My husband Sun Ruijian was 29 years old and lived on Zhangwan Shang Street North #48, Ninde City, Fujian Province. He left home on November 7th, 2000 to appeal for Falun Gong and arrived in Beijing the next day. At midnight, he was arrested by the Beijing police while on his way to the hotel, and disappeared without a trace. On December 1st, we received notice from the Politics and Law Commission of the Ninde City, advising us to go to the city of Nanping to bring him home. We met with the local officials around 10pm that evening and were told that my husband had passed away. They claimed that two Fujian police were sent to bring him back from Beijing, and that he died after jumping out of the train at 4pm on November 29th someplace between the cities of Shunchang and Xiayang. After repeated requests from us, the police showed us a portion of their so-called evidence, which they said supported the claim that he had jumped out of the train on his own.

The next day, when we asked to see the body, the police made an outrageous request they said that the only way for us to see the body was to sign a form agreeing to cremate him immediately. After our refusal, they relented and said that we could see the body first, but then we would have to sign the form agreeing to cremation right away. The local officials tried to talk to me and pressure me (into going along with their plans of cremating the body right away). I began to grow more and more suspicious over the actual cause of my husband's death, and I saw a number of red flags. The way that the authorities tried to get the family to agree to cremation right away without letting us know more about how he really died is very troubling. Something else suspicious is that normally an autopsy would only be performed after getting the permission from the family first, but when we saw his body, a thorough autopsy had already been performed without our knowledge. Because of these troubling signs, I cannot accept the explanation that the local police has given for the cause of Sun Ruijian's death.

A person's life is a very precious gift, and a person's death is a very serious matter. I strongly demand a full investigation to be conducted into the death of my husband, and sincerely hope that the local authorities and government officials will agree to the investigation.

Contact Person: Zhang Hui (the wife of Sun Ruijian), phone number is 86-591-23594132358583.

December 15th, 2000

Note: (1) A number of local practitioners, including Lin Ru and Wang Yi, were arrested and held along with Sun Ruijian. Probably because the police are afraid of their evil deeds being exposed, all their whereabouts are unknown right now. (2) When his wife saw his remains, an autopsy had already been performed. His eyes were strikingly protruded, which strongly indicates that he had been brutally beaten right before his death.