To Beijing Municipal Leaders:

On June 17, 2000 Gong Baohua (female, 35 years old), a Falun Gong practitioner from Liudian Village, Liudian Town, Pinggu County, Beijing, went to Beijing Municipal Petition Office to tell the truth about Falun Gong. However, the police intercepted her and seven other practitioners at the Dongzhimen bus station. After they were escorted back and detained at the police station in Liudian Town, six of them were brutally beaten up by the police. Ms. Gong received the harshest beating. The X-ray at the Hongyukou clinic showed that the bridge of her nose was broken (see Attachment for the certificate of diagnosis). Local villagers and Ms. Gong's family demanded that she be released and receive treatment at home. However, fearing the rage from the public and to cover up their misconduct, the local police sent Ms. Gong and the other practitioners to the County detention center, instead. On the 19th, some local practitioners went to the relevant County departments to explain the facts but some of them were also detained in the County detention center. Without alternatives, Ms. Gong and other detained practitioners went on hunger strikes to verify their innocence with their lives.

At around 8:00PM on the 25th, eight practitioners including Gong Baohua were brought for force-feeding through the nose. Ms. Gong was the last one that was force-fed. Prior to force-feeding, a practitioner warned the guard of the danger of force-feeding Ms. Gong because of her nose injury. But the guard brushed the warning aside and said, "It's not your business". After Ms. Gong returned to her cell, her face turned dark and she repeatedly said that her chest was numb and she suspected the guard had plugged the tube into her windpipe. About 10 minutes later, she suddenly lost consciousness. Her inmate practitioners immediately called for help from the guard but no one answered. After a while, Ms. Gong slowly regained consciousness. Then the guard arrived and took her for emergency treatment. No one, however, was allowed to accompany her. The next morning, Ms. Gong returned. Since her condition looked very bad that day, other practitioners made several requests to the guard to give her an examination. Later she was called out by the guard, and then sent back in the afternoon. However, her condition did not improve -in the evening. In the morning of the 27th, noticing that her condition deteriorated rapidly, other practitioners again asked the guard to take her out for an examination. At around 10:00AM, the jail doctor realized her very poor condition and finally sent her to a hospital. There was no news until around 9:00PM when the hospital confirmed that Gong Baohua had died.

In the short period of 9 days, the police in the police station and the guards in the only "first-class" county-level detention center in Beijing tortured Ms. Gong Baohua until she died. Her child lost a mother and her husband stumbled around in vain appealing for help. To prevent the incident from escalating, all governmental departments in the County gave the same response; that Ms. Gong had died of pneumonia. But how could the people believe that? Although the director of the Town police station was replaced, his successor was the former associate director in charge of cells in the County detention center. Once in charge, he vented all his rage (from being demoted from the County level) on the kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners.

We question when this type of brutal conduct will come to an end?

Please think about it: If our opinions could be channeled to the central government through the local government leaders, how would the people spend the extra money not spent taking trips to Beijing to appeal? If our voices had received enough attention from the government leaders at different levels, there would not have been any death in Pinggu, nor would there have been over 30 people being tortured to death across the country. If the people truly have lost their trust in the government, who should be responsible for that? How could you shake off the responsibility?

We sincerely hope that the government leaders at different levels will be responsible to the country, be responsible to the people, and live up to their conscience and the title of public servants.

Falun Dafa practitioners in Pinggu County July 2, 2000


Certificate of Diagnosis at Pinggu County Hospital

Name:ááááááááááááááááá Gender:ááááááá Age:ááááá Department:áááááááááááá Record No.
Gong Baohuaáááááá Femaleáááááááá 35áááááááá surgical section

Residence address or work unit: Liudian (Village)

Brief description of diagnosis: Broken nose bridge

Recommended therapy:

ááá áááá 1. Certificate of injury

áááááááá 2. Further treatment at the section of five sense organs

áááááááá Signature of the Surgeon:áááááááááááááááááá Seal of the hospital:
áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá Date: June 18, 2000