Last Night Zhao Xin went through another phase of Xiao-Ye (eliminating sickness-karma), and suffered tremendously. She couldn't specify where the pains were, but could express that she was suffering. She signaled her sister to wipe her face and feed her water. At the same time, all her biological parameters were normal. Seeing how much Zhao Xin suffered, her sister wept all night. Even the nurse couldn't bear to look at her, and had to leave the room to calm herself down.

A layer of Zhao Xin's skin was almost rubbed away, but she continuously asked her sister to wipe. Her sister said that Zhao Xin has been suffering many times since she was sent to the hospital, but last night, it was the worst and the strongest so far. It seemed that all of her organs were in pain, and her throat hurt as well. Yesterday, her family members read to her the whole book "Falun Dafa - Essentials For Further Advancement" and repeated one of the articles "Sickness Karma" to her, as well as playing "Pudu" and "Jishi" (Falun Dafa music). But Zhao Xin was suffering a lot, and expressed numerous times that she cannot handle it anymore. She went through the whole night like that, and didn't feel any better until this morning. She has finally passed another tribulation after this prolonged hardship.

Upon hearing how Zhao Xin had suffered, many practitioners wept. "It is so wicked of the Haidian District Police Department! Heavenly justice will not allow it!"

Until now, Zhao Xin's medical bill has reached 120,000 Yuan. Due to the Haidian District Police Department, where the brutal injuries occurred while in their custody, and their refusal to pay her medical bill, it has caused much trouble and pressure for both the Haidian Hospital and Zhao Xin's family.

A Falun Dafa practitioner in China

July 21, 2000