In the year since July 22, 1999 when the Chinese government declared Falun Gong an illegal organization, the Chinese government has attached so little importance to the lives of Falun Gong practitioners that to date, at least 24 innocent Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death, more than 40,000 people have been illegally detained, more than 5,000 have been sent to labor re-education camps, and about 100 have been sentenced to prison terms of up to 18 years with none of them being handled through normal legal procedures. Furthermore, countless numbers of practitioners have been sent to mental hospitals where they are forced to take drugs and medication and some have even been used to test out experimental new drugs. In spite of all this, at the annual meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights held in Geneva in March of 2000, Chinese representatives shamelessly and publicly stated that the human rights situation in China is the best it has ever been in history, that the Chinese government had not detained even a single Falun Gong practitioner, and so on.As for who is telling the truth and who is lying, please take a look at the factual materials below.Due to space constraints and the difficulties brought about by the Chinese governments unending efforts in blocking information, the following is but a small portion of the countless facts.

I. All Different Kinds of Inhumane Tortures, Persecuting Practitioners to Death

Since July 22, 1999, based on an incomplete count, there have already been 24 Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted to death, and these are just the ones whose names have actually been confirmed by the media.Amongst those who have died, the youngest was only 18, the oldest was 59; there were outstanding engineers, there were simple farmers, and there were ordinary retired senior citizens. <

  1. Zhao Jinhua, female, age 42, Zhaoyuan city, Shandong Province.On September 29, 1999, Ms. Zhao was working in the fields when she was arrested.Police slapped her on the face, struck her head, beat and kicked her, clubbed her with a rubber baton, gave her electric shocks, deprived her of sleep, made her stand barefoot on the cement floor, and so on.On October 7, she was tormented to death.The court medical doctors autopsy report is as follows:Apart from the head, there were several wounds and bruises on the body.There is blood clotting beneath the skin within an area 120mm x 60mm large.Conclusion:Death by beating with a blunt object.Those who revealed the news that Zhao Jinhua had been beaten to death, Liu Jinling, Li Lanying, Chi Yunling, and Chen Shihuan were later arrested on charges of "illegally leaking state secrets."

  2. Chen Zixiu, female, age 59, Weifang city, Shandong Province.On February 16, 2000, she was walking along the street when she was caught by the person responsible for regulating Falun Gong in her local area and was brought to the Beiguan police station for supervision.The next afternoon she was brought to the "Falun Gong Reeducation Center" Chengguan Street branch that had been temporarily set up.Government officials used rubber clubs and electric batons to hit her legs, feet, and lower back, and also used a spiked prod used for cattle to hit her head and neck, trying to force her to give up practicing cultivation using these methods.On the morning of the 20th, the seriously weakened Chen Zixiu was forced to crawl barefoot out in the snow.Two days of torture had already caused her legs to be seriously battered, with pus and blood caked over the dark hair.Ms. Chen vomited and collapsed, and never regained consciousness.Her body was full of dark bruises, her ears were swollen and bruised, her teeth were broken and covered with blood clots.There were bloodstains all over the deceaseds blouse, bedding cover and underwear... Chen Zixius death was investigated and reported in detail by a senior journalist with the Wall Street Journal and was on the first page of this newspaper on April 20th.Few readers are unmoved by this account, finding it hard to believe that in todays day and age, such a tragic incident could occur in an ancient civilization like China.

  3. In one of the most recent incidents, the death of a 32 year-old computer software engineer revealed yet another case of the Chinese government using shocking brutality.Su Gang, male, age 32, Zibo city, Shandong Province.On May 23, 2000, he was sent by the police and his employer, Qilu Petroleum company, to a mental hospital without any signs of mental illness and was forcibly injected with drugs that damage the central nervous system.Because his family started hunger striking in protest, Mr. Su was released on May 31.However, he had already lost his memory, his movements were slow, and he was extremely weak.It was a heart-wrenching sight.On the morning of June 10th, Su Gang passed away due to heart failure.

Below is a list of the Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured to death that the media have reported on:

  • Chen Ying, female, 18, Heilongjiang province
  • Zhao Dong, male, 38, Heilongjiang province
  • Wang Guoping, male, 40, Jilin province
  • Dong Buyun, female, 36, Shandong province
  • Zhao Jinhua, female, 42, Shandong province
  • Zhu Shaolan, female, 50, Liaoning province
  • Zhang Shuqi, female, 52, Beijing
  • Liu Zhilan, female, 40, Beijing
  • Gao Xianmin, male, 41, Guangdong province
  • Liu Zhuguo, male, 29, Shandong province
  • Chen Zixiu, female, 59, Shandong province
  • Yang Xueqin, male, 36, Shanghai
  • Zhang Zhenggang, male, 36, Jiangsu province
  • Li Yianhua, female, 45, Jiangxi province
  • Li Huixi, male, 40s, Shandong province
  • Guan Chaosheng, male, age unknown, Hunan
  • Sun Xiuqin, female, 50s, Heilongjiang
  • Zhou Zhichang, male, 45, Heilongjiang province
  • Wang Xiuying, female, 45, Heilongjiang
  • Mei Yulan, female, 44, Beijing
  • Yao Baorong, female, 52, Gansu province
  • Yin Shuyun, female, 46, Jilin province
  • Tian Shiqiang, male, Sichuan province
  • Su Gang, male, 32, Shandong province

II. Forcing Practitioners into Mental Hospitals, Engaging in Mental and Physical Abuse

In addition to Su Gang who was mentioned above, all over China there are many practitioners, some in groups of dozens, who have been forced into mental hospitals.These originally completely normal and healthy practitioners have borne inhumane mental and physical tortures and some have even been tortured to death.According to the Hong Kong Democracy Center, there are currently at least 400 mentally normal Falun Gong practitioners who are being forcibly incarcerated in mental hospitals by the authorities to undergo treatment.This indicates that this kind of tactic has already become one of Beijings systematic policies used to suppress Falun Gong.

In Beijings Fangshan district, 53 normal Falun Gong practitioners were held in the Zhoukoudian Mental Hospital for more than 40 days, enduring endless inhumane tortures.

Nanjing Falun Gong practitioner Han Jizhen, because she went to Beijing to appeal, was brought back to Nanjing by police and incarcerated in the Nanjing Neurological Hospital.The doctor said:"Han Jizhen wasnt brought here to the hospital because of mental illness but because she practices Falun Gong!" Everyday she was given forcibly given injections or oral drugs, causing her great suffering and leaving her physically weak.

Even officials of the national civil justice agencies have not been spared.Judge Huang Jinchun of the Beihai city middle court in Guangxi province, the director of the Health Bureau of the Public Security Department in Jiangsu province, high ranking policewoman Ding Jianhua were all sent to mental hospitals either because they went to Beijing to appeal or because they continued to practice.They were sent to mental hospitals and forced to take medication, causing their reflexes to slow down and their vision to be blurred.

The Chinese government has even used this kind of inhumane suppression against the state military.According to reports in the Associated Press, Agence France Presse, the New York Times, and other media, former lieutenant colonel of artillery of division #89605 in the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), Zhao Xinli, was arrested by the authorities on May 29th of this year because he disregarded the Chinese governments ban and continued to practice Falun Gong.He was forcibly taken to Beijings #261 Mental Hospital and held there in the name of giving him treatment.Everyday, this hospital gave him injections of drugs harmful to the nervous system, causing Zhao Xinli to become extremely frail and physically weak.As far as we know, there are at least five members of the PLA currently incarcerated in mental hospitals because they were detained for practicing Falun Gong.

III. All Different Kinds of Horrifying Tortures and Abuse

The Chinese government has used various kinds of tactics to suppress and persecute Falun Gong practitioners.At the same time that they engage in the mental tactics of high pressure brainwashing types of torment, they have also used cruel and inhuman physical tortures.The cruel goal is to both mentally and physically destroy Falun Gong.In a world that is now calling for the abolishment of torture, the Chinese government is disregarding the law and humanity and engaging in all sorts of horrifying and cruel tortures.Please see below of a summary of the facts:

Inhuman torture of practitioners engaged in hunger strikes:U.S. practitioner Tang Jian was hunger striking in a detention center in protest.Two days into the hunger strike, the head of the detention center ordered four or five male criminals to press her down on the ground and put her feet in shackles.Then they held her nose so she couldnt breathe and started pouring rough salt with a little bit of water added to it into her mouth.They were told not to let her go until they had finished pouring it in.This practitioner almost suffocated to death.

There are also severe physical punishments for practitioners who have been on hunger strike for several days, and they also force practitioners to do heavy labor:On September 9, 1999, practitioners at the Beijing Qiliqu detention center of the Changping district who had been on hunger strike for about three days were placed under the scorching sun for more than three hours.Some vomited bile, some sweated profusely and collapsed, but the public security officers wouldnt let them drink water.If they crouched down to rest, they were beaten and kicked and the officers refused to give them the water brought to them by the other inmates.Furthermore, four of them were dragged into the office and harshly beaten.

They have used all kinds of punishments and equipments to beat up and torture practitioners:The director of the Falun Gong Chungqing assistance center Gu Zhiyi, female, over 60 years old, was detained on July 19, 1999.She insisted on practicing in the prison and was subjected to 24 different kinds of implements of torture, including a torture called the "tiger bench" (a kind of torture intended to break a persons legs), having bamboo strips stuck under her fingernails, the electric chair, having an electric current sent through electrodes attached to the top of her head and her anus, and so on.

Sometimes they would string up practitioners out in the freezing winter weather and beat them:In Henan province, Xinyang city No. 2 detention center, on November 1999, the public security officers cuffed Zheng Mins hands and feet together and, in weather that was below 0 degrees Celsius (below freezing), they put her down on the icy cement ground.A few hours later, they used a rope to tie up her feet and hung her upside down on the metal fence for hours.Her hands swelled like bread rising.Her hands froze and cracked open like a childs open mouth, bleeding.

There are those who beat practitioners until the practitioners become disabled:On October 15, 1999, a practitioner from Liaoning province, Deng Shaosong was arrested in Beijing and sent back to the Maoming detention center where he was beaten until he went into shock.When he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, the hospital diagnosed it as the skull had burst open and the cranial membrane was bleeding.His left eye was black and swollen and he couldnt eat.

There are those that handcuff practitioners and force them to smell the excrement bucket:In November, 1999, a member of the Standing Committee of the Jingjin County Political Consultative Conference Bai Yuzi was being held in the Kaiping labor camp in Tangshan city, Hebei province.During the 62 day hunger strike, she was handcuffed from 12 midnight until the morning whereby she was only allowed to wear an undershirt and underwear, and they kept the door and windows of the dorm room wide open.One hand was cuffed to the highest point diagonally while the other was cuffed diagonally to the lowest point, making it the most uncomfortable position with the waist bent and half crouching.Then they put the bucket of excrement that the whole group in the prison had urinated into to let her smell for the whole night.When she had fasted for almost 50 days, her arms were strung up and cuffed onto a tree in the dorm courtyard and she was frozen and fainted in the snow.

Public security officers even get together with local hooligans to abuse Dafa disciples in Tiananmen Square.One practitioner recalls:On June 25 of this year, we went to Tiananmen Square, and when we opened up the banner we were carrying, suddenly a big gang of hooligans wearing very dirty clothing came and grabbed at the banner and started hitting us.They took the opportunity to reach their hands into the practitioners pockets to steal money.The military police who were on duty in the Square came by and, as they shouted: "Well beat you to death!" they would violently jab their knees into the lower bodies of the practitioners.After we were shoved into the police van, there were those practitioners who were covered in blood with their clothes ripped and their eyes swollen and bleeding.There were those who, because they refused to let go of the banner had their arms bitten by the policemen, and one woman who was six months pregnant was beaten and kicked as she was dragged by the hair and shoved into the van. Local officials forcibly enter private residences for no reason and beat practitioners:In a village near Zhaoyuan city in Shandong province, at about 1am on the morning of July 23, several people burst into Li Wennans home and dragged him to the municipal government offices where they surrounded him, kicking and beating.When he fell over and crawled up again, they would continue to beat him and they didnt stop until he couldnt move.Only then did they send him to the hospital where they found from the X-ray that he was hemorrhaging inside his chest.After he underwent treatment, he was sent home, but he couldnt move for a long time.

Local authorities force practitioners to walk through the streets barefoot in the frigid winter:In December, 1999, the weather was below freezing.The local government authorities in Guangrao county in Shandong province shackled together four Falun Gong practitioners from Liqiaoxi village who had been arrested and sent back after they had gone to Beijing to appeal and walked them through the streets.They were not allowed to wear warm clothing.In the course of six days, they walked all over Guangrao county and its neighboring towns and villages.

Forced fines, taking practitioners personal property:In the Xinjian county of Nanchang, all Falun Gong practitioners who are arrested and put in the detention center must pay heavy fines of between RMB 4,000 and 6,000 (about US$500-750; equivalent to several months salary for most) if they want to be released.If they are in detention because they went to Beijing to appeal, then apart from the above fine, they need to add another RMB 6,000.For some families, their entire life savings arent enough to cover this fine.

Even worse, some savage law enforcement personnel recklessly molest and abuse female practitioners and engage in many different kinds of tortures in the re-education labor camps:

  1. On October 31, 1999, among the more than 800 practitioners who were detained in Changchun city were pregnant women and also women with infants. Witnesses said:"One policeman kicked the belly of a pregnant woman, and she was in so much pain that she was sweating all over her face and was suffering tremendously."

  2. In Jiangsu province, 31 year old Lu Yunzhen was forced to undergo an abortion just so she could be detained for a longer period of time.

  3. A Falun Gong practitioner from Hanchuan city in Hubei province, Zhang Min was seven months pregnant when she went to Beijing to appeal and was sent back to a local detention center for more than 20 days (September 8 to October 2, 1999) in a serious violation of a citizens rights.

  4. At the beginning of November, 1999, 12 people who were being held in the womens division of the Tangshan Kaiping labor re-education camp were handcuffed to trees because they had dared to practice the exercises.The officials grabbed their hair, bashing their heads against the trees, and pulled dirty rags out of the garbage cans to stuff in their mouths.One of the labor re-education personnel had not bathed for almost a year, so they took her underwear, which was stained with menstrual blood, and her socks and stuffed them in the practitioners mouths.After this, they gave them several rounds of beatings.

  5. A reporter from the Hubei Womans Newspaper Wang Li went to Beijing to make an appeal.After she returned to Wuhan, on February 18 of this year, she was taken from her home in the middle of the night without reason and locked in the Wuhan No. 2 Detention Center.The guards handcuffed her and had her hanging from the window for three days with her feet just touching the floor.They also stripped her and had her lie spread-eagle on a wooden plank for 11 days.She could only urinate and excrete lying down.

  6. On September 22, 1999, Yang Xuezhen went to Beijing to appeal, and when the public security officers found out that she and some others were Dafa practitioners, the public security officers immediately searched their bags and did body searches.They tied her hands behind her back with her feet and used cigarette butts to burn her hands in 8 or 9 places and then used a lighter to burn her nose.That afternoon, they were sent to the Beijing Qinghe detention center in a police van.They were stripped of all their clothes for a full body inspection, they werent allowed to sleep, and they were interrogated until two in the morning.Their bras were cut and destroyed and they were not allowed to change sanitary napkins, and so on.They were not allowed to speak to anyone.

  7. In September, 1999, Qiu Liying was being held at the Tangshan Kaiping labor re-education camp, when, because she was practicing the exercises, the guards starting beating and kicking her temples and her chest and even jabbed their knees into her groin.The other practitioners in the labor re-education camp who witnessed the violence of the beatings were so frightened that some of them spat up blood or fainted.In the 32 days that she engaged in a hunger strike, the head of the labor reeducation camp never allowed her to rest a single day and kept her working.

The brutal actions are too much to record; all the tragic cases cause one to shudder.The facts speak louder than the argument.No matter how much the Chinese government denies them, the bloody facts can never be covered up by blatant lies.The heavens never let wrongdoers slip through the net of justice.The brutal actions taken against the will of the heavens have already been written by history into mankinds book of shame, and those ignorant and unconscionable executioners who persecute the practitioners of a righteous Fa will surely repay all of the bad karma that they have created through endless misery and pain when the truth of Falun Gong becomes known around the world.Good begets good, evil begets evil, its not that there is no retribution, its just that the time has not yet come.The true principles of the universe have never, and will not either today or in the future, turn or change in accordance with human will.The Truth is eternal; Dafa is everlasting.