In the Masanjia Prison of Shenyang, Liaoning province, the debased prison guards stripped the clothes from 18 female Dafa practitioners and put them into the Men's jail cells. The resulting abuse they suffered was so disgusting and terrifying. Many female practitioners told their visiting relatives that the place was too terrifying and evil for a person to imagine.

It was said that Luo Gan, a high ranking official from the central Communist Party of China, was monitoring the process in that prison. To prevent leaking this information to the public, the prison has not released any Dafa practitioners yet.

All Dafa practitioners in China call on the people all over the world to pay attention to the lives and human rights of the Dafa practitioners in China.

Below is the contact information by which you can report the crimes:

Email for the government of Shenyang City:

Phone number of the Center for reporting crimes in Shenyang City: 2211

Phone number of Committee of Discipline and Investigation: 86 24 22875255

Public Security of Shenyang: 86 24 22826445

October 17, 2000

(Translated on October 18, 2000 from and