Huang Fusheng (non-practitioner) was a 66-year-old farmer in Hejiadian village, Wushan County, Gansu Province. His only son, Huang Yuanyi, practices Falun Dafa, and had been detained and fined many times because of this. In addition, police searched both his and his father's houses many times and illegally confiscated their properties. They were both left with nothing of any value. While Huang Yuanyi was in a detention center, police used heavy batons (2 inches in diameter) to beat him savagely, which caused the old father extreme emotional pain when he saw the condition of his son. Since late November of last year, police had been pursuing Huang Yuanyi in order to arrest him. For this reason, Huang Yuanyi went to Beijing to appeal again, and he was arrested. At the moment, Huang Yuanyi is being held in a detention center in Beijing.

The old man never understood why his son was treated so badly. He only practiced Falun Gong, which brought health and happiness to the whole family, yet they were robbed of all their belongings and made homeless. The threat, intimidation, pursuit, and arrests were simply too much for the 66-year-old man. Huang Fusheng hung himself on Dec 27, 2000.

Jiang Zemin treats people's lives as if they mean nothing, and he contributed to Huang Fusheng's death.