Fellow practitioners, how are you!

This is the first letter from our labor camp that we practitioners write you. I have postponed writing letters to my family and fellow practitioners until I could claim that I live life to create an environment to cultivate Dafa. Today, I am finally writing letters to you because every one of us in the camp always keeps the profound Fa that Master has been teaching us in our hearts. We have the heart and are courageous enough to endure suffering. Although this is hell in the human world, we are able to endure it and we have endured it.

On November 28, more than twenty Dafa disciples went on a hunger strike at the same time; we used our lives to rectify the Fa and create an environment for cultivation. Now we are using our lofty conduct and the force of benevolence given to us by Dafa to refine all the policemen and disciplinary guards in fifth team. They agreed to let us appeal and submit our letters. We wrote a letter of appeal very seriously and submitted it level by level through the formal channels. All of us enlightened to the idea that (Master also gave hints to each practitioner) this is a great formal and serious activity: to verify Dafa and clarify the truth. Every policeman more or less feels the power and divinity of Dafa.

Through this verification, the evil environment in which the disciples were forbidden to speak to each other was broken. Now we can recite the Master's articles and Dafa in both the yard and the cells. The drug addicts who used to watch over us now ask one after another to listen to Dafa and the Master's articles one after another. They have passed them to each other and have read our letters of appeal. So did the policemen. Many of them were touched and refined by the force of compassion that we obtained from Dafa. We understand that this is our special cultivation environment that Dafa has created for us in these conditions. It is also a good opportunity to validate Dafa on a large scale to the government authorities and policemen at different levels.

Through this verification of Dafa, some practitioners who had been confused and gone astray were awakened one after another. They declared their written statements of repentance null and void. We have gone through the most difficult period. We are now passing, reading and copying Master's recent lecture given in the Western part of the United States. Some of the other prisoners, policemen and team leaders also have passed it to each other and have read Master's lecture. We will gradually create an environment to publicly study Fa and do the exercises. Life here is bitter and exhausting, but we always feel that Master is looking after us and giving us hints constantly.

Every morning when I pull out the mat curtain and look at the sunrise, I think that I am bathed in the illuminating light of the Master's profound Buddha Fa. My heart becomes filled with unparalleled happiness. At this very moment, I am thinking with tears in my eyes: We are the happiest and most fortunate beings in the universe. However bitter our suffering is, we are able to endure it because our lives have been so closely connected with the tremendous rectification of the Fa.

All our fellow practitioners, how are you! We thank you sincerely for your support and concern. We know you are doing many things to rectify Fa that we are unable to do so as to "help master in the world." We will share and compare with you in the study of Fa and the cultivation of xinxing so as to achieve "mutual advancement." We have already witnessed the first brilliant light of morning penetrating through daybreak.

My wife and my son, I am now treating you not as my family members, but the same as Master's disciples. I know you have endured much more than I have. And I believe you will use your righteous thoughts to meet all of these tribulations. I hope you will encourage each other and all other fellow practitioners going through all the hardships, using your benevolence and mercy. At the same time, you should make the best use of your time to study the Fa. Fellow practitioners, please treasure the limited time for cultivation.

Practice proves that most of those practitioners who were confused and gone astray in tribulations are disciples who either do not make in-depth study of Fa or cannot really understand Fa with rationality.


XXX [name withheld] as well as other practitioners

December 12th, 2000