tied practitioners' arms and legs to the beds. Except only when using the toilet and eating, they were not untied for 6 days. The first 3 days, they were closely watched by other common criminals and were not allowed any sleep. If anyone closed his eyes, he would be awakened with a shout or doused with cold water. These vicious animals even used wooden sticks, bed boards and a plastic tub to badly beat the practitioners and forced them to denounce Dafa. Some practitioners were so seriously tortured that they were unable to walk. Cui Yandong's arms were forcefully tied onto a wood board, and he was forced to lift his arms horizontally for one hour. Practitioners were totally exhausted after that cruel, inhumane treatment.

In July 2000, police officer Cui Chunping badly beat Dafa practitioner Jiang Yiwu, breaking the stick, because Jiang Yiwu did not want to denounce Dafa. Once, Jiang Yiwu spoke up for another practitioner Liu Qinghua, who was being badly beaten. Jiang was then beaten instead. Another police officer Wang Jun beat him badly, because he refused to read the book that denounces Dafa. His legs were beaten to the point of bleeding and became seriously injured. There was blood in his urine [note: a symptom of kidney damage inflicted by the vicious police beatings] and the practitioner was unable to walk for 20 days.

Liu Yong was beaten so viciously that he was forced to fall from the upper bunk to the floor. He received this beastly punishment, simply because he insisted to practice the Falun Gong exercises. This mistreatment made him unable to do his work (folding paper boxes). Because Liu refused to denounce Dafa and continued doing Falun Gong exercises, the policemen beat him very badly and caused serious injuries to his face as well.

In July 2000, police Wang Jun and Cui Chunping used fists, wood sticks, and bed boards to beat Dafa practitioner Zhang Yinsen because he refused to renounce Dafa. They tied his arms, gagged his mouth, poured cold water on him and forced him to beat himself.

January 2001