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Dear friends, please look at the innocent girl in the above pictures. The following is the story of the last few months of her short life.

Mr. Gao is a 59-year-old man living in Jiuxian Village, Changpin County. He had three major operations in his life because of poor health, but still suffered from illness all the time. In June 1999, Mr. Gao learned Falun Gong by chance, and started his cultivation practice. Since then the health of both his mind and body have been greatly improved. Mr. Gao, therefore, believes more firmly in Falun Dafa.

Soon after Mr. Gao learned Falun Gong, the Chinese government started the greatest dark terror in history towards Falun Gong and all practitioners throughout the country. Manipulating all the media, they spread all types of rumors and slander about Falun Gong. Facing this terrible situation, Mr. Gao believed firmly that Falun Gong is an orthodox way of cultivation. He knew that our Teacher teaches all practitioners to be good people, and that Falun Gong makes people's hearts become kind and raises the social morality as well. Falun Gong has always benefited society and never brought even a single disadvantage to society. A few government leaders in China, manipulating power for their own benefit and interest, initiated the persecution. However, Mr. Gao never stopped practicing Falun Gong.

On March 5, 2000, when Mr. Gao was helping his neighbors do some work, an official in the village requested that he attend a meeting. After arriving at the village's management office, he saw two other Falun Gong practitioners, and also police officers from Changpin County. The police asked them whether they would continue practicing Falun Gong. Their answer was yes. The three were then sent to the Gaoyakou military training center nearby, and were forced to receive the government's brainwashing or "mind transformation".

Just before they left the village, Mr. Gao's eight-year old granddaughter was sent to the hospital because of a bleeding nose. In the evening on the same day, an official and the military officer of the village went to the training center. They asked Mr. Gao to go back home because his granddaughter was sick. After going home, Mr. Gao was told that his granddaughter, Gao Jingyu, was hospitalized because she was diagnosed with leukemia. After staying in the hospital for thirteen days, doctors sent her home with some medicine. A month later, she was hospitalized again because her situation did not improve. After being admitted into the hospital for the second time, her situation continually became worse. Finally her doctors said that they were not able to cure her illness. Jingyu was sent back home again. Everybody in Mr. Gao's family suffered tremendously.Under such a desperate situation, Mr. Gao told his family: "Let Jingyu practice Falun Gong with me. Falun Gong has cured so many illnesses in my body. I think Dafa can save her." From that day, Mr. Gao started teaching his granddaughter the Falun Gong exercises. Miracles happened a short while later: Jingyu, who had been so weak and unable to stand, started to recover and even to walk. Soon, she wanted a bike, and could ride a fair distance. The whole family was very happy to see the changes in the little girl. Following her recovery, her grandmother, father, and mother started cultivation one after another. They were completely convinced that Falun Dafa is an extraordinary science. Hoping that more people would hear about their experience, more people would practice "Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance), and more people would be saved by this Great Law of the universe, they went to a remote area on the east side of the village to do their exercises regularly. Jingyu's father carried her on his back, and they did the exercises together. A few days later, she was able to walk by herself from home to the practice site. Everybody in the village witnessed her improvement.

On July 20, 2000, Mr. Gao and other practitioners in the village went to do the exercises as usual. When reaching the practice site, they saw that the village and town officials, the head of the town's military department, and the town police officers were waiting there with three cars. The police officers rudely ordered all the practitioners to form a line, and forced Jingyu's father to run while carrying her on his back. After he ran to the gas station which is about 400 meters away from the practice site, the officers let Mr. Gao, his granddaughter, and the other practitioners get into the car, but made Jingyu's father run in front of the car while the officers were driving. Jingyu was so scared by watching her father run. She asked her grandfather: "Why do the police make father run in front of the car, what will happen if the car hits my father?" Her father had to keep running all the way until he reached the town's police station three kilometers away. Yet he still could not rest. The officers forced him to jump up and down while in front of his daughter and they even struck him. While persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, they also brutally ruined this innocent little girl's heart. The great image of the "people's police" that used to be in her heart was totally destroyed.This little girl then was detained in a cell in the police station with all the other adult practitioners. She weakly laid down on the concrete slab, anxious, scared, and confused. She was released and taken back home by her mother after being kept in the cell for more than six hours. Mr. Gao along with ten other practitioners were later sent to Gaoyakou training center, and watched closely. On July 23, they were all allowed to go home. The town officials and police officers said to them: "You can do your exercises at home. Nobody will care."

On the morning of July 24, Mr. Gao locked the gate to their yard , and did the exercises with four other family members. A little while later the official of the village and police officers came and arrested all five of them, including Jingyu. She was released an hour later. The others were detained in the police station for more than thirty hours without any reason. After coming back from the police station, Jingyu's situation quickly became worse. She vomited and threw up blood. On August 18, Jingyu closed her innocent and confused eyes for the last time, and left this world. An eight-year-old child, diagnosed with an incurable disease by the hospital, had gained a little hope by practicing Falun Gong, finally lost her life after inhuman treatment by the heartless police who lost their human nature and blindly followed the government.

All kind-hearted people, would you please think soberly about what has happened, what is wrong with believing in "Zhen, Shan, Ren" and what is wrong with practicing cultivation? Just because of doing this, since July 20, 1999, people in all walks of life, including: workers, farmers, school teachers, professors, engineers, scientists, government officials, army officers, etc., have lost their jobs, were expelled from schools, were put into labor camps, were sentenced to jail, and were even sent to mental hospitals. There have already been fifty people killed under the brutal persecution. Because of a few Chinese government leaders' self interest, and for the purpose of suppressing Falun Gong, the police did not even let go of an eight-year-old sick and weak girl. Who is right, who is wrong, who is kind-hearted, and who is evil? We hope that all people who are kind-hearted, with justice in their hearts, have rational and independent thinking, including those police officers that claim to "serve the people", can make a clear distinction between good and evil.