We have traversed through hard and glorious journeys. From April 25 last year until now, the Falun Dafa disciples in China have selflessly volunteered to protect the righteous law and demonstrated great benevolence and forbearance in the face of cruel persecution. It is their strong faith and deep understanding of the great law that is slowly connecting the kindhearted people and the whole world with Falun Dafa. We, as overseas disciples, are inspired and giving up our attachments of fear, profits, etc.

Today, which is one year later, looking back at this glorious path we have walked, we treasure the great law that has given us the power of truth. We have the deepest respect for the strong backbones of Falun Dafa in China.

It has been said in their articles,

When people know the countless medical miracles that have been created by Falun Dafa; who will still believe the false propaganda of 1400 deaths?

When people truly read Zhuan Falun; who will still say Falun Dafa is a cult?

When people know that a totally unselfish person like Xie Yu Feng, who was educated abroad, returned to serve his country, and even donated large amounts of his savings to society, was cruelly persecuted and jailed only because of his lawful appeal; who will still believe that it could not happen to them?

When People know how innocent practitioners were beaten to death, even their bodies were cremated; who couldnt tell right from wrong?

When people know that introducing Falun Dafa to the public has saved China billions of dollars in medical costs, that the government is spending millions of dollars to crush these peaceful citizens and try to cover up their violations of human rights by dirty international trading; who will not know this is the real "End of party, end of country"?

Lets speak out the truth of Falun Dafa, the righteous, selfless, and precious great law

Lets speak out of Master Li's thrift, and his tremendous efforts to save the humanities.

Lets speak out that Falun Dafa has purified both our bodies and our souls, and made us younger.

Lets speak out abut millions of Falun Dafa disciples who have become homeless and are suffering starvation, are appealing for justice despite the threat of death, prison, and other persecution.

Lets speak out about their great compassion and tolerance in prisons where they have no food, and face cruel persecution. Lets speak out about those brave stories of Zhao Jin Hua, Chen Zi Xiu, Zhang Zheng Gang who did not give in no matter how they were treated.

All of this wisdom was learned from our heroic practitioners who serve the truth with their lives and blood. It is our responsibility as Falun Dafa disciples to inform all the kind-hearted people in the world. They are the wisdom and freedom obtained after going through life and death struggles. We should inform people the truth of Falun Dafa with our self-improvements and let them have a chance to be re-born. The great law is for all kind beings in the universe and has shown, through our own experiences, its power to bring back lives from death. We should pass along this blessing to the world.

We are no longer limited to peace talks with the Chinese government, we are informing all Chinese citizens of the truth. We don't just hold up a Falun Dafa banner in Tian 'an men square, we speak out the true story to the whole world. We are striving to be good people and want all the kindhearted people to be good as wellleave no place for evil. We will no longer let the foolish ones force their whip and handcuffs on us, rather, we use our precious lives, energies, power, and efforts, to inform our families, relatives, friends, bosses, neighbors, and all kindhearted people that Falun Dafa is good. Thereafter, both their mind and body will become healthier, and their morality will be upgraded. This is our ultimate goal in promoting the great law.

It is not our goal to obtain sympathy from people for the cruel persecution of Falun Gong members. Rather, we should let people know the righteous law that has made people so strong, so benevolent, so endurable, and has attracted millions. The selfless spirits and dedication of Chinese practitioners are a call to awaken for those who still do not know this great law.

Promoting Dafa in China and overseas are both significant and glorious. The great law is harmonizing mankind, and filling the environment and everything around us with Truth, Benevolence, and Forbearance, the universal principles.

We should become free of fear,

We should become free of our own confinement,

We should become free of all kinds of interference,

We should become free of the suffocating environment and obtain wisdom,

We should become free of the concepts of our local areas and enter the world,

We should become free of self-cultivation and enter the global environment.

We should become free of being narrow-minded and become open-minded.

We should become free of notions of mankind, truly consider others first, and become self-less.

We should become free of the goal of obtaining our own perfection, and let mankind obtain perfection.

We should continuously improve our thinking, and return to our true beings.

As Master Li said, "Dafa is harmonizing all sentient beings, and all sentient beings are also harmonizing Dafa." (Expounding on the Fa, in Essentials for Further Advancement). "In cultivation practice, you are not making real, solid progress on your own, which would make a great fundamental change internally. Instead, you rely on my power and take advantage of powerful external factors. This can never transform your human nature into Buddha-nature. If every one of you can understand the Fa from the bottom of your heart, that will truly be the manifestation of the Fa whose power knows no boundary -- the reappearance of the mighty Buddha Fa in the human world!" (Cautionary Advice, in Essentials for Further Advancement)

Place oneself in the global cultivation, change the big environment, and smooth the road for others to obtain the great law. We will start from people around us, from the little things, and with mankind.