Yuhe County is one of the seven "major transforming centers" in Weicheng District of Weifang City, Shandong Province. After Oct. 1st, 2000, around twenty Falun Dafa practitioners were taken to the county government. They went to Beijing to appeal, after which they were caught and sent back, to be cruelly tortured. Some of them even fainted many times because of the brutal beatings. Amongst them, there was a female practitioner who was over 50 years old. The thugs splashed her with cold water after she fainted because of the beating, and then continued to beat her when she regained consciousness. As a result, her ankles became severely swollen, and her whole body was bruised. Other Dafa practitioners were illegally detained because they made the truth of Dafa known to people around the world. Faced with such cruel beatings, one practitioner could not endure the suffering of the brutal torture any longer, so he disclosed that he obtained the promotional materials of clarifying the facts about Falun Gong from Falun Dafa practitioner, Xuan Chengxi. Thereby, Xuan Chengxi was dragged to the government of Yuhe County on Oct. 12. The thugs include Chu Yongsheng (secretary of the county's Committee of Politics and Law), Chen Yonghua (director of the administrative office of the county), a county staff member, Chen Longshan, and a person whose surname is Yang (head of the Armed Forces Department), took turns beating Xuan Chengxi until he died from the painful brutality. After Xuan Chengxi was beaten to death, the relevant departments and the county government tightly blocked the passage of information, closed the village where practitioner Xuan lived, and forbade the people from coming or going in order to keep the news from leaking out. Without first notifying his relatives, they secretly had his body cremated.

Xuan Chengxi, male, 61 years old, lived in Dongxia village, Beiguan of Weicheng District. He was honest and kind, and thus was held in high esteem in the village. The villagers were shocked by the bloody news that he had been beaten to death. The village, in which Xuan Chengxi lived, is very close to that of Chen Zixiu, another Dafa practitioner who was also beaten to death (Note: Her case was reported by the Wall Street Journal). Both of them belonged to the Beiguan area of the Weicheng District.

Zhang Zhiyou, male, 45 years old, lived in Yuhe County, Weicheng District of Weifang City, Shandong Province. Both he and his wife are Falun Dafa practitioners. The couple has taken good care of their parents and was always happy to help others, which has earned them a good reputation in their village.

On July 21st, 1999, the couple was taken to the county government because they went to Beijing to appeal. They were brutally beaten up and were forced to pay 1,700 Yuan RMB (about $200) as an economic punishment. In October of 1999, while the wife of Zhang Zhiyou, Li Lingyun went to Beijing to appeal, the county government officials dragged Zhang to the judicial office, and then cruelly beat him. He was physically abused for an entire day. In April of 2000, Li Lingyun once again went to Beijing to appeal. After she was escorted back to Weifang, the county government officials beat her so cruelly that she lost consciousness. The thugs didn't want to bear the responsibility, so they asked a Falun Dafa practitioner to send her back home in a tricycle. Zhang Zhiyou hid himself away from his home for a month. However, he was still unable to escape the adversity after he returned. He was so brutally beaten by the county government officials that his whole body was bruised. He still felt burdened with pressure in the chest two months later and the suffering was so unbearable that he could hardly breathe. The couple was forced to pay 8,000 Yuan RMB as a fine. They borrowed money from all around, and thus their life became extremely difficult.

On Oct. 4th, 2000, in order to clarify the truth of Falun Gong and say a few just words for Dafa, they once again went to Beijing to appeal. On Oct 5th, they were deceived by a plainclothes policeman at a corner in Tiananmen Square, and then were transferred to Weifang agency in Beijing. On the early morning of Oct. 6th, on their way back, Zhang Zhiyou clearly knew that even if he were not beaten to death, he would be subjected to severe torture after being sent back to Yuhe County. Due to the new round of persecution from "the Chinese Central Government", the policy of persecuting Falun Gong has been well known by almost everyone. Under the new policy of persecution of Falun Gong, the action taken by the thugs against Falun Gong has become more rampant. Therefore, Zhang Zhiyou decided to return to Beijing to appeal for the innocence of Falun Gong. When the train reached Cangzhou, practitioner Zhang, along with another four practitioners, jumped out of the window of the train while the policemen were fast asleep. Zhang Zhiyou died. His body was forcibly cremated in Cangzhou on Oct 8th.

During the past year, as one of the seven "major transforming centers" of Weicheng District, Yuhen County government has always enjoyed a "high reputation" for their "various means" and "vicious measures" of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Many kind-hearted, innocent practitioners were cruelly persecuted there. The number of tortures are countless, including piercing through fingers with push pins, shocking with electric batons, beating with wooden clubs, and lashing with rubber pipes, etc. While the innumerable scars still have not disappeared from the practitioners' arms and backs, the vicious people, who are utterly conscienceless, were incited by the new policy of persecuting Falun Gong to commit yet another heinous crime. Two healthy and kind Dafa practitioners have thus been deprived of their lives.

All kind-hearted people of Weicheng District: Since July 20th, 1999, six Dafa practitioners of Weicheng District have been persecuted to death, including Zhou Chunmei and her daughter Sun Xiaobai, Chen Zixiu, Wang Peisheng, Zhang Zhiyou, and Xuan Chengxi. Please bear the evil crimes of the Weifang government in mind. The universal principle of "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil." will reveal the evil's retribution to the people around the world.

Falun Dafa practitioners

Oct 14th, 2000