[Zhengzhou City] The flyer "Jiang Zemin Cannot Shirk the Responsibility for the Persecution of Falun Gong" is spreading to streets and lanes throughout Zhengzhou City.

On October 1, the truth clarifying materials such as "Jiang Zemin Cannot Shirk the Responsibility for the Persecution of Falun Gong" appeared on public telephone booths, wire poles, bulletin boards, gates, apartment buildings throughout all districts and streets of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Though it was drizzling that day, many pedestrians stopped to read those materials. It was estimated that there were more than 2,000 copies of truth clarifying materials posted in the city. By dusk when I submitted this article, there were still many articles posted. It seems that most people, except those, like the policemen, who are afraid of truthfulness and benevolence, want to keep these materials as long as possible in order to let more people read them.

[Beijing] The Atmosphere in Beijing was Tight on Oct 5th

Policemen, army, and riot-prevention officers were everywhere in Beijing today. Patrolmen wearing steel helmets and armed with submachine guns were patrolling along the streets in three-wheeled motor vehicles. Plainclothes officers were standing or wandering on main streets and bus stations. Many police wagons were stationed outside Beijing railway station and subway exits. Policemen were checking up on pedestrians, and once a Falun Dafa practitioner is discovered, he or she will be thrown into wagons. If one wagon becomes full, a nearby wagon will be drawn in immediately to take up more practitioners.

Riot-prevention squads equipped with steel helmets, submachine guns, and tear gas densely covered Tiananmen Square.

In addition to this, policemen of all districts visited and informed Falun Gong practitioners during the morning and night, telling them not to go out for two days. A veteran practitioner's wife was frightened to tears when a dozen of policemen climbed over the yard wall of her house to arrest her husband and check whether they were housing any practitioners from outside Beijing. The veteran practitioner just happened to be out and was not arrested. Many practitioners have disappeared mysteriously; many were arrested and taken away from their homes. Some special agents were deployed to dig out more practitioners. Please be careful when you go out and make sure nobody is following you.

[Beijing] Practitioners arrested on Oct. 5 in Tiananmen Square jailed in a drug-abstention center, and then will be sent to a newly built "Concentration Camp" in Xinjiang province.

It is said that the Public Security Department had an internal communication on Oct 4, saying there will be about 10,000 people going to Tiananmen Square on Oct 5, all levels of police shall be alert for it. Practitioners arrested on Oct. 5 in Tiananmen Square were jailed in a drug-detox center in Beijing. Internal sources said those practitioners will later be sent to a newly built "Concentration Camp" for Dafa practitioners in Xinjiang province [a remote and isolated region].

Recently, most of the veteran practitioners in Beijing began to wake up and join in the "Fa rectifying" activity. Their mindsets have made a great leap overnight; they've changed from uncertainty to committment in their minds, which is indeed a significant change.

[Beijing] A Story of Protecting the Fa on Oct. 1

Three practitioners went to Tiananmen Square on Oct. 1. Seeing there were so many people on the square, they couldn't make up their minds on how to start. They had planed to do the exercises but changed their minds when finding out that there will be a group practice in the afternoon. Later, from being enlightened by Teacher and seeing other fellow practitioners continually being taken away, they immediately decided to do the exercises. By the time they raised their hands to hold the wheel, the police came over and beat them. They tried to break loose from the grasp of the police and really felt the arms of the policemen were so feeble, and they spoke loudly "Falun Dafa is the Orthodox Law."

After that, the three practitioners were kicked onto a police wagon. They kept on speaking loudly, "Falun Dafa is the Orthodox Law" while on the police wagon. They saw from the window that many fellow practitioners were spreading flyers; some practitioners wrote "Falun Dafa is good" on little flags and placed them everywhere. Many practitioners were trying to jump out over the rail fence. One of them was thrown back several times by the police when he jumped out; he was knocked out after being thrown forcefully to the ground . A crowd of onlookers formed a circle around this practitioner. The policeman was frightened too. He then shouted loudly that "Aren't you protected by your Teacher's fashen [law body]? If yes, you should be able to stand up." By the end of his last word, the practitioner opened his eyes and stood up. The practitioners were sent to Tiananmen branch station afterwards. At that branch station, when this practitioner realized that "a god is not to be controlled by human beings", he began to walk out and the other practitioner followed him. Another practitioner who was standing opposite to them saw this and also followed them out. The policeman turned a blind eye to them when they walked out; even the policeman at the gate was very surprised at seeing their release so soon. The three practitioners went back home safely and they are now doing a better job of clarifying the truth to the public.

[Qingdao City] Practitioners in custody at Qingdao City were transferred to prison secretly at the rural area of Zibo City.

About 30 Dafa practitioners in custody at Qingdao City were secretly transferred to a prison at Zibo rural area on the midnight of September 27.

Names of male practitioners known as far are: Sun Hong, Sun Guangli, Gao Xiusheng, Liu Chengjiang, Ji Dianhao, He Shuwen, Sun Guangqing, Li Zongshou , Wu Xiufang, Zou Songtao, and Liu Zengyue. They all have been sentenced to 3 years.

Names of female practitioners known as far are: Cui Weirui, Min Huirong, Du Huiming, Qiu Suqiao, and Yuan Xuexian. They all have been sentenced to 3 years.

[Liaoning Province] To suppress Falun Gong, the Liaoning Province's security department has installed a phone tap.

It was told that the security department of Liaoning province spent a lot of money installing a modern phone tap device to help with the suppression of Falun Gong. This device can be used to arbitrarily choose any phone conversation to monitor. In addition, Changchun city has sent out many plainclothes policemen waiting at spots to catch practitioners who spread the Dafa flyers. Practitioners in China, please be more cautious for your safety.

[Guangzhou] The whole family practices Falun Dafa, their hearts are connected.

A practitioner from Guangzhou city, 36 years old, engineer, has been in custody since last July. His wife, also a practitioner, decided to bring Master Li's new scriptures to him in jail because she knew that he would like to read them. However, she was very sad because she had to leave their 7 years old child home alone and she knew that she might not be able to come back. Before she left home, she prepared everything for the child and told the kid, "If you can not find Mom when you come back from school, you can take all the money from this drawer and go to aunty X (also a practitioner), and she will take care of you." Then she headed to the jail with her husband's clothes and Master Li's scriptures. The scriptures were delivered and she came back home safely. She later told the child what she had done. The kid has now started to memorize the scriptures and said, "If I get a chance to see my Dad next time, I will recite Master Li's scriptures to him."

[Comments from an observer] Please post the names and addresses of individuals and units who have brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners

Although I do not practice Falun Gong, I support what you have done to step forward in the face of the brutal persecution and the tyranny. Especially, it is a good idea to publish the names of those who have arbitrarily arrested and brutally beaten up people. When I looked at the picture showing the policeman pressing his foot on the face of the practitioner who was beaten up, I became very upset. Why not post their names, the names of their work unit, and their addresses on the Internet? People from all over the world will write to them and warn them that the good will be rewarded with good, and the evil with evil. I also suggest you setup a website or BBS with a name that is easy to remember. It can be specifically used to post the names of those who beat people, take people into custody and torture them (not just limited to the victims who are Falun Gong practitioners). Thanks!