[Minghui] It happened early one morning in mid November. Two fellow practitioners and I went to a market area to post some materials exposing the truth about the persecution of Dafa here in China. When I was almost finished, I noticed that one of my hands was shaking while I was tearing off pieces of tape. It then occurred to me that I must get rid of the fear in my heart. When I walked to the next row of buildings, I found a policeman, both hands on his hips, waiting for me. I thought at that moment: "Okay, I finally have a chance to face the evil directly. Thank you, Master." I walked straight up to him. Standing in front of the policeman, I nodded to him with a smile. He nodded back with a forced smile. As I passed by him, he reluctantly cried out "Stop!" I said: "Oh yes, I should give you a piece of Dafa material." So I gave him one. "You're violating the law," he told me. I said: "Please look at it clearly. I was not breaking the law. I am just telling the truth. All that I have said is factual." He wanted me to tear up the Dafa materials. While I hesitated, he loudly read out what I had given him. I said "It was posted for only a little while and nobody has read it yet." He said "How come you're not listening to me? You must tear up those materials." Then a group of policemen ran up and joined us. One of them asked who had been caught. The officer who had caught me was in charge of the group. He said: "A Falun Gong propagandist." He ordered all of them to stand there and asked me to introduce Falun Gong to them. At the time, I wanted to cry out: "Oh, Master, your tremendous compassion is now displayed right in front of me." Including policemen and other people standing around there, about 30 people listened to my talk. I explained, using my personal experience, how beneficial to people Dafa could be and what vicious persecution has been inflicted upon it. I told them that they had all been cheated by lies. Some of them listened to me very solemnly with tears in their eyes. But one person shouted: "He said bad things about Jiang Zemin. Why not arrest him?" The police officer in-charge said: "You see, they want me to arrest you." I replied: "Do you want to do the same thing as they [the others who have persecuted Dafa] did?" He was speechless and could not find words to answer me. Thinking for a while, he ordered the others to go away, leaving himself, two other policemen, and me. He said to me "You can go home. But you need to pay a fine of 200 Yuan, or, you may choose not to come back. It's up to you. You can leave now." So I was released. Master Li said in the article Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s) that "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstances, evil is bound to be afraid of him. If every practitioner is able to do this, evil will of itself no longer exist. All of you are already aware of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will become non-existent. This is not to be self-imposed, but is achieved by calmly and truly letting go of it." I think that as long as we can follow Master's teaching; as long as we can devote all that we have as individuals to Dafa and assimilate with Dafa, we will have a strong and virtuous energy field. Not only can we avoid being controlled by the evil, but also the pure energy field generated by Dafa will suffocate the evil, and as a result, the evil will take the road to its doom. Practitioners in China December 20, 2000