October 18, 2000 Honorable Nobel Prize Nomination Committee, Peace is the manifestation of compassion in human nature. For a country, peace is an ideal of mankind and is the optimal state of civilization in which people live harmoniously and advance together. For individuals, peace is a spirit and also a virtue, which requires great compassion for and understanding of others, and requires great inner strength and courage, especially when facing disputes or conflicts. As we enter the 21st Century, the world longs for peace, justice, and health more than ever before. Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, has made outstanding contributions to society precisely in these areas. Through his teachings of the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, Mr. Li Hongzhi has deepened people's understanding of the spirit and the virtue of peace. He has provided people greater spiritual strength to achieve peace not only in daily life but also when facing vicious persecution. Since 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi has been tirelessly teaching the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, allowing people to obtain the fundamental way of achieving a peaceful mind and healthy body. In Mr. Lis view, virtue and peace are inseparable. He has provided people with a comprehensive new way for resolving conflict and strife, i.e., by seeking within oneself, applying the virtues of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance under all circumstances. In just eight short years, his teaching has effectively enabled millions to transform the various conflicts and strife in their lives into more harmonious situations. In order to let more people learn the principles of Falun Gong, Mr. Li has tirelessly traveled around the world. He has opened the door to mind and body cultivation to millions of people in more than 40 countries, regardless of their race, belief, age, gender, wealth, social status and without regard for his own personal benefit. He has made invaluable contributions toward promoting world peace by living by and promoting solid traditional moral values and the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance that he has enlightened to. I believe that in a society filled with violence and conflict, the principles Mr. Li has taught will become one of the foundations for the lasting peace of mankind. During the past year, his students have already testified to this through their remarkable practice. In July 1999, the Chinese government began a brutal crackdown against Falun Gong. Mr. Li Hongzhi and his students have impressed the whole world with their peaceful, non-violent, and compassionate actions. These admirable facts have been demonstrated in front of our very eyes. His students both in China and abroad have held themselves to the highest standard of peaceful action while being brutally persecuted and suppressed and they continue to carry on their work for justice and human rights. During the past year, despite the inhumane crackdown, they have maintained their way of calm and compassion, trying to resolve the issue through a peaceful dialogue. Last year, Chinese officials demanded that the international police organization (INTERPOL) arrest Mr. Li, they used state media to viciously attack and smear his reputation, confiscated and burned over 10 million Falun Gong books, and systematically persecuted his students. Mr. Li and his students have endured all this with amazing forbearance. They do not respond in kind with anger or violence. Millions of Falun Gong practitioners have suffered through this brutality while maintaining a peaceful heart, often using their peaceful exercises to demonstrate to the world the meaning of, and perhaps a higher manifestation of, peace. The scope of such a non-violent movement is virtually unprecedented. They have endured without anger or complaint, without hatred or impatience; instead, they have maintained a compassionate heart. The practitioners have mercifully looked into the eyes of those who arrested and tortured them, and have, in some instances, even moved them to tears. Despite the vicious persecution during the past year, despite the risk of losing their jobs, housing, their family, freedom or even their lives, Falun Gong practitioners in China have continually stepped forward to make a peaceful appeal not only for their own human rights and spiritual belief, but also for the justice of all Chinese citizens and spiritual groups. For some reason, these Falun Gong practitioners do not appear to be victims. They dont have self-pity; on the contrary, they are contributing tirelessly and fearlessly for the human rights of more people. Each day, there are more practitioners around the world coming forward to peacefully appeal to their governments for support. According to the world media, at least 65 practitioners have already lost their lives for their faith. The Nobel Peace Prize, as the highest recognition of its kind, awards those individuals or institutions that have made extraordinary contributions to humanity using justice, impartiality, and integrity. Mr. Li Hongzhi and his students have already become a symbol for defending human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of belief. They have also become a great peaceful force that reflects people's longing for these universal rights and justice. Many human rights organizations and members of the international community have praised them for their indomitable spirit and contributions to society. The Chinese officials insist that the current persecution of Falun Gong and Mr. Li is an internal affair. I hope that the highly respected Nobel Prize institution will show your support by underscoring to the Chinese government that such severe violations of basic human rights is not an internal affair, that it is unacceptable and that it cannot be ignored by any nation or any people. As a professor of Law at xxx, I would like to recognize Mr. Li Hongzhis efforts and positive influence, by recommending Mr. Li Hongzhi and his students for the Year 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Awarding Mr. Li the Nobel Peace Prize would greatly encourage those people in the world who care about peace. At the same time, it will promote the progress of peace among the 1.3 billion people in China. During the past year, many governments, political leaders and even media outlets were not able to defend the peaceful movement in keeping with their conscience due to political and economic threats from China. However, I believe that the Nobel Prize Committee has the courage to take this righteous action, as you have done in the past. In the effort to promote world peace, the Nobel Prize Committee has never feared criticism and risks. I sincerely hope that the Nobel Prize Committee will award Mr. Li Hongzhi the prize for his outstanding contributions to the world. This award will help awaken the entire world to recognize the essence of peace -- Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance -- and help the world reach a deeper understanding of what it really means. I believe that by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Li and his students, the Nobel Committee will help to lay a more stable and solid foundation for lasting peace throughout the world. History will prove that awarding Mr. Li Hongzhi such an honor will be the best gift that your Committee can give to mankind. Sincerely yours, Signed For confidentiality, we withhold the name and institution of the professor who wrote this nomination letter. We sincerely thank the professor for the nomination.