In its December 15, 2000 issue, the Dalian Peninsular Morning News reported that around 5 PM on December 12, a dragon appeared in the sky over the mountains of northern Zhuanghe City, Dalian, Liaoning Province. With smoke coming out of its head, the dragon moved quickly through the clouds. Over ten people witnessed the scene, which lasted for over 20 minutes.

Wang Changguo, caretaker of a Coating Powder Factory in Changling Township, Zhuanghe City, was one of the witnesses. He said that around 5 PM he was walking by the entrance to the factory when he saw a long, snake-shaped dragon about 300 meters in length appear in the northwest sky. The body of the dragon appeared to be black and varied in size. The middle part of the dragon's body looked 2-3 meters wide. Its head produced grayish smoke, which formed a column 4 meters high. The dragon was flying from north to south with its body at a 30?angle to the ground.. Wang Changguo had a junior high education and served as an artilleryman in the Army from 1971 to 1974. Based on his knowledge of geometry, he estimated that the dragon was flying at an altitude of around 5000 meters and at a velocity of 2000 meters per minute. After he saw this spectacular scene, he immediately invited over ten people, including Wang Changhai and Liu Benrong to enjoy it too. At that time, the wind was north at 3-4 degrees (on a 12-degree scale.) It was a sunny day, with sparse clouds floating in the sky. The black dragon was extremely eye-catching. About 20 minutes later, the black dragon disappeared as clouds also disappeared and the north wind stopped. A reporter interviewed several other eyewitnesses who confirmed Wang Changguo's account.

As for the flying dragon that appeared in the Dalian region, Falun Dafa practitioners are fully familiar with it, as the Teacher has pointed out in his lecture in the Eastern US, "I came out to impart this Fa in a special historical period of time. In the future, human society will undergo substantial changes. Many special phenomena will appear in the universe. Present day scientists have already discovered that new celestial bodies are constantly being formed and old ones are exploding. Newspapers have also reported that new galaxies have appeared suddenly where none were observed before, and that many ancient celestial bodies are decomposing while new ones are coming into being. These things have in the past been very remote, but gradually these spectacular scenes will get closer and closer until they can be seen by human beings with their naked eyes. These phenomena will all be manifested." (Draft translation, Page 8, Falun Fofa - Lecture in the Eastern US, Chinese version, The Universe Publishing House, 2000).

However, everyday people are all lost in a maze. As for the appearance of the giant black dragon, they explained that the phenomenon was associated with smoke from big chimneys. How then can they explain the spectacular incident of last month, when a cargo truck was chased by three flying saucers for over 20 miles? This is somewhat like what the Teacher said in a poem:


There are numerous living beings throughout the firmament.

Layer upon layer, each and every one has heaven and earth.

The spectacular scenes are infinitely intriguing.

Worldly humans are lost in a maze and don't awaken.

To see the scenes is easier said than done.

Cultivation practice is like climbing a ladder.

Only when one climbs to higher places can he clear the maze.

The magnificent sights are wonderful beyond words.