It is hard for people's thinking to step out of the 'external shell' of concepts and notions, and we like to use concepts overlapping upon concepts to engage in simple judgments. This is not only a very lazy way of thinking, but at the same time, it is unknowingly firmly holding on to human notions. If practitioners also do things in this manner, then a unique situation occurs: when we do hongfa (Fa promotion) and assist Master in rectifying the Fa, when we encounter parts that don't conform to our previous concepts, we often use the phrase 'participating in politics' to scare ourselves away.

The Dafa encompasses everything and all sentient beings are within it. Thus, Fa rectification affects every sentient being and every person, it affects those who are 'participating in politics' in different ways, and it is a direct assault on the deviant, so-called 'politics' created by deviant people. Those well-hidden evil forces will naturally pull out the most wicked part of 'politics' for us to see, frightening the human part of us that doesn't understand, and always 'reminding' us that this, that, and the other are all 'participating in politics.' Their purpose is to make us willingly protect and maintain all that is not righteous in the human realm.

The things that we do in the process of assisting the Master in Fa rectification have already affected everything in the human realm, including the deviant manner of existence of human beings and the form of society, and included amongst these are also things that people whose morality has degenerated consider to be 'politics.'

There is a saying: "A righteous man fears no criticism." Even if people say that we seem to be 'participating in politics,' we have never made any selfish demands for personal power. That, in and of itself, is completely different in kind from the 'participating in politics' of everyday people. In fact, it isn't 'participating in politics' at all, and, more accurately speaking, it fundamentally has nothing to do with politics. My understanding is that 'justice in the human realm' is also a necessary and positive element of the universal Dafa at the human level. Touching upon so-called political issues, pointing out the incorrect states that exist amongst human beings, and especially pointing out the utterly malicious actions directed against the Dafa, is not 'participating in politics' but is, instead, a harbinger of the good moral values of the future humankind.

Dafa rectifying the Fa in the human realm, of course, uses the most righteous standards to assess and evaluate everything. However, when it comes to the level of everyday people, then there have to be some ordinary forms; for example, *what is this Fa, and the appeals for 'human rights,' 'justice,' 'fairness,' and there's nothing particularly unacceptable about that sort of thing. I believe that as for those malicious people who slander the heavenly Fa, defame Master, and persecute Dafa practitioners, it may be that one day they will be sent to court, one by one, to face the judgment of the justice of the human realm. This layer of the Fa of the human realm also needs to be perfected and harmonized.

We don't accept the human concepts and notions that try to interfere with us. Instead, starting from the foundations of the Dafa, we try to actively break through those thoughts and the various material factors that make us reluctant to move forward.

Just some personal understandings.

A Practitioner in Mainland China

October 6, 2000