In these troubled times of Last Havoc, there is a piece of pure land in the human world existing in the heart of every Falun Dafa practitioner. The pure land is nourished everyday by Falun Dafa practitioners, regardless of race or region, and is steadily expanding. Taiwan Falun Dafa practitioners faithfully follow Master Lis teachings, helping one another and making progress together. On June 25, a nice clear Sunday, thousands of Taiwan practitioners from different places gathered in Taipei for the Taiwan Northern District Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. In the early morning, they entered the Gymnasium of the Taipei Sanxinguo National Elementary School, where Master Li gave his first public lecture in Taiwan in 1997. Falun Dafa banners with red characters on yellow backgrounds hung in single-line formation all around the hall, and the spirit of Follow the Fa as Master was evident at the conference. The Falun Dafa music Pu-Du and Ji-Shi resounded throughout the auditorium. At this special time and place, Taiwan practitioners cherished this precious chance to gather together, open and above-board, in this cultivation site, exchanging views for further advancement. Although the practitioners were crowded in a limited space, the scene was still solemn, auspicious, and peaceful. At 8:20 AM, the Dafa conference formally opened after reading in chorus Master Lis poem, A Knowing Heart.

At the conference, practitioners from all walks of life shared their experiences in Falun Dafa cultivation. A college student majoring in electric engineering talked about how to get rid of bad habits and the attachments of taking advantage of others after learning the Dafa. A journalist who had once wallowed in wine, women, wealth, and temper and found it hard to extricate himself, talked in a kind and informal fashion, recalling his painful experiences in giving up the bad habits and cultivating genuinely toward benevolence after he learned the Dafa. A fortune-teller, who made a living telling fortunes for 50 years, resolutely gave up his job facing the pressure of no-income in order to be in accord with the standards of a cultivation practitioner, and then devoted himself wholeheartedly to the cultivation. A high school teacher sobbed when she explained how she awakened from the test of practicing only one cultivation way, and how she learned to protect and spread the Fa altruistically and selflessly. A practitioner, who once practiced Taichi, strongly voiced his determination in genuine cultivation of Falun Dafa. A university professor, who had sought the truth for many years, spoke freely of the shock in both his body and mind after attaining the Dafa. A lawyer elaborated calmly the great power of righteous mind and thought, and his comprehension on how to better complete the work for the Dafa using a pure and clean mind. A housewife sobbed how she understood the importance of further advances in cultivation from the sickness karma of her daughter. A practitioner, as a daughter living in Taiwan, shared her experience of how to overcome difficulties and cultivate together with her parents in China through constantly exchanging via mail the cultivation benefits. And, there were also several student disciples, about 8 or 9 years old, who spoke lovely and clearly of their happiness in learning the cultivation practice.

Around 2 PM, a special message was announced by the conference organizer, that, our honorable teacher sent a fax today to encourage Taiwan practitioners. At that moment, the disciples at the meeting were deeply heartened and moved. The faint sounds of sobbing could be heard in the auditorium. At the request of practitioners, the conference organizer read the message from our teacher repeatedly.

About 3 oclock in the afternoon, the Fa conference came to a satisfactory close. Practitioners were guided to the nearby Commemorative Museum for the Founder of the Nation. In sequence, hundreds of practitioners arrived at the Museum to demonstrate the Dafa exercises and introduce Dafa to the people. A lot of tourists, regardless of age or nationality, were attracted to our exercise demonstration. The instructors collaborated very well -- some of them distributed the introduction flyers in both Chinese and English while veteran practitioners taught the exercises. Scores of tourists joined in the learning of exercises, and were quite absorbed in the instruction by the practitioners. At the two ends of the field, there were two televisions showing Falun Gong video programs such as The True Story of Falun Dafa, Falun Dafa in Taiwan, and Exercises Teaching by Master Li. It helped rectify the distorted reports by the Chinese government, and attracted many viewers. Other visitors carefully read the Dafa books and the brief introduction on the exhibit shelf. Some Indians, Germans, and Americans expressed their understanding on the peaceful essence of Falun Gong, and showed their interests in learning more about Falun Gong. The whole process of promotion and exercise practice was very smooth and peaceful. The activity was brought to a close at dusk. However, all practitioners were very clear in their minds that the process of cultivation practice continues even as the conference comes to an end.