In January 2000, the village communist party committee of the Nanyao Village, Shihuiyao Township, Yantai City, arrested nine Falun Dafa practitioners for holding a Falun Gong group practice. Four of them were delivered to the police precinct for a 14-day unlawful detention, and the other five were detained at the village. These five held a hunger strike for five days. The secretary of the committee Li Yuming, and the vice secretary Ji Changhong showed no human decency in dealing with the strike, and they even said that the practitioners' refusing to eat anything was because they were not hungry. January is the coldest month in Shandong Province, but Li Yuming and Ji Changhong did not offer beds to the practitioners, instead, they asked the practitioners to stand up through the night. They also ignored practitioners who had fainted due to standing too long.

The village detained the four practitioners who were just released from the police custody. All nine of them were imprisoned in separate rooms in a classroom building of the Nanyao Elementary School. Snow, blended with the cold northern wind, drifted into the rooms through the broken windows, and then formed a layer of ice on the floor. The practitioners were given only cold steamed buns and Ramen noodles for food, and they had to sleep on the cold cement floor without quilt. Practitioner Xiu Yihong, who was pregnant at the time, received the same treatment from the village heads. The nine were detained for more than four months. Families were forced to pay from 3,000 to 6,000 yuan (about from US$340 to US$680, Average annual income is about 6,000 Chinese yuan per person in urban areas and less than 2,000 Chinese yuan in rural areas.) The Village refused to release anyone if the above payment was not made. In addition, they also coerced the practitioners to sign a guarantee not to practice again, and to burn Falun Dafa books to show their remorse.

Five practitioners from the village went to Beijing to appeal to the central government after October 1, 2000, and the village immediately detained them upon their return. Liu Jianjun, a police officer from the precinct threatened the practitioners with prison sentence if they did not claim that their Falun Dafa assistants had organized them to go to Beijing. When refused, Liu started working on the children of the practitioners. He told the children that he would have their mothers fired and sentenced, if he did not have their cooperation. One practitioner's willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice resulted in her release, but the rest of the practitioners are still under detention.

In addition, Zhao Wei, and another practitioner also having the last name of Zhao were sentenced to one to two years in prison for disseminating Falun Dafa flyers.

Information of persecutors:

Lin Yuming: Cellular Phone #: 86-1380-535-8127

Ji Changhong: Cellular Phone #: 86-1380-638-9527

Address: Nanyao Village, Shihuiyao Township, Yantai City, Shandong Province.

Zip Code: 264000

New Evidence of Persecution against Falun Dafa Practitioners by Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province

More than 300 practitioners have been persecuted in the Fushan District since the crackdown on Falun Gong started more than a year ago. The population of Fushan is less than 300,000. The following are examples of the persecution taking place in the inner city area.

  1. Zhang Beizhen, (pseudonym), is a 37-year-old, female practitioner. She is from the Fushan Township, and has been a practitioner for four years. She was tortured four times between last December and October this year. On December 17, 1999, she told her fellow-workers in her factory that Falun Dafa teaches us how to be good people, thus, it is good. As a result, she was arrested by the township government, detained for 17 days and required to pay 2,000 yuan.
  2. In June 2000, she raised funds for going to Beijing to appeal, though the financial situation in her family had been very difficult. She was arrested and detained for 18 days, during which time she held a hunger strike for 8 days to protest the arrest. The people in the detention facility including Wang Zhifu, and Doctor Zhang, forcefed her. They also asked criminal inmates to "help" them in the feeding. The inmates held her hands and feet down, pried her mouth open, and forced the liquid food down, which was too much to even watch. On the 18th day of her hunger strike, they transferred Zhang to the township government for further detention. Zhu Xiangping, the Secretary of the Township Communist Party Committee, continued the physical and verbal abuse on Zhang, who was extremely weak due to the 18-day hunger strike. Zhu also forced Zhang Beizhen to pay the "fine," and would not release her until her family gave the deed to her house to the township.

    Zhang began to recover after the release. However, the township again sent people to take her away on July 14, 2000 to the township government to participate in a "study session." Zhang requested that she had to find her child, (Her child was very young, and she had no one to look after the child.) but Zhao, the chief of a government division of the township, along with a man dressed in police uniform, dragged her into the vehicle, and detained her in a temporary detention facility. Zhang again protested the arrest with hunger strike. The township brought five or six men to the facility to feed her by tying her feet up, and holding her hands down. The forceful feeding nonetheless failed. Then, they held her down again, and injected her with a syringe... Several days later, the town took other practitioners to the facility, named Zhao, Lu, and another Zhang. Zhang Beizhen continued her hunger strike, and they forcefed her again. After 22 days, Zhang Beizhen, a strong farm woman, became all skin and bones from the torture.

    On October 26, Wang Cuizhen and Zhao Zhisong, who worked for the township government, came to Zhang's home again to take her away. Her young child cried out with fear, and neighbors came out to condemn the township people. Zhang escaped arrest this time. The following evening, the same people came back to Zhang's home to get Zhang, who happened not to be home.

  3. Wang Yixin (pseudonym), a 34-year-old, female practitioner is a factory worker, and has practiced Falun Dafa for four years.
She went to Beijing to appeal on May 21, 2000, and as a result, she was arrested and detained for 15 days by the local government. In October, Fu Weidong and Sun Yuanguo, who work for the township government, took her to the detention facility again, and handcuffed one of her hands to a window, and the other to an iron chair, so that her arms were lined up horizontally. In this position, she was unable to stand straight. The township people forced her to confess with intimidation for two days, and they finally sentenced her for one-month criminal detention without any evidence or legal basis.

Practitioner Xue Qing (pseudonym) was arrested by the police for no reason. Police officers made him stand for three days and three nights, and later detained him for 15 days. After that, they forced him into a "study session" in order to reform him. Li Zhong (pseudonym), a local practitioner, exposed the persecution taking place in the township government to the public, and for that, the township leaders hung her up to the ceiling with her feet above the floor, and tortured her in this position for three days and three nights. Then, she was transferred to a detention center in Yantai City where she was detained for more than 20 days. Finally, she was sentenced to three years of "Reformation Through Education" in a labor camp.

Yantai City Practitioners

December 28, 2000