Once again my eyes are full of tears...

Fellow practitioners, you know that so much time has been given to people for them to wake up to reality because human beings are lost in a maze. However, during the extended period of time, some fellow practitioners, who have woken up, are still hesitating and having difficulties making improvements along the way of cultivation. For those who are in great tribulations, have you ever realized that this perhaps will be the final extended period of time? We are being measured by the highest standards and tested seriously and strictly because we are cultivating the most righteous Fa [laws and principles of Falun Dafa]. We cultivate to truly become the great-enlightened beings of the universe. This is no joke. Some earthly events make people feel solemn, such as raising the national flag, playing the national anthem, inaugural ceremonies, eulogies for heroes, and other serious occasions. However, everything in this world is merely a formality of existence in the last and the weakest dimension of this immense universe. Do you know how solemn your Fruit Status [attainment level through cultivation] will be after reaching Consummation? If the words "solemn" and "earnest" were used to describe things that are in high levels, everything in this world would count for nothing. Cultivation is serious. Do you deserve to be called a practitioner of this most solemn Dafa [great law] of the universe?

Tears of pain and helplessness from fellow practitioners contain infinite words that have poured from their hearts. Fellow practitioners, the predestined cultivation relationship is far beyond the relationship of your parents, spouse, or siblings and that is why we care so much about each other. However, it is most distressing to see that your strong attachments that are difficult to give up have such an influence over your rational thinking. As a result, your attitude towards Dafa is not firm and resolute, and thus you have forever lost the opportunity to cultivate in this serious test.

We have hoped so much that you will be able to, at such a serious moment, maintain a clear mind, eliminate various kinds of interferences, and cooperate with Teacher harmoniously in order to complete the last period of cultivation. All cultivation practices are noble and our consummation must also be noble and dignified. Everything we experience during the process of helping the Teacher with his Fa rectification is recorded in detail. Countless Buddhas, Taos, and Gods in the universe are watching to see whether we are worthy of achieving Consummation in Dafa! Why can't we do it even better? Let's ask ourselves if we only want to gain these wonderful treasures from Teacher while not wanting to pay the price. Needless to say, we have not really paid anything. We are the ones being saved. We are not the ones who have sacrificed and the ones who have given. We should be able to evaluate things with rationality and benevolence. Teacher has already shouldered too much for us. Haven't you also thought that Teacher should not postpone the ending time, immediately start destroying those evil beings who are sabotaging Dafa, and formally conclude cultivation practice? Do you think that destroying those evil beings that are sabotaging Dafa is the sole purpose? Just like what the prophet said, "the flesh without the soul no longer needs to make sacrifice, and on the day they die they will melt within nature." However, this is part of the process but not the purpose. If this were the purpose, then why would Teacher bother to spend so much effort to spread Fa and offer salvation? With a wave of a hand, he can destroy and recreate everything. How simple would that be? As you know, it has been done like this in the past. Has not this earth been destroyed several times? For Teacher, he would not have to shoulder much suffering for all beings, and he would not have to work day and night to save us. Why would Teacher bother to extend the time to wait for those who might wake up to reality, when his other disciples have already lost their patience and do not want to wait? Although there are going to be many lives eliminated from this speck of dust, the purpose is not the elimination. You shouldn't take elimination as a positive thing. You should learn to think about others and learn to try your best to save others. If there is a gleam of hope for one to achieve consummation, then you should be considerate for this person. That is benevolence. Elimination is not formal retribution either. You should not think this way even if there has been so much unfairness happening to you or you understand that many lives are bound to be eliminated. We cultivate benevolence and thus should maintain a pure heart of benevolence while being considerate to others. Validate Dafa ceaselessly and selflessly, and play the role of a Dafa disciple during the process of Fa rectification.

Fellow practitioners, at present crucial moment, we must be clear-minded in the Fa.

Chen, Tuoyu

Dafa practitioner