Since October 1999, there have been more than 1500 Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the Masanjia Labor Education Camp in Liaoning Province. The evil forces there are very ferocious. They dominate almost everything. They abuse practitioners by spreading rumors and with the most vicious verbal and psychological abuse. They have tortured and even killed committed Falun Dafa practitioners. They have clearly rejected their own human nature and have perpetrated such barbarous crimes.

In this hellish place, those so-called "transformed people" (note: practitioners who have given up their practice and belief under extreme abuse and torture) are actually controlled by demons, and behave contrary to the requirements of the teachings of Falun Dafa. They have been put to use as some of the most effective tools against genuine Falun Dafa practitioners. They attempt to brainwash all newly arrested Dafa practitioners there. A group of up to eight of them was formed into a re-education team. They force practitioners to denounce Falun Dafa. People who refuse to do so are forced to suffer physical abuse, and be beaten by criminals, shocked with electric batons, detained in solitary confinement, in total darkness, and assigned intensive labor. All have had their connection with the outside world severed.

However, the faith of the real cultivators is as firm as a mountain, and is unshakable by the evil forces. This is also unbearable for those evil people and they are very afraid of it. The maltreatment towards genuine practitioners then has become even more cruel and frenzied. Their cruelty is astonishing. Here, the writer has omitted the true names of the victims for their safety.

Practitioner A, an engineer living in Liaoning Province, went to Beijing to appeal and was detained at the Masanjia Labor Education Camp in March 2000. She has suffered ever since. Sometimes she was beaten, and sometimes tortured with electric batons. Despite this maltreatment, she is still firmly cultivating Dafa. No matter how they treat her, she always treats the perpetrators with a benevolent heart and a righteous mind. She tries to share her knowledge of the Great Law with them and defend the reputation of Dafa. She would never denounce Dafa. The sadistic guards have then resorted to use a daily routine of physical punishment. She has been punished by being made to squat everyday from morning to midnight without rest. One drug-abuser viciously beat her in the washroom. She was once slapped in the face nine times by an instructor in one forced re-education session. Originally her figure was plump but now she has become emaciated from the torture. However, her belief in Dafa has become increasingly firm.

Practitioner B, a person who graduated from a university and employed by a company, appealed in Beijing in August 2000 and was arrested and detained in this labor camp. She was badly tortured mentally and physically. Because she refused to denounce Dafa, she was often treated with a physical punishment called "90-degree airplane" (standing with the head bent down as far as possible and the arms and hands as far up as possible), many times for extended periods of time. She was deprived of sleep. She was also deprived of the right to see her immediate family members. Her every connection to the outside world has been totally cut off.

Practitioner C was tortured severely because those evil people are afraid of her practicing the Falun Gong exercises. Many times, they have used electric batons to electrocute her. This suffering has made her pass out many times. They then pour cold water on her to wake her up. After each time she was tortured, her body was always injured badly and she would lose consciousness. She looked so terrible that whoever saw her would be moved to tears. She has been tortured in this way so many times that she has almost lost herself and she was often looking for cloth with which to hang herself. However, the people who have abused her denied her sickness and said that she was just pretending. People in the same cell told the supervisor to let her go home because she was in such a terrible shape. However, the supervisor responded that the labor camp's reputation would be damaged if he released her. After she had lost awareness, the police still do not stop harassing her. Afraid of her doing the exercises, they watch her everyday.

Practitioner D was firmly cultivating Dafa and was tortured with electric batons many times. This has caused her to lose her memory and even lose the control of her bowl movement and urine. She has even forgotten her own name. She cannot even recognize the people who are familiar to her. Her condition has become that of a child of 3 or 4 years old. This has lasted for a very long period of time. Now, she has recovered a little bit. Under such a serious circumstance, she was forced to sign an agreement to give up her cultivation.

One other practitioner could no longer endure this kind of long-term torture and she had forced herself to swallow a strange object. Now, that object is still in her stomach. Doctors have said that it should be taken out with a surgical procedure. However, the instructor told her to have it done after she is back home. This is another attempt to force her change her belief. If she does not give up her belief, she would not be allowed to go home, and thus this object would remain in her stomach. Currently, she is still in detention. They forcefully brainwash her by forcing her to read fake materials that defame Falun Dafa everyday until midnight without letting her rest.

Listing all the torture that Falun Dafa practitioners suffer would be impossible. Because those evil people are afraid of being exposed, the practitioners mentioned above were always brought into another separate room to receive the torture; so many details remain unknown. Other detailed information of the tortures practitioners suffered is blocked and is unknown to us.

Through these proven cases which, were written with blood and tears, we are shocked to see the severity of the abuse of human rights. Where is the law in our country? Do human rights only exist in Jiang Zemin's mouth when he is in front of international media?

Practicing Falun Dafa is the basic human right of every individual in the world. "Follow Teacher closely, steadfastly cultivating Dafa" is forever the unshakable belief of a genuine practitioner! We strongly request Chinese Government to stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, release all innocently detained, jailed, and sentenced practitioners, return innocence to Falun Dafa, and restore Master Li Hongzhi's reputation.