Practitioner Dies in CustodyJianshui

Kong Qinghuang (1967-9/3/00)

Kong Qinghuang, male, 33 years old, from Guanting Town, Jianshui County, Yunnan Province was of Yi Nationality. (Yi population is distributed over Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou Province). He had a Bachelor's Degree from the Ecology Department, Yunnan University. He was the deputy mayor for more than five years in Linan Town, Jianshui County. He attained Dafa in August 1997 and died as a result of the persecution on September 3, 2000, in Jianshui Town People's Hospital, Yunnan Province.

On April 7, 2000, the Linan Town secretary, Li Ziheng stressed "following the central government's thrust and paying special attention to Falun Gong" in a meeting with more than forty town delegates. Later, Kong Qinghuang promoted Dafa to the leaders at the end of a birth control meeting that he chaired. He told them the truth about Dafa, and talked about many cultivation experiences. He was held in the office for two days to be transformed. Two days later he was detained in the Jianshui Town detention center. Kong's father was very sad upon hearing that his son was detained without reason, learning this caused him to die that day.

Kong Qinghuang was released on May 9. He went back to his work unit to do odds and ends and to deliver newspapers. He was dismissed from his post and expelled from the Party. A month later Kong Qinghuang left his work unit for Beijing to file appeals. He meditated at Tiananmen Square on June 13. Two policemen hit his head and kicked his body. Kong Qinghuang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa." His sonorous voice shook the surroundings and the bypassing visitors.

Kong Qinghuang was again detained in the Jianshui detention center on June 28. Kong Qinghuang was on a hunger strike the entire time. On the 12th day, the detention center force-fed him. In the middle of August, the detention center drove him to the hospital for a transfusion. At that time he was moving about smoothly and appeared calm and at ease. He told his wife, who was once detained there, that the hunger strike made him slim but also gave him more energy.

On August 24, personnel from Jianshui County "610" office forced Kong to go to the hospital. Kong refused to go even unto death. Since he was held in the hospital (Jianshui Town People's Hospital), the hospital drew one to two 5cc tubes of blood each day. They claimed it was to examine him.

On September 1, they persuaded Kong Qinghuang to drink a little bit of soup. After he drank the soup, he held his stomach with tears streaming down his face and appeared to be in tremendous pain. He fainted the next day. On September 3, Kong Qinghuang left us after being on a hunger strike for 67 days. He was hastily cremated by the government personnel. (Note: The specialist from Kunming City suggested that it might be food poisoning.)

Since Kong was at the hospital until the point when he fainted, his wife was not allowed to be with him and take care of him. Kong's wife, Wang Jiayue, who attained the Fa on June 8 of this year, was also detained in Jianshui County detention center for more than 90 days. They didn't release her until September 18. Wang Jiayue was forced to resign and leave home. She is now wandering around and has no home to return to.


Jianshui County "610" office director: Zeng Baohe (Address: Jianxin town government dormitory, Jianshui County, Yunnan Province)

Jianshui County political-legal department secretary: Lu Yingguang

Jianshui County forceful transformation and re-education group:

Group leader: Yu Ronghui

Officer: Huang Hong

Detention leader: Tang Wei

Jianshui County, political-security unit leader: Peng Lianyi

Lu Yingguang, Peng Lianyi and Zeng Baohe are directly responsible for the death of Kong Qinghuang.

Dafa practitioners in China

November 23, 2000

(Translated December 4, 2000 from

Practitioner in Weifang City beaten to Death

Meng Qingxi, male, (195?-11/20/00)

Meng Qingxi, male and in his 40's, was from Mengjia Village, Mucun Town, Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong Province. On the evening of September 30, 2000, town government officials took him away from his home without reason and sent him to the town law office. There were more than 20 Dafa practitioners being held there, all in the same room. They were detained because the town government wanted to obey the Party's order to "transform the Falun Gong practitioners by force". In fact, everybody knows that the transformation is only an excuse to extort money. They instructed clearly that whoever pays 2,000 Yuan can go home immediately.

Meng Qingxi's entire family practices Dafa. They had been fined more than twenty thousand Yuan since last year. They already owe heavy debts and have difficult lives. They weren't able to collect enough money after visiting all of their relatives and friends. The town government personnel forced them to go home to borrow more money during the day, and then took them back to the law office for "study and transformation". If they couldn't borrow money during the day, they would be brutally tortured at night. Meng and his wife and the other over twenty Dafa practitioners spent almost 60 such nights and days in the law office.

On the night of November 20, Meng Qingxi was beaten to death by government personnel. Then they accused Meng Qingxi of "fearing labor education" and accused him of "committing suicide for fear of punishment". They tried to confuse the people using this rumor. In fact, the more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed. Everybody knows that:

  1. Meng and his wife had been borrowing money a few days ago. They were in good spirits and spoke and laughed freely. There weren't any signs of "wanting to commit suicide".
  2. Meng and his wife told the town government many times that they would rather be sent to a labor camp than pay the fine. The town government replied, "You are not qualified for labor education." How can Meng be "afraid of labor education" and "commit suicide"?
  3. Why did the town government send the practitioners back home quietly on the night when Meng was killed?
  4. After Meng was beaten to death, the town government forced cremation and buried him. What is the purpose? Because they were afraid that people would see his horrible looking body that was beaten to death. They were afraid that people would know of their sins.

The town government is monitoring Meng Qingxi's family 24 hours a day and does not allow them to contact the outside, because the evil is most afraid of being exposed.

Dafa practitioners in China

November 27, 2000