It is the Fa-rectification of the universe that has created our invaluable opportunity for cultivation this time. Hence, disregarding the reality of the Dafa's broadest dissemination and straying from the progress of the Fa-rectification can not be further from this special cultivation. The immense inner meanings throughout the process of the Fa-rectification produce the only cultivation environment for every practitioner to advance and ascend, and lead him to embark on the path to Consummation.

During the process of the Fa-rectifying, the evil force is bound to wreak havoc and put up resistance; this is determined by its very wickedness. On the other hand, the ebb and extinction of the evil force during the Fa-rectifying is another inevitabilityan inevitability on a higher level and within the largest dimension. A failure to see this point, however, will hurl a practitioner off track on the main path to consummate righteous cultivation, with the practitioner himself ending up being harassed by evil.

Someone asked Teacher about the chances of Consummation for those attaining the Fa close to the deadline of cultivation. Teacher said, "Well, I might just as well tell you that present cultivators are different from future cultivators. We all know that the Fa-rectifying is in progress, because the Fa is no longer orthodox. You are a particle harmonized by the Fa-rectifying on the lowest level of the Fa-rectification. In other words, your own cultivation is associated with the whole issue of the Dafa. This is precisely why it is so magnificent. Its greatest magnificence lies in the fact that you are able to harmonize the Fa in the world."

The greatness of our cultivation this time manifests in our own cultivation during the process of assisting Teacher and the Fa-rectifying of the universe. Thus, it contains enormous inner meanings. Put it briefly, it is a process of putting oneself in the broadest dissemination of the Fa and constantly tempering oneself; also a process of continuously ascending to become a particle meeting the demands of the Dafa, and making our due contribution to the progress of the Fa-rectification. Only because of the coincidence that we live in a period of Fa-rectifying did we have the chance to hear such profound principles about the Fa, understand the essence of the universe and life, and grasp the true significance of being human. This will make us surpass numerous dimensions attainable to us in the past, and eventually be audience to the supreme principle of the Fa. Separated from the progress of the Fa-rectifying, no one can attain his Consummation.

With the destruction wrought by Jiang Zemin, the evil force manifests itself in this human dimension, the lowest level in the universe. Its unparalleled brutality and terror only announces the coming of its own extinction. The most abominable is also the most superficial, thus the weakest and final at the same time. Being hampered by the likes of Jiang Zeming, which goes totally against our original motive for cultivation, is the least justifiable and worthwhile. Their desperation to obstruct cultivators, with the meanest devices and tactics, is actually to prevent us from reaching the goal of our cultivation.

In summary, at a point when the residue of rootless evil in the universe is about to be rid of, our only task, in a nutshell, is to let go of our attachment to life and death, and step forward to cultivate in earnest at this very last moment. Let's validate the Dafa to the world people, in spite of the risks, in spite of detention, and in spite of death. Amidst this tribulation, we will gain our ever-lasting and blissful life.

One Dafa Practitioner

Date: September 27, 2000