[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Materials Are Being Spread in Shijiazhuang City

Recently, big banners carrying the words "Falun Dafa Is Good" appeared on public phone booths on the main streets, on wire poles, and on the walls of parks in Shijiazhuang city. There were also materials exposing the evil force and telling the truth about Falun Gong distributed at the buildings of residential communities and in the baskets of the residents' bikes.

[Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing] The Chinese Academy of Sciences Will Put a Group of Dafa Practitioners into Labor Reeducation Camps in a "Big Year-end Purge"

The Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is controlled by Jiang Zemin's son, started to put Dafa practitioners into labor reeducation camps once again, as this year came to an end. Master-degree student Chen Kaiqu was forced to suspend his schooling for persisting in Dafa cultivation. He was called back and arrested by the secretary of the Party committee of the Software Institute. The police instigated this action. Chen was later sent to Tiantanghe Labor Reeducation Camp. Some other practitioners are also missing. One graduate student was sent to labor reeducation camp from the work unit where he was studying. This student miraculously broke away from the evil forces and is forced to live on the streets at present.

Over five months ago, Haidian district of Beijing reached their 100 "labor reeducation quota". Consequently, a researcher of The Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhongguancun in his sixties, a youth academic mainstay, a post doctorate student, and a master degree student were all put into labor reeducation camps. Liu Jinghang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was the former associate chief assistant of Falun Gong Assistance Center of Haidian district, was sentenced to jail for 4 years.

"The People's Police" Now Appear to Serve Only Jiang Zemin, Causing the Police to Become Resented by the People throughout the Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has failed to 'transform' Dafa practitioners. In coordination with the 'big year-end purge' of Falun Gong, the leaders of Chinese Academy of Sciences fulfilled the "labor reeducation quota" with those practitioners they could find. The police were ordered to tyrannize kind people and even press work units, which caused a strong resentment among the employees of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who were forced to keep their ill feelings to themselves. Some policemen said in private, "The people's police now appear to serve only 'Jiang Zemin', and we have become 'bad guys' in the people's eyes throughout the entire Academy." "As long as the 'Old Jiang' is not willing to quit, we will continue to be resented as his servants."

[Jinan City, Shandong Province] More Serious Crimes Are Committed at the Guodian Transformation Class of Lixia District, Jinan City

More serious persecution and torture, besides beating and abuse, were applied to the practitioners who persisted in cultivating Falun Gong at the Guodian transformation class of Lixia district, Jinan City. Trying to attack the practitioners individually, the authorities separated the practitioners from each other and handcuffed practitioners to red-hot heating radiators with their tiptoes barely touching the ground and their feet soaked in cold water. The practitioners were burned so severely that drops of blood appeared on their hands. The evil people also used special needles to stab practitioners' fingers to force them to write a "Guarantee" (giving up practicing Falun Gong) and "Disclosure" letters. It is known that presently there are still over a dozen steadfast Dafa practitioners suffering these tortures. Their family members and relatives are not allowed to visit them during the period of these tortures, and those family members and relatives who are allowed to visit are forced to say those Dafa-slandering words drafted in advance. The practitioners are not allowed to meet their family members and relatives until after their wounds have healed. Such atrocities at this transformation class make one's hair stand on end.

Name list of people responsible for the persecution at the Guodian transformation class of Lixia district, Jinan city:

Li Qinghua, associate director general of Lixia branch of public security bureau of Jinan city: office phone: 011-86-531-691-5454, cellular phone: 011-86-13606406678;

Li Yiqing, political instructor of Silijie police station of Lixia district, Jinan city: office phone: 011-86-531-6923566;

Wang (last name), political instructor of Keyuanlu police station of Lixia district, Jinan city: office phone: 011-86-531-2967423.

[Xinjiang Autonomous Region] News

Since November 14th of this year, fourteen Dafa practitioners from Urumqi City were arrested for distributing materials that expose the truth. Among them there are Tang Longzhang, Wang Xin, Zhang Jianbo, and Gao Yuhong. We don't know what happened to them after their arrests.

Entering December, Xinjiang Public Security Bureau strengthened the suppression on Falun Gong day by day. Many practitioners were arrested illegally and sent to forced labor education. Some sources gave information that the order was issued by Luo Gan who came to Xinjiang. He claimed to be able to "thoroughly solve the Falun Gong problem". They also sent many special agents to Xinjiang to help the local authorities suppress and interfere with Falun Gong practitioners.

Presently, most of the practitioners who were arrested will be sent to labor education in a very short time. A few days ago, the People's court of Xinshi district of Urumqi City sentenced six practitioners to forced labor education. Among them, Hu Jingyao was sentenced to two and a half years of forced labor education.

Practitioner Zhang Wangsheng and six other practitioners were arrested while they were distributing materials clarifying the truth of Dafa.

We still don't know their whereabouts.

On December 19th, 27 practitioners from Urumqi City held a small Fa-study meeting. The police arrested all the attendees of the meeting. There is no further information about these practitioners yet.

Expose the Evil

Bai Gang, the policeman in charge of the crackdown on Falun Gong at the political security department of Shayibake district police substation of Urumqi City, treats the arrested practitioners very cruelly. Once, when he interrogated a practitioner who refused to turn in other practitioners, he brutally beat this practitioner up and broke the practitioner's ribs. He didn't stop the torture even then. He deprived this seriously injured practitioner of sleep by shining a 300-watt lamp on the practitioner.

Bai Gang's pager number: 011-86-5870888-8088

[Qingzhou City, Shandong Province] Expose the Evil

Vice director of Qingzhou Public Security Bureau: Wang Jiantang

Wang is the leader who is fully responsible for suppressing Falun Gong and persecuting practitioners. (Home phone: 011-86-536-3228368)

Political Security Department of Qingzhou Public Security Bureau: Qi Qinghai

Qi is responsible for collecting intelligence on Falun Gong. Qi compiled a list of all Falun Gong practitioners in Qingzhou city. He is also very enthusiastic in sending practitioners to labor education, as well as detaining and jailing practitioners.

Director of Railway Branch of Qingzhou Public Security Bureau: Hou Ming

Hou is the accomplice of the authorities. He is responsible for intercepting and arresting practitioners who go to Beijing to appeal by train.

Vice Captain of Police the Unit of Qingzhou Public Security Bureau: Li Lanxiang

Li is the accomplice of the authorities that have intercepted and arrested many practitioners on their way to Beijing to appeal.

Director of Political Security Department of Qingzhou Public Security Bureau: Zuo Hengfa

Home phone: 011-86-536-3229829

Director of Yunhe Police Station of Qingzhou City: Zhao Qingguo

Home Phone: 011-86-536-3259612