Since last July, the Communist Party Committee and the government of Shiqiaozi Town have ignored the law and knowingly committed crimes by continuously persecuting Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. They have conducted deceitful arrests, illegal confinements, brutal beatings upon whimsy, cursing, extorting money and property, forcing female practitioners to strip, illegal detention, etc. Their tactics have been vicious and terrifying.

A few examples are given below:

(1) Practitioner Yang Tinglu, a 51-year-old man from Dadianzi village, has been arrested several times by the police with the help of the village committee. He was detained illegally for over 130 days, including two 60-day detentions. He was fined 5,960 Yuan (roughly 10 to 12 months' salary of an average worker in China) and beaten many times.

On October 5, 1999, Yang Tinglu was arrested on the street without cause. His home was ransacked and all Falun Dafa books were taken away. He was taken to the city public security bureau for isolated interrogation. Cao Jinhui from the security bureau beat Yang after he was drunk till Yang could not hear or see and his face was swollen. Cao also applied an electrical baton to shock Yang's throat, neck and face. On this occasion Yang was detained for one month.

On June 27, 2000, Yang was again arrested for no reason while he was buying groceries in a market. The town and village used 4 vehicles to confiscate his property and they forcefully took away his motorcycle, tractor, television, etc. Yang was taken to the adult education building and detained with Zhang Jalu for 36 days. Fang Youhai, after he got drunk, gave Yang punches and kicks for almost one hour. Yang could not get up from the floor afterwards. He was given only a little to eat and one bowl of water to drink everyday. He was not even allowed to go to the bathroom outside. Xu Zhaohui told the guards that: "A little food is enough everyday as long as he is not starved to death." Finally Yang's family was forced to hand over 4,200 Yuan for Yang's release.

On October 6, 2000, Yang was tricked by Li Jinting and was arrested again. Dong Deliang, the deputy director of the police station, not only kicked but also stomped on Yang's body, particularly stomping on his shin. Yang suffered severe chest pain as a result of the beating and it was too painful even to cough. He could not walk for his legs were completely bruised and swollen. Fang Youhai also used extremely insulting words to curse Yang, his wife, his daughter and his mother-in-law. Dong searched and took away 110 Yuan from Yang claiming that it was confiscated. No receipt, however, was given. Once more Yang was detained.

(2) Practitioner Zhang Jalu from Dadianzi village was detained for 54 days by the village committee and town government. He was fined 4,700 Yuan (roughly 10 months' income of an average worker in China) and was brutally beaten twice.

On June 27, 2000, the police arrested Zhang when he was working in the field. He was first detained in the village committee quarter. Wang Hongfa, the deputy secretary of the Town Communist Party Committee, noticed that Zhang was not cooperating with them so he ordered officers Zhou Huojun and Tian Lichang to take turns beating Zhang up. They kicked Zhang's head, ears, back and legs with their leather shoes, and stomped on his lower legs. They took a break after they were tired from the beating and then started again after the break. Then they ordered Zhang to lead them to search his home. They searched the whole house and took away the tractor, a water pump, a television, 2,000 kilograms of wheat, bottom pipes for a water pump, etc. Later they took Zhang back to the village committee quarter and pushed him on the ground. They placed his feet on a chair and then pressed his legs very hard. As a result, Zhang immediately passed out. He was taken to the adult education building and locked up with Yang Tinglu in a small room. During that period, Zhang was beaten by Fang Youhai after he got drunk. Village party secretary Li Jinting cheered on the spot and screamed: "Harder", "lie there and don't move." Zhang was released after 34 days of detention and a fine of 4,200 Yuan.

(3) During the period of October 6 to 15, 2000, there were 8 Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the adult education building. Because vice town head Yu Hongmei told lies about Falun Gong, Li Jinxiu (a 23-year-old woman) and Zhang Ruirong (a 34-year-old woman) argued with her. Yu later sought revenge by ordering Fang Youhai to brutally beat up and use the most vicious means to insult both of them after he got drunk.

Fang forced the practitioners' heads into a bucket of cold water and poured the cold water on their heads and bodies. He forced them to take off all their clothes, and beat them if they did not do so. He used the most vicious means without shame to molest the female practitioners. He slapped their ears, stumped on them, and grabbed their hair to bump their heads against the wall, grabbed their feet and swung them out. He beat them from inside the room to outside, outside to inside. He went from one to the other repeatedly. Practitioner Wang Xiuzhen who stood up to stop him was also beaten. The violence lasted for almost two hours till the two practitioners' bodies were completely covered with cuts and bruises.

Fang called Yu Hongmei when he was tired and taking a break from the beating: "You can come over now. The things you asked me to do have been done." Later when Yu was questioned and confronted by practitioners' relatives and local residents, she dared to say: "Where was the beating? Who saw it? This is called mental transformation." She still wanted to deny even when there were more than twenty pairs of clear eyes who witnessed Fang showing his evil nature like a ferocious wolf.

(4) The vicious people have "effective ways" to harass for money. Whenever "higher authority" gives the order to suppress Falun Gong, the town committee and government, with some committee members as accomplices, detain practitioners in the village committee or in the adult education building and take advantage of the opportunity to get money.

There are 27 practitioners in Dazhusupu village of this town. On June 23, 2000, all these practitioners were detained in the village committee quarter. Their families were told to bring money within a certain time to buy their release. Vice town party secretary Jin XX, secretary Liu XX and Liu Peiyou said, "anyone failing to hand in the money will get their legs broken, it will be ok as long as we don't beat them to death." They robbed 4,000 Yuan from some practitioners who were already living in poverty and did not give any receipts.

Liu Zhihe and his accomplices, staff members of Qianwangyuan village government, have blackmailed Li Jinxiu and her family on many occasions since last July simply because they practiced Falun Gong. The extorted money amounted to over 20,000 Yuan (roughly 40 months' income of an average worker in China).

The illegal detention, brutal beating of the practitioners and robbing them of their money and property, has become the usual vicious behavior of officials at all levels in Shiqiaozi town and many villages. In total they detained practitioners more than 10 times (Yang Tinglu twice, Meng Qingling twice, Meng Qinghui, Li Jinxiu, Liu Guixin, Zhang Ruirong, Zhu Xiurong, Li Aimei, and Gao Honglian); and stole 60,000 Yuan (incomplete statistics) without giving any receipts. They yelled while drinking, "This is called--eat yours, drink yours, but no need to thank you." In addition, they shamelessly used the robbing of Li Jinxiu's family as an example and excuse to threaten other practitioners to hand over money. This vicious gang repeats the same sentence almost verbatim, "We must make Falun Gong practitioners' families break apart and die, as long as we don't beat them to death, even if they were beaten to death, they die of suicide."

In this small Shiqiaozi town, more than 40 practitioners were tortured. They include: Yang Tinglu, Zhang Jalu, Li Jinxiu, Zhang Ruirong, Wang Xiuzhen, Wang Ruizhen, Meng Qinghui, Meng Qingling, Niu Xigong, Wei Huoqing, Liu Guixin, Liu Jinhua, Chen Baoan, Gao Honglian, Zhu Xiurong, Wang Ruilian, Li Chuncheng, Liu Hong, etc.

A list of perpetrators involved in the persecution:

  • Party committee politics and legal secretary: Xu Zhaohui
  • Vice secretary of party affairs, Wang Hongfa
  • Vice town head, Yu Hongmei
  • Deputy director of the police station, Dong Deliang
  • Head of Lizhang district in Town government, Fang Youhai (he talks dirty and considers himself to be a Kung Fu expert)
  • Police Officer Zhou Huojun (Fang Youhai's brother-in-law)
  • Police Officer (driver) Tian Lichang
  • Secretary of Dadianzi village Li Jinting
  • Secretary of Dazhusupu village Liu Peiyou
  • Secretary of Qianwangyuan village, Liu Zhihe

There are also vice town committee secretary, Jin XX; secretary of Lizhang village Liu Huogen, and others. As officials in the town committee and government, Xu Zhaohui, Wang Hongfa, Yu Hongmei and others abused their power and ignored the law and heaven, by ordering Dong Deliang, Zhou Huojun and Tian Lichang, etc., to knowingly break the law.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China

December 29, 2000