[Clearwisdom.net] All of our family members, relatives, friends and kind-hearted people, please receive our greetings from the more than 100 Dafa practitioners being held in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp.

Dafa practitioners cultivate according to the ultimate characteristics of the universe, "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance". But the evil force led by Jiang Zemin hate "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" so much that they started persecuting us Dafa practitioners on July 20, 1999. We are arrested, detained, sent to labor camps and sentenced to jail without cause. Once being thrown into prison, they treat us even more cruelly; they torture Dafa practitioners with police batons, rubber belts, electric prods, wooden clubs, ropes, handcuffs and shackles. For example, after being held for validating Dafa, practitioners Wang Shan and Li Zhen witnessed the torture done to practitioners by Police in the middle of July this year at a certain detention center in Hebei Province.

Li Zhen was taken away by three Policemen. Starting at 9am, four male policemen took turns to slap her face for 4 hours; after that, they ground on the back of her hands with their feet. In the afternoon, they used an electric prod repeatedlyeach time when she came to, she was shocked back into unconsciousness. The policemen didn't stop until 11pm.

At the end of July, they caught 5 Dafa practitioners in Beijing, who refused to tell their home addresses. A Shanghai practitioner (28-year-old, single) was already shocked so seriously in Beijing that her two legs were covered with little holes and turned black and blue all over. The next evening, two male policemen and one male prisoner came in and took turns to slap a Shangdong practitioner (36-year-old) and the Shanghai practitioner in the face, then they whipped practitioners with a leather belt and a whip. They whipped one woman in the face after cursed viciously "Eat ribbon fish! "" By that time, practitioners 'couldn't tell what kind of equipment they were using. The Shanghai practitioner's face bled from the beating. They handcuffed practitioners' hands at the back and forced them to bend over until breakfast time the next morning. They were even crueler to a Xinjiang practitioner (a University lecturer, 29-year-old) with sadistic torture. They thread her nipples together with electrical wire, handcuffed her arms at the back and surged electricity through her. Wang Shan heard her painful scream during the entire morning when she was being ""interrogated in the next room. Wang Shan herself was also electric shocked. They cuffed her arms and legs to an iron stand in front of her, fixed her two thumbs with electric wire and began to pulse electricity. About one week later, Dafa practitioners, who had been captured for legal appealing , left there one after another with scars all over their bodies.

There are numerous examples of Dafa practitioners being persecuted, according to incomplete statistics; the number of practitioners confirmed having died as a direct result of the persecution in the country has reached 95. [These are only a very few of the cases we know about/ed), ""

Kind-hearted people, our relatives and friends who have a righteous mindset, please wake up! We appeal urgently that kind people shouldn't be treated unjustly forever, please say something fair for the truth ------ restore the reputation of our Dafa and our Teacher. At present, many family members of Falun Gong practitioners have gone to the Police to get their family members released. There are also some Police that have taken the initiative to apologize to Falun Gong practitioners' family members. We hope you can take some action to cooperate during the present Fa-rectification situation, and get your family members back home as soon as possible.

Wishing you a wonderful future on the day when the great truth is disclosed!

Wishing you could join us that day in the celebration all over the world!

Dafa Practitioners

December 2000

(All the names in this article are pseudonyms)