[Beijing] Practitioner Ms. Wang Xiuying Died of Forced-feeding with High-density Salt Water

It has been confirmed that the practitioner who died in the Jiaomen Detention Center on May 22 was called Wang Xiuying who lived at Nankantou street, Daowai District of Harbin City. (For previous news, please visit http://www.minghui.ca/gb/0001/May/27/news_china_052700.html)

Currently, the family members of Wang Xiuying have gone to Beijing. The detention center claimed that Wang Xiuying had died of illnesses. Her family members did not agree with that. They knew Wang Xiuying had been very healthy and had no illnesses at all since she started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. So far, the body of Ms. Wang Xiuying has not been cremated.

Ms. Wang Xiuying got arrested on May 13, and was detained in the Jiaomen Detention Center of Chongwen District in Beijing. After Falun Dafa was defamed as an "evil cult" by the Chinese government, in order to validate the innocence of Falun Dafa, Ms. Wang had been in Beijing for four times to appeal for Falun Gong. Last December, she got arrested in Beijing and then was escorted back to Harbin for detention after she told the police her name and address. 17 days later, she got released. On May 12, 2000, she went to Beijing again with another practitioner to defend Dafa. She told this practitioner that she would not tell the police her name if she did not succeed in appealing.

During detention, she and other detained practitioners made four requests to the detention center which included, dialogue with the director of the detention center, allowing practitioners to continue to learn and practice Falun Gong, and unconditional release of all detained practitioners, etc. They even went on hunger strike to appeal to the government. However, the detention center paid no attention to their requests. The director refused to have a dialogue with the practitioners with the excuse of busy schedule.

The guards ordered people to force-feed practitioners with high-density salt water, which had put practitioner Wang Xiuying in a state of severe dehydration and loss of consciousness. After a delayed emergency treatment, she died at 7pm on May 22.

Wang Xiuying had been on hunger strike for 9 days before she died. She had been forced-fed 6 times, among which, 5 times with high-density salt water. The guard was often heard of yelling, "Feed them if they do not die."

Practitioners in China

June 14, 2000

[Beijing] The Inhumane Mistreatments in Tiantanghe Jail: A Follow-up Report

Over 100 practitioners who had gone to Tiantanghe Jail to appeal on June 12 are still being detained in the Daxing (County) Detention Center. Many of them refused to disclose their names and their work units, and therefore, are suffering inhumane mistreatment from the guards. Currently, they have abstained from food and water for 3 days and have suffered physical abuses from the guards and their inmate criminals. The guards claimed that they could continue the beatings so long as the practitioners did not die. The guards even punished the practitioners who had been on hunger strike for two days with long hours' standing. After the practitioners fainted and fell to the ground, they would get a brief emergency treatment, and be sent back for further torturing.

The guard also incited hatred from the inmate criminals towards the practitioners by denying meals to the whole cell.

Those practitioners had exercised their lawful rights by going to Tiantanghe Jail to appeal. However, they are receiving illegal detention and physical abuses in the detention center.

In addition, the detained practitioners are known to include Bai Rongchun, Li Li, Zhang Zhibin, Zhang Lianjun and Lin Yang, etc. The names of other detained practitioners are not known.


6 practitioners from Beijing including Zang Xu, Zhang Songmei, Liu Xiulan and Zhang Xiaojing, etc., were arrested on the Tiananmen Square on April 13. After 16 days of abstaining from both food and water in the detention center, they got released in the run-up of May 1st. On the night of May 9, they got detained again in a hotel by the local police station. After one day of hunger strike, they were transferred to another place on the morning of May 11. Their whereabouts remains unknown afterwards.

[Chengdu] The Courageous Deeds During An Exhibition

From June 9 to June 15, an exhibition entitled "Believing in Science, Op

osing Superstition" that aimed to slander Falun Dafa was held in the Provincial Exhibition Center of Chengdu City.

The plain-clothes agents were all over the exhibition center throughout the show. The center was equipped with electrically monitoring systems. The visitors were required to walk in queues and watch the show silently. People were not allowed to walk in pairs or talk to each other. No one was allowed to walk around at will. The air of whole exhibition was very depressing. Most of the visitors were organized to watch the show by their work units.

In order to let the people know the truth of Falun Dafa, many practitioners went to the exhibition center, at the risk of being arrested, to distribute some materials to the visitors and the passersby. Some visitors held the materials quietly into their chest and even made some inquiries to practitioners in a low voice. Meanwhile, some visitors were scared to tremble at the sight of the materials and dared not to take it for fear of running into trouble.

[Chengdu] Luo Gan, Secretary of the Central Politics and Law Commission Planned Persecution of Practitioners in Chengdu

Ms. Liu Hui, a teacher from the Jinqin Road Elementary School, had been transferred from Lianhua Village Detention Center to the Chengdu Big Jail and will soon be sent to the Nanmusi Women Labor Camp located in the Zizhong County for forced-labor. Ms. Liu got detained for having written to the provincial government and Party Commission to report the truth of Falun Gong. For her previous story, please visit Minghui Net reports on May 21.

Ms. Chen Shangzhen, headmaster of an elementary school in Chengdu (City), was accused by the police of being an organizer of the experience sharing conference held in Nanjiao Park on May 20. She had been transferred from Lianhua Village Detention Center to the Chengdu Big Jail, and will also be sent to the Nanmushi Women Jail for forced-labor.

Some practitioners living in the Central Plaza of Chengdu City, including Tao Yuan, Zhang Guorong and Liu Zhenhai (a senior), etc., had been sent to the "education class" starting from December 1999, because the police from the Jitou Town Police Station suspected that they might go to Beijing to report the truth of Falun Gong to the central government. They were sent to the Jiuru Village Detention Center during the police vocational days or public holidays. After the detention term expired, they would be sent back to the "education class". They had transferred back and forth like this for 7 times, counting up to half a year. They had never been allowed to go home during that period.

The "education class" was initially held in the police station. Later, the police sent them to a closed Power Supply Station nearby and simply take turns to guard them. The police abused practitioners physically and verbally everyday. They did not allow practitioner to sit with feet crossed. They claimed that they were doing meditation. Even worse, they detained both males and females together in one room and locked up the restroom. Practitioners had to use their own facial basins as the toilets.

[Sichuan Province]

On March 31, over 1,000 practitioners from Wanshengpian District of Meishan City went to the Leertan (a public site) to practice Falun Gong together. Over 100 practitioners got arrested on the spot. (Please visit Minghui Net reports on April 1)

Later, the Fudong Village Party and government of Meishan City organized a lot of manpower and many bulldozers and turned up the soil of the whole Leertan practice site.

On April 26, the police roped two practitioners, Lu Shengjun and Liu Xia who joined the practice and carried them for public show around the Meishan City and villages, accompanied by dozens of police vehicles.

[Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province]

Practitioner Leng Tao, a former employee from the Tourist Bureau of Wenchuan County, Arbazhou, Sichuan Province, was dismissed from his post simply because of refusing to give up practicing Falun Gong. He did not go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He has been detained by the Maerkang Police Station since November 1999 up to now.

Practitioners Deng Chaoying, Pu Chunhui, Jin Chunrong, Dai Xiaoqing and Yang XX, from the Qipangou of Wenchuan County, had been detained for up to 35 days because they had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. However, the local police issued them detention warrants for only 15 days.

Four Cultivation Stories from China

[1] "No Karma"

A practitioner has been detained for 5 times for defending Dafa. She got fired after the first detention. Later, every time she got detained again, the police would ask her about her profession. She always replied, "Wu Ye (in Chinese pronunciation, 'Wu' means No, 'Ye' carries such meanings as profession, karma, etc.)" One time, she was suddenly enlightened: how wonderful it is if "Wu (No) Ye (Karma)!"

[2] Decoration

Not long ago, several practitioners who did not agree with standing out to defend Dafa, along with a few practitioners who thought that they should practic cultivation quietly at home after they had stood out to defend Dafa, started to decorate their homes. During the decoration, all of them encountered some trouble. Later, they had a discussion together and were enlightened to something. A practitioner said her sister asked her to help translate an article. The title of that article happened to be "The Indoors Decoration". (in Chinese pronunciation, "decoration" carries the same meaning as "fake practice" They all smiled upon hearing that. Then they stood out and joined the team of defending Dafa in a noble way.

[3] The Righteous Subdued the Evil

A Province had used a dedicated room to detain all practitioners who had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong over the past year. The two policemen on duty abused practitioners physically and verbally at will and collected 50 Yuan (Chinese money) from each practitioner everyday.

In mid April, the detained practitioners there all thought that it was time for them to rectify the environment. Since they failed to wake up the police's conscience with their compassionate hearts, they started to exercise their legal rights. They refused to be body-searched and refused to pay the money and did not allow the police to beat up practitioners. In the end, they protested by going on hunger strike. Although many practitioners had been beaten up during that process of defending Dafa, it ended up with a positive result.

[4] Practicing Cultivation Nobly in the Jail

The detained practitioners in a detention center found that it was very difficult for some criminals to learn and practice Falun Gong. The criminals would be abused physically and verbally and put on handcuffs once other criminals who did not want to learn Falun Gong reported them to the guards. Moreover, practitioners could not study and practice Falun Gong openly.

Then, the detained practitioners thought of the teachings of Teacher, "Think about it: Even man's claim that he has evolved from apes can be highly regarded. Yet even with such a great Dafa of the universe, you are embarrassed to give it a correct position-this is man's true shame." [Quote from the article "Environment"]. They felt that it was a solemn responsibility for every genuine practitioner to create a lenient environment for studying and practicing Falun Gong. Then one day when the guards were about to punish a criminal who would like to learn Falun Gong, all the inmate practitioners stood up to protect this criminal from being dragged out and suffering physical abuses. The practitioners started to recite some poems of Teacher loudly. Then the practitioners detained in other cells also joined the recitation. Their voices were so loud that the whole heaven seemed to start vibrating. The guards and the criminals were all surprised, "how could these few people have such a loud voice?!"

Under the power of Dafa, the officials of the detention center agreed to have a dialogue with the practitioners and agreed upon all the requirements from the practitioners, including that detainees would be allowed to learn and practice Falun Gong openly, and the inmate convicts would not be interfered with if they wanted to learn Falun Gong.

[Translated from Chinese original: