Dong Buyun was a 34-year-old female school teacher from Xiyanchi Primary School, Linyi City, Shandong Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. In July 1999, Falun Dafa was being viciously slandered in China. As soon as the summer vacation started, she went to Beijing with several other practitioners to present the truth about Falun Gong to the relevant government agencies.

In Beijing, Dong Buyun and other practitioners were illegally detained by police and suffered brutal tortures. She was escorted back to Linyi on August 20. Later, the police ordered her work unit--Xi-Yan-Chi Primary School to watch her closely, and ordered "Don't let her run away, and don't let her die." Under extreme pressure from high-level government departments, the leaders of the school assigned special personnel to watch her closely; they took turns ordering Dong to do self-criticism and admit her "errors". They played videotapes and read her the newspapers that slandered Dafa (the Great Law), forced her to give up her belief.

In a classroom on the second floor, Dong was forced to sleep on the floor. She was unable to sleep because of mosquito attacks. She did not get regular meals. Continued ridicule and sarcasm applied pressure to her. Facing all of this, instead of yielding, she did not give in and clarified her views repeatedly to the leaders: "Falun Dafa is a good practice. I have done nothing wrong for practicing cultivation. I did not violate any laws and therefore there is nothing wrong for me to admit to." To punish Dong, they did not allow her to see her child and also forced her husband to put additional pressure on her. Some teachers also flung bitter sarcasm and intense ridicule at her. All of this put incredible mental pressure on Dong. While facing so many hostile faces and such harsh situations that she did not even have the chance to defend her rights, Dong never did any self-criticism, never said any words against Dafa.

At about 3AM on August 23, without her freedom and under brutal mental torture, Dong jumped from the building under the watchful eye of school leaders. She defended the dignity of Falun Dafa with her young life. In the hospital mortuary, her corpse was as soft as silk floss. She looked so peaceful with a smile on her face, kind and rosy as if she was just sleeping. This incident surprised the relevant people. In order to cover up this incident, the school gave her husband 20,000 Yuan (about $2400, average month salary is $60) and threatened him not to appeal, and not to speak out. On August 25th, (Lunar calendar: 15th, the seventh month) a simple funeral for Dong was held at her mother-in-law's home. Such a nice young lady, such a good teacher was forced to leave the world in such a way.

After having attained Dafa, Dong Buyun strove forward with every effort in Dafa cultivation. She also assisted her younger brother and her daughter in studying and practicing the Falun Dafa. She had been well praised among practitioners. After July 22, Dong and several other practitioners had stayed in Beijing to appeal for nearly 40 days. During this period, they had their bodies searched and all money was confiscated (by police). She was so hungry that she had to beg for food. She had bore all the hardships in the world and experienced all the tastes of human society. After the relevant government officials failed to weaken her will with economic punishments they escorted her back to Linyi. Her younger brother had also been detained until her funeral. After Dongs death, the local government in Linyi released more than a dozen practitioners for fear of public opinion.

The touching story of Dong Buyun holding firmly to the truth, standing with no fear of violence, laying down her life for a just cause, has inspired millions of Dafa practitioners.Falun Dafa Practitioners in ChinaAugust 30, 2000