(Yantai, Shandong Province) Yantai Mental Health Center is a municipal unit. Since last July, it has been illegally treating and unethically administering drugs to dozens of Dafa practitioners. This seriously harms Dafa practitioners physically and mentally. Additionally, it overcharged Dafa practitioners for their medical expenses. Currerntly, (October 7, 2000), there are still many practitioners being held and being injected with drugs against their will and without medical cause.

Hospital Dean: Gong Yuzhu 53 years old

Director of Department No.2: Li Tao Chief Nurse: Ge Ruifang

Director of Department No.3: Jiang Shiqiu Chief Nurse: Wang Xiulan

Director of Department No.5: Mao Jiwen Chief Nurse: Qu Baojuan

Director of Department No.6: Ding Yuanlin Chief Nurse: Shi Jianfang

Telephone number: 86-535-7289152

Zip Code: 265200